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TEFAL Ambiance 6pc Cookset + 3 Utensils $149.97 (Was $299.95) @ Harris Scarfe



Tefal's pro metal 6 layers non-stick coating provides your cookset with
The ultimate in non-stick technology.

Key features:
- Thermo-spot on frypans: lets you knowwhen your pan is preheated to
The right temperature to seal in the flavour
- Suitable for all stove tops except induction
- Oven safe up to 170 degrees
- Dishwasher safe

- 1 x 20cm Frypan
- 1 x 28cm Frypan
- 1 x 24cm Stewpot
- 1 x 14cm Saucepan
- 1 x 18cm Saucepan
- 1 x 10-inch square grill pan
- 1 x Bonus Ladel
- 1 x Bonus Spatula
- 1 x Bonus Large Spoon

Delivery Information

Standard delivery $10. FREE on orders over $95 within Australia.

Normally delivered within 5 - 10 working days after dispatch.

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  • Looks like the whole Tefal range is 50% off, free delivery over $95

  • +2

    ordered last week and order canceled straight away.

    • Why? Was it crap?

      • Got cancelled passively. By Harris Scarfe….

        • Righto.

          • @chickendinner123: I ordered two (One as we need new pans now and one for long term storage when the pans etc get crappy).

            They cancelled both orders. WTF is going on there.

  • I was looking at this earlier this morning, a friend has the frying pan and recommends it.
    Any other feedback from others with this set?

    • +1

      I bought this set for the same price in early 2020. The non-stick coating eventually scratches off obviously, but not a bad set if you're happy churning through pots and pans every few years. The utensils are very low quality I'd remove them from any value calculations.

    • +1

      Generally use Tefal fry pans (and air fryer). The pans are a cut above the generics in KMart & Big W. I've never seen the Thermospot work in any pan, but it's my everyday fryer. I've never had the Teflon scratch off.

      • I didn't realise the Thermospot was meant to work. I just assumed it was branding haha

  • +2

    Does anyone own a Scanpan stainless steel set? I'm sick of replacing non-stick pots and pans.

    3pc, 5pc

    • +1

      Buy a quality brand like Bessemer or even Scanpan is good. I have both non-stick Scanpan and their copper-steel pots.

      Try Analon, Calphalon or Ninja.

      • Bessemer went bankrupt… Not to mention that their quality went downhill.

        • Bessemer went bankrupt…

          Damn. I still have their pots from 20-30 years ago

      • Calaphon are pretty nice. Just changed to an induction stove and gave away heaps of good pots & pans. An unused big Calaphon amongst them.

    • Don’t use metal utensils and don’t overheat the pan.

  • This got refunded last time this was posted

  • +2

    use CELEBRATE10 for another 10%. worked for me, thanks OP.

  • I have the set, its not bad for a cheap set.

  • This was posted @ $119 from memory plus $10 welcome bonus, but all orders were cancelled due to no stock, I think they had it in stock but the price was way too low so they cancelled all orders, bought it then got cancelled but don’t need it anymore

  • +1

    Last time it was only 107.95 after discount, but my order was cancelled by harris Scarfe. Won't give a try to waste my time on them again

  • Suitable for all stove tops except induction

    oh well

  • -1

    So electric okay?

  • frypans are crippled without lids.

    i got one previously and its great except no lid.

  • Good set. I bought it for $100 at HS as well a while ago (around 6 months)

  • +1

    Coming up at $179.97

  • Was browsing for tefal pans n this came up.
    It’s $119.95 for this deal now on the same site!
    Just ordered got confirmation email / dunno will it cancel or not lol but it’s $30 cheaper than the deal in September!

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