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ZOTAC GAMING GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Trinity OC 12GB GDDR6X GPU $2299 + Shipping @ PLE


2300 for a zotac 3080ti, not a terrible deal and is in stock, been waiting for so long for a 3080 that I might snap this one instead.

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    Omg. All I want is 3060ti under $800. Is that too much to ask. FFS

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      There was a 3060ti deal for 800+ recently. Didn't you get it then?

      • Unfortunately not. :(

        • Aren't they readily available? especially as the LHRs are being released?

    • Hard when crypto recovered 55% now from the dip. Pretty sure there was one but that was piled on like ants.

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      Prices are going up again fyi

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        HOLD gang crumbling, there's no denying it now.

        • As a miner that get their stocks directly from the distributor, their opinion never mattered tbh. It's all about supply and demand which (unfortunately) right now is driven by mining and the crypto market.

    • yes

  • would buy it if i dont have my 3080 already.

  • Thanks, Finally pulled the trigger on it. Much appreciated OP

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      No worries mate, Im still hesitating whether I should get one or not atm lol

      • Just do it. Enjoy the card while you have it.

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    I just grabbed one also, thanks OP

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    Seriously why does anyone bother posting 30 series gpu's on ozbargain? Not only are they not a bargain in any sense of the word, they are still all ludicrously overpriced. Even a 3080ti at RRP would be a huge ripoff at ~$800 more than a standard 3080(at RRP) for maybe 5% more performance. Then to pay hundreds more on top of that, plus shipping?….everyone needs to get real.

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      Welcome to free market, unfortunately supply is very limited plus the crypto boom is causing a frenzy and heavy demand on gpus atm, everyone wants gpus, but only so little suppy. Either wait it out, or just buy it now and enjoy what you bought I guess

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      You're welcome to not click on RTX30 posts and to not comment.

      For everyone else that is keen on understanding the market, these posts are useful in determining what is and isn't a deal.

      You're also welcome to 'neg' the post. Otherwise, you're very welcome to simply move along.

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        In which universe is paying an extra $500-$1000 for a GPU considered a "deal"? I thought it was [Oz]Bargain not [Oz]Sucker.

        • You mine with it when you're not gaming and recoup I guess

          • @idonotknowwhy: Not everyone wants to mine. Don't want to run their PCs all day long, increase electricity bill and quicker wearing down of all PC components.

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              @edfoo: Not sure why you getting negs but it is all true. People seems to ignore the cost of electricity and didn't realise they need to subtract the electricity bill from their coins they mined.

              • @Letrico: The profitability of mining is much higher than the cost of electricity

              • @Letrico: I'm getting neg'd too. When you comment on mining, one way or another, it attracts negs here lol

                Anyway, revenue is usually over 10x the cost of power. If you've got a modern GPU and you aren't mining, you're leaving money on the table.

        • Because you can sell your old 3080 fhr for more than the price of this gpu

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      This must have really grinded your gears, first comment in 3 years.

    • Agreed I paid these inflated price but considering you can get a ps5 or xbox for under 1k (if in stock) the prices on pc graphics cards are nothing but a joke.

      Not saying this post is not needed but the whole situation is just bad.

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      Ozbargain is a website for posting links to things people want at prices people want them at.

      It's less so a website for talking about cost utility optimization… although that a place here too - as you are doing in the comments section right here. But it's more just about posting links to stuff.

      Anyway… given the extended supply shortage of chips… retail price isn't an unreasonable price to pay - as one must consider resale value for these things. And at least for now, they will hold a good amount of their value, meaning that you could in theory get months, even years of utility from these cards, at their high RRP, and still sell them without much loss if any at all.

      I mean… if I traded my 3080 up, I'd be selling for a profit and getting a better card. So, mileage will vary.

    • I agree, over $2k on a non workstation class, non elite class (RTX3090) GPU is obscene in 2021 regardless of the circumstances.

    • Why does anyone post anything on OzBargain? I personally don't think it's worth that much! Absolute redonkulous! \s

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    "As for pricing, Nvidia confirmed with Kotaku Australia that the RTX 3080 Ti’s MSRP would be $1,920 in Australia. Obviously that might not be the end price that users actually pay, as seen over the past year, so expect the more customised RTX 3080 Ti third-party models to approach the $2500 mark."

    Is $400 over MSRP that bad for a AIB model?

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    not a bad card but im not sure if it's $300 better than the XFX 6900 xt ples got in stock

    • For DLSS alone, yes it is worth $300 more. For DLSS + RT, even more yes.
      I use a 3080 for VR. AMD cards aren't great for VR, even if rast performance is meant to be superior.

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      yea hold while the prices rise… great advice

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        He is right, the prices are rising again, so hold now until they drop next time.

        • true.. should be good to go when the 40x Ti comes out.

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            @pharkurnell: Actually quite a few people are waiting for 4000 series cards, after getting tired of of these stratospheric priced 3000 series cards this year.

            • @edfoo: Depending on their release date, 4000 cards will be affected worse by chip shortage than the 3000 cards.

              I mean, not only is there a backlog of demand from people that never got the 3000 cards, you'll have your spate of 3000 owners upgrading to the 4k cards as well, which will make 3000 more available… but only for a little bit until everyone realizes that the chip shortage continues and the GPU demand continues to grow.

