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Zack Snyder's Justice League 4K Digital Movie $13.99 @ Google Play


Seems to be the cheapest price for this movie. If you're happy with a digital 4K copy, this isn't a bad deal. Pretty much all of DCs flicks seem to be on say too, many animated features are $5 for HD versions.

Note this is digital copy and you don't get a physical disc.

Yes, "4K" on Google Play is not as good as on Bluray. Yes, you're buying a license to watch the movie and they can take it away from you at any time.

Edit: As posted below - $9.95 on Prime Video

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  • Warning movie’s aspect ratio is 4:3.

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      Just zoom in. It's 4k after all :-)

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        You’d be surprised zooming in 4:3 for 16:9 isnt really watchable.

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      That is how the director intended it to be. I didn’t see an issue with it tbh

      • Yes. Not saying it is bad. Some love the 4:3 as it’s a classic aspect ratio, and others (including me) do not like it at all due to seeing the big black bars on the sides. Just to highlight it to anyone whom is sensitive about but not aware of it.

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    $9.99 on Amazon

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    Good if you want to own, if you just want to watch, free on binge 14days trial.

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      Yea good point, but in worse quality

      • Correct, only HD available, but would it make a difference if you don't have a 4k TV?

        • Not in that case (although different services have different bit rates for same resolution) but I mentioned it here as it was comparing to the deal at hand

  • So way the hype for the extended cut worth it?

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      No the movie still isn't very good. But it's much better than the Josstice League cut

  • Didn't realise Amazon Prime Video sold movies.

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    Batman v Superman (UE) aged like fine wine, i initially hated it first but after watching UE and seeing the attention to detail Zack puts into his movie is awesome.