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Free Delivery for Standard Debit Card (Save $8.99) @ Revolut


save $8.99
might as well get the card now it's free delivery

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  • Just signed up about a week ago to try this out. Might as well order a card now since its free. Any reason why it's now free?

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      Probs because they're stepping on the pedal to become a proper bank here - seeking a banking licence, investing in engagement etc

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    Curious once I get the card what can I do with it?

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      Cheaper money foreign exchange, I use Citibank but this is good for those who can't get approved for an account.

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        Thanks, i just signed up, confirmed identify and deposited the money. But the black card seems to require a monthly payment of $25?

        • Correct. This is for the standard card.

      • 350 atm withdrawal per month ($0 subscription). This increases with monthly subscription.

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        I have Citibank. Is there any point in getting this then?

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      buy things

  • Good stuff!! 👍🏻

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    Another alternative to transfer money overseas is Wise


    Took 3hours from my China bank to CBA

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      Yeah I don't see how anyone can beat the low fees of wise, which used to be transferwise. I've used it for years and never found anything that really competes.

      Please let me know if there is cos I need to get a large amount of GBP into AUD very soon.

      • Might wanna see if ibkr supports the currency u want. 0.08% exchange rate

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          @AH: only the professional will understand ;)

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        Currencyfair I've noticed is about 50/50 better.

        Revolut better for small amounts

        If it's a really big amount (>20k or so) maybe worth trying to contact OFX directly who'll be able to give you a good quote.

        • OFX also does limit orders

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        transfer wise is meh, fee is only competitive when you're dealing with the 5 eye, for the rest of the world you've got to look at the specific, I bet they get beaten hand down by a corner shop down Box Hill if you want to send to China or another one down Bankstown or Cabra if you want to send to Beirut or Saigon.

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          Ho Chi Minh City, hasn’t been Saigon since April 30, 1975

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            @zemphism: Vietnamese in Australia are not required to follow communist propaganda.

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              @kackstelze: It's not communist propaganda. They won, get over it. Harare was once called Salisbury. Times change.

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                @DrScavenger: what next? are you going to tell the Afghans to get over it now that the Talibans taken over? Just because they're in power doesn't mean you need to lie down like a dog and accept it. We don't accept their name change and we don't recognise it. People in Vietnam don't even recognise it as Ho Chi Minh City as it's still known as Saigon colloquially.

                • -10

                  @JasonN1993: There is a bloody difference than Taliban and a bloody civil war.

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                    @DrScavenger: Both the Taliban and the Communist party both fought to reform a country to abide by their dogma. I see no difference. The only difference is the scale and ideology, Mod: Removed Personal Attack. A war is a war. I guess it's a lot easier to say when you have no skin in the game or maybe you can enlighten us on the difference?

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                  @JasonN1993: I'm dual citizen and still have a house in Saigon. People from Saigon call it Saigon. Most people in VN call it Saigon except in formal setting or news…

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              @kackstelze: I find it really funny that my Viet mates always mention how they beat the Americans but then I pull them up on it and remind them that they didn’t win anything and it was their northern cousins.
              With your logic then Istanbul is actually Constantinople but it’s the Turkish government’s “propaganda”……

              • @zemphism: I don't know what your misinformed friends have to do with anything but that logic is sound and applies to Istanbul/Constantinople.

                You don't seem to be aware what propoganda actually means, and a quick google search will tell you propoganda is information, especially of a biased OR misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view.

                Istanbul was indeed called Constantinople at one point when Mustafa Kemal decided to change the name from Constantinople to Istanbul to draw a line between the old regime and the new after WW1.

                Were you aware that just because they officially changed the name, most European nations kept calling it what they have been previously where it was only the US who accepted the name change and it wasn't until Turkey stopped accepting mail with the other names that was when the European nations conceded and called it Istanbul? I'm sure back in the day depending on where your allegiances stood is what that place was called.

                Just because the propoganda was successful doesn't mean it wasn't propoganda. So yes the Turkish government telling you that a place that was once called Constantinople is now called Istanbul is the Turkish government's propoganda.

                • @JasonN1993: Its original name was Lygos, probably a Thracian word, and then Byzantium when it became a Greek trading town. The Roman Emperor Septimus Severus renamed it Augusta Antonia after his son Antonius. The Emperor Constantine established it as his new capital in the east of the Roman Empire and called it Nova Roma (New Rome) and Roma Constantinopolitana, though it was generally called Constantinopolis (the City of Constantine) after his death.

                  Over the centuries the city had a range of nicknames, the most common being simply hē Polis or "the City". Swedish Vikings who served there in the Byzantine emperors' Varangian Guard called it Miklagarðr or Miklagard meaning "the big city" in Old Norse. People both in the city and in the surrounding region referred to anything within its old walls as "εις την Πόλιν" (eis tin polin) or simply "in the city" and this phrase became "Istanbul" in Armenian and later in Turkish.