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                @Zaptruder: Not saying the 4000 cards will be back to MSRP when they are released, need Covid-19 outbreak to improve, more chip supply and crypto-currency mining to crash, for things to go back to the way they were a few years ago. That's why people who are not in a hurry to upgrade or build a new system, should be patient and HOLD. For those who cannot do so now, have no choice but to pay the getting-raped-in-their-backside prices.

                • @edfoo: I hope we don't have to wait a few years before the new semiconductor fabs are built and start accepting orders. The chip shortage affects a lot of industries not only GPU market.

                • @edfoo: Crypto isn’t going away. Sorry to say. When ETH isn’t viable it will just move to raven or the next one. I’m your average pc gaming normie but when I got my 30 series card I heard how much money It could make and I thought yeah bullshit. I got my card near 6 months after launch and from idle mining when I’m not using the pc I can now afford to buy 2 more** (I don’t pay for power as such as im full solar + batteries). That said if your going into crypto your an idiot if you get a gpu over an asic.

      • He means hold/ignore this series as its now too late and we're basically halfway to the next gen at this point.

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    There are very few people in the world this card makes sense for.

    Basically, if you have a business case that requires 2 more GB of VRAM over a 3080 and will reclaim the funds back over time, then maybe it makes sense, and if that's you and you found it, congratulations.

    Otherwise for the general Joe, this is a total rip off. There's virtually no performance increase over a 3080, let alone the mark up amount for it, so the sane money, let alone smart money, sane money is avoid.

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      Thanks for offering your congratulations! I use these (multiple) for scientific calculations needing solid amounts of video ram — they are much cheaper than Tesla V100. A great bargain for real work in my view.

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        I have the case for 12GB VRAM as well, with deep learning some pretrained models have been designed to fit the 11GB VRAM of 2080ti, so would not work at all on 3080. But 3080ti does not look very interesting comparing to 3090 or 3080 for DL tasks.

    • I wanna do 4K gaming, I heard the improvements are worth it over 3080.

      • You heard wrong, check out some reviews of the 3080 Ti

        Waste of Money: NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Review & Benchmarks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vtkk-_0jrPU

        Geforce RTX 3080 Ti Review, Nvidia Fails to Read the Room - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n4_4SKtq_Gs

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        5-10% on average for 80+% more price? Yeah nah

        • they've been listed for around the same price on pcpartpicker

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        I got my ASUS TUF 3080 Ti OC for exactly 7% over a ASUS TUF 3080 OC, which is the performance gap between the two from what I can tell.

        If this was a market of all RRP's, don't get a Ti, but it's not, and if the performance to price gap is right, go for it.

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    This is absurd money to get a bit prettier gaming performance

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      It's a bit irony when people commented pretty graphics does not make a game great, but they are willing to spend $2,000-$3,000 on current GPU market just so to play their games at 4K, 144Hz, Ultra setting.

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      still cheaper than drinking every week

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    Zotac is terrible brand and this specific cooler sucks ass.

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      Any reason why they are a bad brand?

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        read it on the internet

      • https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/mpxagj/replacing_th...

        After reading things like this, and owning a Zotac RTX 3090 trinity i sold the card as i wanted to water cool eventually and didn't want any kind if issues if the card stopped working for any reason.

        The cooler was very bad and made a quite annoying kinda noise when the fans ramped up plus the card being locked to 350ww basically meant the card hhad no overclocking ability not that the cooler could even handle any sort of overclock.

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    "not a terrible deal"

    If you are shelling out 2200 bucks for a consumer level GPU, you are a bloody imbecile, state of the market be damned

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      "Consumer level GPU" Its the 2nd best performing card atm, yes it 100% overpriced, but thats unfortunately what the market has come to. Either hold on or just enjoy it now, the market is uncertain and will be for the future

  • $2699.00 now :(

  • 2699😭

  • Gone now.

  • Damn I missed out!

  • We're like halfway to the 30 refresh series at this point lol

    Super 3070 here we come

  • We're halfway to the 40series really.

    • +1

      Yeah mate, Im so done with waiting that Im just going to preorder the 4080 first chance I get lol.

      • lol. yeah.. or a 4070 (hopefully they've got higher yields) to tide me over until the 5080Ti comes out.

        • Yeah, I'd rather keep gaming at 1080P than pay these prices.

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        Nvidia is going to price 4080 above 3080 Ti obviously, so expect 3090 money and 5% increase in performance.

        4090 same thing again

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    As usual ozbargain has no clue what a good deal is….

    Just look at the techfast deal… People are hesitating at that price.

    The gainwards are selling for way over 2.2k now. One is at 2.2k bid, one sold for 2599 yesterday.

    • Are you sure? For a 3070ti? That must be a nut to buy at that pirce..

      3070ti constantly gets sale at around 1300 - 1500 ish. Not sure why you want to buy it at 2.2K

      • Nah it was the 3080.

        I sold 3x in one hit for $7650 on ebay. It's on sales history.

        Also sold a xc3 ultra 3070 for $1900

        Ebay gets the best sales price

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    ugh yeah nah mate


    there! I fixed it for you

  • Still going with my 1960 since the prices have gotten stupid for so long. At this rate I'm going to have to upgrade to a damn PS5. What a world this pc gamer lives in…

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    bruh this costs more than a 3090 with half the vram, just buy the 3090 at this point

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    The best thing CyberPunk 2077 did was make me hyped enough to buy 3080 when it was first released.. thanks CDPR!