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[eBook] 5 Free eBooks to Stop Procrastinating and Increase Productivity @ Amazon AU/US


Happy Father’s Day to all the dads! All these ebooks were free at the time of posting.

ebook US link AU link
How to Stop Procrastinating: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Increasing Your Productivity and Getting Things Done: How to Stop Worrying and Start … how to increase your productivity Book 1) US AU
21 Keys To Develop A Productivity Plan & A Productive Mindset: A Guide To Overcome Your Bad Habits And Improve Your Time Management: Guide To Overcome … how to increase your productivity Book 2) US AU
GET IT DONE!: Beat Procrastination and Achieve Better Work-Life Balance! Boost Your productivity And Work Smarter Using The 80/20 Principle! US AU
15 Goal Setting Tips: Goal Setting Workbook For Personal Success And Goal Achievement: Goal Setting Workbook For Personal Success And Goal Achievement (Discover how to increase your productivity 4) US AU
30 Bomb Productivity Tools: Time Management Cure: How To Increase Your Productivity Through Motivation And Techniques: How To Increase Your Productivity … how to increase your productivity Book 3) US AU

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  • +81

    I've had these books for a while but I just keep putting off reading them

    • +2

      Me too, once I don't have to check ozbargain, I can use the time saved to read some more books.

      • +1

        I wonder how much the guy procrastinated while writing (most of) these books…

        • +2

          they are all blank pages after the title pages.

          • @quog: "this page was left intentionally blank"

  • +21

    Thanks I’ll add them to my list to download later when I can be bothered.

    • +2

      This is the way.

      Also, if the whole internet is deleted except Amazon, we’ll be the ones laughing then!

  • +11

    I'll think about it.

    • Surely peeing, you need 2 answer nature’s call!

      • +3

        Do you ever get frustrated when your asleep and need to go. Like you almost fight it, then wonder why you have an enlarged bladder in the morning 🤣🤣

        • I can override it during the day but not when I need to sleep.

  • +1

    I will procrastinate while reading these books.

  • +12

    I'll probably keep this tab open until the deal expires.

  • +4

    Ehhh… Maybe next time

  • +7

    I was thinking to make a joke about Procrastination. May be later.

  • +3

    Thanks, I might download them tomorrow…

  • I gotta get around to this..

  • i'll wait till they pay me

  • I'll probably read the book and then do my assignment which is overdue for three days now.

  • +1

    You purchased this item on 21 November 2020

    obviously I have been procrastinating so m7ch that I had no chance to read them

  • +1

    Jackpot! I didn't have any of them. I thought I had one on procrastination, looks like I procrastinated on downloading them. Thanks Op. Let see my luck next time when dealbot post another round of free books.

  • Like your nice layout to make downloading easier.

  • A thought came to my mind, has dealbot read any of these book?

    • Nah, it’s basically all scripted notifications he setup, he said.

      • Dealbot reminded me of the tech billionaire iron man, got everything technologically set up.

      • +1

        If dealbot write a book how to use script to set up the notification, I will read this book before reading ozbargain.

  • +1

    Do these really work?

    I could use the help right now

    • 100% i used to waste so much time on ozbargain before reading the book

      • how much you are wasting after reading ?

      • +1

        great work mate, which book do you recommend?

  • Which of these books mention ozbargain?

  • let me buy those procrastination help books for $0, and I'll come back to them later….

  • Slightly off topic but does anyone have a direct link or search link that has a list of current free amazon ebooks?

  • +7

    procrastination joke.

  • Have read all 5 books and I must say..

  • Give me a 1 liner to stop procrastination … Not books.

  • Deal Posted 3 hours ago.
    Picture Coming Soon … Ozbargain Procrastinating.

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks, I'll read these instead of doing what I really need to do.

  • TODO: add procrastination joke here

  • But if I read those books, I'll stop reading the Ozbargain emails rather than doing my work, and then I will miss out on all the bargains and be broke. So this is not an ozbargain in the slightest.

  • +1

    steps to better productivity and happier life:
    - get a smart router
    - configure your smart router to block vicious sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Ozbargain
    - reset admin password
    - forget admin password
    - welcome to a happier productive life

  • I was going to post a deal about a book on how to become a clairvoyant. But it got cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

  • Some good titles here OP, thNks

  • +1

    What's happened to Lysander (usually posts a lot of these free books and courses deals)?

  • If this offer has caught your eye
    "How to Stop Procrastinating: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Increasing Your Productivity and Getting Things Done: How to Stop Worrying and Start … how to increase your productivity Book 1)"
    Then you are guilty of procrastination just by reading this very long title!


  • uh, to buy them or not… better to wait it out?

  • This is from the first page of the first book with the stellar ratings:

    "Procrastination is a severe term that obtains thrown around as well as

    I can't read any more of this if that's the quality level.

    • I'm reading the third one, "GET IT DONE!" which is well written and interesting so far.

      • I wonder why it's missing pages? 7, 12, 14, 17….? Must be the way it was uploaded, but it's still a bit strange.

  • Looks like I waited too long (actually only just saw deal). Not free anymore! ;-(

  • +1

    Due to my procrastination, I missed out on this deal. Damn!

  • Had this bookmarked so I could grab these after I watched some tv. They are already expired! Guess they will be free again soon so I'm good waiting

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