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Join The Waitlist, Sign up at Launch and Receive $15 for Share Trading @ Sharesies


It looks like the stock broker market is heating up, as we have a new entrant offering both Aus and US trading.

In my search for the cheapest broker for small trades (which led me to the easyequities deal) I also came across Sharesies which appears to be well established in New Zealand and about to expand into Australia.

The Deal:
They are currently offering $15 if you join the waitlist and sign up on launch (launch date not yet known but must be soon as offer expires 30 April).

The $15 must be used for trading before withdrawal. However I expect it should be relatively trivial to make a couple of small trades and cash out the balance. Full T&Cs of the offer.

Important Info:
Beta has been launched. No ASX trading yet, if you want to use your $15 you will need to convert it to NZD or USD first. It appears ASX is coming soon though (don't know why they would launch without it…)

Fee structure has been announced and is not very appealing - easy equities is a much cheaper option.
More details: https://www.sharesies.com.au/pricing

They will also be an authorized rep of Sanlam (same as easyequities, superhero, thinkmarkets). I suspect they will use a custodian model to facilitate low cost/size trades but no details yet.

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    Are trades Chess Sponsored?

    • +1 vote

      I'm new to share trading, what does chess sponsored means and is it good to have it or not? Could you please let me know ?



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          That is a surprising decent article. Worth a read, but the TL;DR is:

          CHESS Sponsored = ASX knows you are the owner of the shares.

          Non-CHESS Sponsored = ASX thinks the broker is the owner of the shares.

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            @space cadet: Which is of course a huge deal if the broker goes into receivership/liquidates. I would never, ever buy shares there were not CHESS sponsored.

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              @WhatWouldBiggieDo: Same here, however most other countries have the custodian model which seems to be cheaper.

    • +2 votes

      Highly unlikely. As the OP stated, "I suspect they will use a custodian model".

  • +3 votes

    Imagine if from free $15 we end up with $1500


    Cool. Now i can buy an AMC stock lol

    • +7 votes

      dont forget GME

  • +13 votes

    You (well, they) lost me at 'subscription model'.

  • +11 votes


    What they'll tell you when some money goes missing from your account to theirs.


    Market going to kaka.

    • +1 vote

      Yup , about two weeks time everything will be ozbargain price :)

  • +2 votes

    I asked Sharesies about what their fees are and they said would be same as NZ.

    Portfolio value Price
    $50 or less Free
    $50 to $3000 $1.50 /month
    $3000+ $3 /month

    or $30/year.

    Lots of deals/discussions on Cheapies

  • +7 votes

    No chess no go.

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  • +8 votes

    If you made an order of $6,000 in a company, this would include a $18 transaction fee. $15 for the first $3,000 (0.5% x $3,000), and $3 on the remaining $3,000 (0.1% x $3,000).


      Wow this is on top of the subscription fees. No thanks.

  • +1 vote

    yup got the email they are live now and it says i got $14


    got MSTR


    This may be of note from todays email

    'Since launching in beta and inviting our first Australians to start investing, we’ve made a bunch of improvements, like scrapping subscription fees, and adding access to the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX)! Plus, there's more to come!


    Signed up and got A$15!


    I used a referral link (from cheapies.nz) and got an additional $5 on signup, but can't seem to find my own referral code in the system - anyone know when/if/how referrals work in Oz?

  • +1 vote

    its4me is right, used the cheapies.nz referral link. Now I have $20 bonus including the $15 new user bonus and $5 referral bonus.

    thanks buddy