                  After the city fell to the Turks in 1453 it was still called Contantinople which became Kostantiniyye in Turkish and al-Qusṭanṭiniyah in Arabic, though in some contexts and titles the Turkish administration also referred to it as İstanbul from the Greek phrase "in the city". The new Turkish Republic was keen to standardise things, so from 1923 only İstanbul was used and all forms of the older name and nicknames were dropped.

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            @zemphism: IATA airport code is SGN

        • Where do you get the best rate to transfer to china bank account?

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        Revolut is usually cheaper than Wise, as long as you transfer on weekdays (there is a 1% fee on weekends which makes it about the same or slightly more expensive)

        • Revolut is usually cheaper than Wise, as long as you transfer on weekdays

          You could do international money transfer into an overseas bank account using Revolut?

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        Couple of times I found Western Union a bit cheaper than transferwise, so before you make the transfer just check WU or Revolt and then make the transfer with the cheapest one at that time.

        • True! I used to transfer with Transferwise (Wise) but I found out that WU is always much cheaper than TW. So I deleted Transferwise app and stick with WU.

        • If you are doing small transactions via WU, you can get $25 Gift Card including Coles and Amazon once 100 points are accumulated in WU. Super Hidden feature in thr app.

        • WU is criminal, they make money on fx rate AND charge the transfer fee. Their fx rate can only compare to the banks.

      • +1

        @Quantico do a comparison on finder. Depends on amount and currency pair.
        Personally I would happily pay $25 more for the ease, speed and reliability of transferring 10k via Wise.

      • Do not ask me how but remitly pad me overs for a PH transfer. Check out UK maybe a promo too

      • For purchases I note that both Wise and Revolut use VISA which seems to have a terrible exchange rate compared to MasterCard.

    • whats the review of this? saw the site says no hidden fee but theres some small fee for each transaction?

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        there's a fee but it's not "hidden"

        It's very transparent from the get to go on their website.

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        send it with crypto, takes 1 minutes

        • This is what P.. Me off about the ATO. People want to be able to use freely without a spreadsheet tracking stuff like this. Thoughts?

          • +2

            @DisabledUser300385: I believe if you are purchasing crypto purely to spend immediately you may fall under an exemption for reporting. But if you do this, you need to be able to show that to the ATO if you're audited. so keep your crypto investments separate. But yes, I agree it sucks. I also think this will eventually change as more people use crypto like cash.

            • @ProlapsedHeinous: Yeah the reporting :( fingers crossed..

      • Is it a fee or a charge? ;)

      • +1

        No hidden fees is different to having no fees.

        Wise is fine, I've noticed they've gotten a fair bit less competitive these last few years (at least for the currency combos I've been moving)

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      Yep I have used transferwise for JPY/AUD and MYR/AUD and opposite pairs many times. Always within 36 hrs money in the account and fees are very low.

    • Thanks. Will this work transferring money from Singapore to Australia?

    • Wise is good.

      The other one which I use is world remit….on most occasions the transfer to bank accounts overseas happens within 5 mins.

      Wise has so many other benefits though. Like opening proper bank accounts in other countries.

  • Ordered the card, maybe if I do a few transactions they'll pay out the referrals I've given them :shrug:

    Forex wise, a few years of of date now so IDK, but transferwise was beaten (marginally) by OFX and HiFX (now bought out by XE) so long as you called them up and told them that you were comparing rates and had a lot to transfer (e.g. mortgage payments over a long period of time) so that they gave you better rates.

    • +1

      Why don't people mention XE.com? I would have imagined that XE would be quite popular.

      • IDK, it was a few years ago that I had to transfer much, and at the time Ozforex (now OFX), HiFX (now part of XE), and Transferwise were the ones I looked at. Default OFX and HiFX rates were worse than transferwise for my particular currencies, but both were better if you negotiated, and HiFX was best.

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    Have used Revolut in Europe and Australia. Very good in Europe….hopeless in Australia no customer support and if you do have a problem the customer support must be based in Europe as you get messages in the middle of the night. All support through the app chat and no number to call. Please avoid

    • +1

      All support through the app chat and no number to call

      This is definitely preferable to the much more common scenario of no chat and having to call.

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    The card was being offered for free delivery when it launched initially in AU. Maybe recently they changed terms and now reverted.

  • +5

    can someone tell me what the use of this is? do they take a spread on the exchange?

  • +6

    Good for trials and freebies and making accounts for free food and credits, loots of free money stuff to be done.

    • Free food ! Where ?

      • Uber Eats and door dash

      • +2

        Yes around $200-$300 for food credit per phone, excluding other gift cards.

        • +4

          Now this is a decent reason to sign up. Is there a tutorial for claiming this somewhere?

    • So you’re paying $25 a month and getting $200-300 in return? What exactly are the rewards or free stuffs? Do they just send out the cards or it’s about cash back that makes $200 a month in saving. I’m curious

      • +4

        I'm assuming he is getting the sign up and referral bonus from each food delivery company by creating a new account every time he generates a new card number.

        • I wonder how many emails would need to be created as these apps usually check email along with CC.

