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Google Nest Mini Coral $39 + Postage ($0 to Selected Areas with $100 Spend/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Price drop for the coral colour only (typically $49).

Includes a 3 month subscription to YouTube Premium for new users only.

“- Your favourite music sounds bigger and richer than before, with more power and bass
- You can play music from Spotify, YouTube Music, TuneIn, and more
- Just ask and get the best of Google – weather, news or almost anything”

Useful to have around the house. This 2nd gen model has improved sound, which is a nice bonus.

Free 3 Month Trial of YouTube Premium for New Users with Selected Nest Device Purchase @ YouTube via JB Hi-Fi / The Good Guys

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  • I bought one and then realised after an hour of 'using it', I didn't really have a need for it. My phone worked perfectly fine for whatever info I needed.

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      I have them all over my house for controlling smart bulbs and also for multi room audio. Not the best speakers in the world, but also a lot better than I expected, especially for the money, and something about being able to have podasts or music in all rooms really works for me

      • I guess it depends if you have any smart tech in your house. I personally don't, so I didn't have a need for a Nest Mini.

        • +1

          I personally enjoy listening to music and love the convenience of the google nest range, as I am able to cast to the speakers anytime (no fiddling with Bluetooth or charging etc). I have dotted some minis around my room and it gives more than adequate sound for me.

        • I personally don't

          Why not?

    • +1

      Then, keep it in the kitchen. Handy for hands free timer. Or bedroom. Handy for hands free weather, alarm setting.

      • Same here. I even connected it to OurGroceries, and whenever i realise i am running out of something, i just tell it "Hey google, tell OurGroceries to add milk". Otherwise, i might be too busy at that moment to do it and then i forget about it. That thing alone has been a life saver

    • I got one on each bedside table - use it for surround sound rain/storm sounds during the night to help me sleep!

  • my package from JB in delayed and stuck in NSW which is supposed to be delivered to VIC last week. so try to C&C if you can and shipping times are getting slow due to covid.

  • Beats 'poo brown' colour marginally

    • I like poo brown

  • +2

    oh boy, get a price beat from OW or bunnings

    Same price at the Good guys


    • +1

      It appears OW or Bunnings don't have this listed in Coral. Has anyone had success with this price beat?

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    Not as good as the $30 price error on all colours from the Google store a couple of weeks back, but a discount is a discount. Although it's usually the coral that gets discounted to $39 more often than the other two because it's the most unpopular colour they have, so this is almost the unofficial RRP for coral these days.

  • Whats the difference to og ghm?

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      Dedicated mains adaptor as I think it draws more power, sound is much improved.

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    isn't there a $10 deal for this like the deal for echo ?