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Sign-up and Receive $10 Wallet Credit for Investments / Share Trading @ Sharesies


Like it says. Get $10 when you sign up with the promo code GROW.


GROW “$10 top-up” Terms and Conditions
The offer is for a $10 top-up into a new Sharesies Wallet (the “Offer”).

The offeror is Sharesies AU Pty Limited.

To claim the Offer you need to enter the code “GROW” in the promo code field when opening a new Sharesies Account and complete sign up by 11:59 PM (AEST) on 1 November 2021.

The Offer must be used to purchase investments through Sharesies.

The promotional period is from 23 August 2021 to 11:59 PM AEST on 1 November 2021.

The Offer is only available to new customers who sign up for an adult Sharesies account within the promotional period.

These terms and conditions apply in conjunction with the applicable terms for the investment service provided by Sharesies Limited. Click here to view the Sharesies Limited Terms and Conditions and Sharesies Limited Privacy Policy on the Sharesies Limited website.

Sharesies AU Pty Limited reserves the right to suspend, change, or cancel the Offer or these terms at any time without notice.

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  • +1

    what is sharesies besides an awesome name for a thing?

    • +1

      Sharesies is basically the kiwi version of Raiz. Guess they're moving across to Australia now.

  • +6

    From their FAQ

    Traditionally, when you buy your first ASX-listed shares, you set up a CHESS account and get allocated a Holder Identification Number (HIN). CHESS (which stands for Clearing House Electronic Subregister System) acts like a big registry for all the trades that happen on the ASX. And to keep track of who's trading what, each trade is linked to a HIN.

    Sharesies is a bit different as we have one HIN for all of our investors.

    Please do you own research

    • +1

      I’m not sure if they elaborate in their T&C’s but to those unaware it means they use a custodian model. You do not directly own your shares. If the company who owns your shares go bankrupt you need to apply to be a creditor to get your money back which will take years. (And yes it happens).

      This model isn’t uncommon these days with cheaper companies or trading international shares but personally I only touch CHESS sponsored brokers.

  • +10

    I would stay very far away from this company.

    If you look at their website, it provides no information. Check the 'About' tab, and it's just a bunch of feel good bs with heaps of smiling faces.

    If a company can't actually tell you what they do or how they do it, big red flag.

  • +1

    I've been using sharesies for 3 months now, traded back and forth and very happy with it. No delay in buying/selling and have made about a 16% profit.

  • -1

    It's literally free money. Sign up. They put $10 in your account to invest with..you don't need to deposit you just have to invest the $10. Pretty simple.

    • Can you withdraw it? Or you have to purchase shares with it?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Easy sign up, and only 5c fee to put the $10 in a speech small cap miner.
    Thanks for the play money.

    • Yep, thanks for the free money. Throwing in some penny stock and will log out and forget about it for years. Hope next time I log in I hit the jackpot and can retire.

      • Sound more like crypto..

      • what penny stock did you buy? i have $10 as well to buy

        • +1

          si6 🚀🚀🚀🚀🚀

          • +1

            @Scorn: Thanks did the same. See you at the retirement party 😂

  • +4

    In their FAQ they don't even answer this question in simple terms (the answer is No) :

    Will I actually own the shares I buy through Sharesies?
    When you purchase an investment through Sharesies, these investments are held by New Zealand registered company, Sharesies Nominee Limited on bare trust for you. You are the beneficial owner of your investments. This means you are entitled to the economic value and other benefits attached to your shares. Sharesies pass on passive corporate actions to you such as dividends and from time to time, we may enable you to participate in a shareholder vote. Sharesies will never use money or investment held for you for the benefit of itself, us, or any other person.

  • +5

    Having a shared HIN is a big deal in terms of ownership, ease of transferring shares to another broker and your legal rights if this broker goes bankrupt. I would implore people to read up about this stuff first before blindly shovelling money into one of these accounts.

    • True. But i checked this out and its ok to use it like a sports betting account lol.

      Wouldn’t be investing real money on this platform IMO.

  • +1

    Is there a time limit on when the $10 will become invalidated if nothing is bought?

  • +1

    Brokerage fee kills it! Not good if you trade more than $5000.

    • +2

      If you're trading more than $5000 then sharesies with free $10 is probably not for you…

  • Sign up now or wait for it go to back up to $15?

    • Not sure. Did you sign up when it was $15? Did you post it?

      • +1

        This, tho back then it was new and had to use the exchange rate feature:


      • It was $15 if you signed up before they launched, don't know if they will offer that deal again

        • Use a referral link from Cheapies.nz and thats worth another $5 and stacks with the $10 code.

          Worked for me and has been mentioned before.

  • +3

    I'm not sure why this is soooo complicated so I'll walk y'all through it.
    1. Sign up and use the promo code
    2. Get $10 in your account for freesies
    3. Buy $10 of a stock
    4. Sell the stock
    5. Withdraw your $10 (less $0.10 fees but maybe your penny stock double in price)

    • Which penny stock did you get?

  • New codes to use from Beem It now too: https://intercom.help/sharesies-au/en/articles/5573774-beem-...

    BEEM1, BEEM2, BEEM3, BEEM4 or BEEM5 for $10 'top up'.

    • Just got an email saying Beem7 works too.

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