          Disposable email perhaps lol

          Edit - some services do check addresses as well (per household) so usage is limited

          • +1

            @b0nd: Been doing on Uber/DD/ride sharing amazon for long term no problems, just buy $20 disposable phone, you could do it via laptop via VPN but phone is more piece of mind for me I got free phones as disposable from work.

            Amazon $15 sign up prime/ Over $120 on E Gift cards Maybe 10 accounts per phone, before double certification is needed, email/Fone number. DD $45 referral +50% off x2 And Uber Eats $20 or $30 sign up, note Revolut cards used for exploiting Uber DD monthly free pass.

            around $300 total Uber+DD alone for food each gives you around 3-5 accounts before being blacklisting, Uber never blacklists as they only merge new accounts.
            don’t bother about formatting phone doesn’t work, Sims obtained via online free seevices or buy at suppliers, Takes roughly 5 minute on each account not much to work with when you have multiple phones.

            So putting in a better perspective $400 credits, excluding the bits and prices from other outlets and shops.

  • Can I use this card to make international purchases without fees/being bent over with bad exchange rates?

    • +1

      Yes, but most of the neobank like Up or 86400 is using Visa/Master rate now which is pretty close, if it's only for small amount.

      • Ahh, so for small amounts only. What about larger amounts, say $5k USD? What's the best way to make large purchases from overseas without signing up to a 28 degrees or other credit card? I may not pass the credit checks.

        • +3

          Citibank Plus account with debit card, no credit check required.

          • @sav11: ok thanks for that! Are their rates decent?

            • +1

              @NoApostrophePlurals: Yes their rates are good. The account has no fees, and if you leave it empty and unused for long periods like I do they don't cancel the account or hound you etc.

              As below ING is meant to be good too, they will refund any overseas ATM fees if you meet their monthly criteria (I can't be bothered).

              Other options are Macquarie and UBank.

              I've been using Citibank Plus for years and am happy with it.

              • +1

                @sav11: Just note that Citibank Plus do suspend unused accounts. I was sent a letter to perform a transaction before a certain date.

                This was after a long period though and easy enough to fix. HSBC suspends your account very quickly and then requests you attend a branch. Good security practice but very frustrating.

                • @peterpeterpumpkin: Thanks for the heads-up. Roughly how long had it been inactive when they contacted you?

                  • +1

                    @sav11: In my case it was at about 16 months. But maybe they were getting ready to send a card at the time? (I don't remember unfortunately). I'm actually on 17 months of no activity now without a suspension warning.

          • @sav11: Can you convert and hold multiple currencies in Citibank Plus ? Have you compared thr rates with Wise ?

            I found Wise rates are good at all the times compared to HSBC Global, Paying direct via Master/Visa Debit Card, Revolut etc, but haven't compared to Citibank Plus.

        • +1

          Ing is not bad too as long as you meet their monthly criteria to have fee free international transactions

        • That’d be very little different. Mastercard & Visa rate is pretty good these days. U can get debit card as I mentioned. I have Citibank & HSBC global account too, they have worse rate than Master/Visa when I compare. Revolut claim to use interbank rate which can be slightly better/worse than Master/Visa depending on the time

          • +1

            @hny3: I have used Wise and found it good. Better rates than HSBC Global. Converted Aud to USD within app and paid via wise card.
            On quick check, Wise rates, at the time of writing, are better than Revolut.

            How do you check Master/Visa card rates ? Can you convert and hold currencies in CitiBank like HSBC global ?

            • +1

              @ChipsChicky: You can go to Mastercard/Visa website and select the region (Australia). Citibank has global account that works similarly to HSBC. It's free too.

        • be prepared to deal with all the hassles to get your account unblocked. Large amount may trigger the flag on your account.

  • Can anyone find on that website which "27+ countries" are able to transfer to and which countries you can "spend abroad in over 110 currencies" with out downloading/signing up?

  • -3

    this or 28 degrees?

    • +2

      a debit card or a credit card? depends on your personal preference. the disposable card thing with revolut is pretty awesome. don't need a physical card for it though.

      • Though at $10/month, the disposable card thing seems expensive? Or is there a way to get it for free?

        • I have a free account and have disposable cards. One of the cards is an online shopping card. Use it and then the card number changes automatically so vendor can't charge you again.

          • +1

            @johnt107: Does this mean you also can't get a refund back on the card?

            • @capslock: I don’t know how Revoluts works but Apple Pay also rotates the billing info retailers sees but still supports refunds. I assume it’s possible?

            • +2

              @capslock: From their FAQ
              Can I get a refund to my Revolut card?
              Yes, you can receive refunds directly to your Revolut card even if the card has been deleted or cancelled. Please bear in mind that a refund can take between 7 and 15 days after the merchant approves the refund to appear in your account.

            • @capslock: you can still get refunds back to cancelled cards


  • eh why not

  • +2

    I signed up using refer link but didn’t get $25?

    • +1

      There’s min spend.

      • +1