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Winter Sale: Hoodies $19, Pyjamas $19 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ EB Games / ZING Pop Culture


EB Games and Zing Pop Culture are clearing out their Winter clothing line. $19 for a sweet hoodie. Available in many sizes for click and collect or delivery.

EB: https://www.ebgames.com.au/search?category=apparel&minPrice=...
ZING: https://www.zingpopculture.com.au/search?category=apparel&mi...

Winter related
EB: https://www.ebgames.com.au/search?category=apparel&minPrice=...
ZING: https://www.zingpopculture.com.au/search?category=apparel&mi...

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  • +12
    • You got me.

  • -1

    Cant find how much delivery is on the website

    • +1

      It varies a lot with EB. Best is attempt to checkout.

      • Not interested enough to bother, but thanks. The ones I wanted werent available for c&c, so might pass on this

        • +1

          Was around $10 for me to a metro Sydney postcode.

          • +1

            @hymio: I had $10 delivery per item. Benefits of living in the country 500km from the nearest covid case but experiencing city life by being in lockdown.

    • +1

      My total cart was $57 and delivery was free

    • I bought one hoodie and got free postage to 2519.

      • Best postcode in Australia :)

  • +14

    Thanks OP, worth noting a few designs have free delivery with eBay Plus on their eBay Store for the same price.

    • +1

      Thanks, had a $15 voucher I had to get rid of from the adidas pluspapa saga.. chibi DC hoodie for $4

    • Do they show sizes on your ebay account?

      • Saw the size in the listing title

    • Thanks Doweyy but how do you select a size on the Ebay site ?

      • +1

        Hm didn't really think of that lol, looks like only the Chibi ones have sizes in their titles unfortunately.

      • Each size is listed seperately

        • +1

          That seems to be the case, except they don't list the size anywhere! So there are multiple listings for multiple sizes but no way to tell which is which…

      • You can tell the size by comparing the MPN on ebay with the item number on eb games site. Each size has a different number.

  • +3

    Picked up an Eevee one for the missus the other day (I know you pop up on the OzB here and there, if you see this, pretend you did not, bc it's on you for ruining the surprise) and the quality was pretty legit for a hoodie, can't comment on others, but they're quite often made by the same companies you know.

    • +1

      I got a few. Very happy with the quality. In particular, the Star Wars Mandalorian helmet hoodie.

  • i found that if you flick between click and collect and home delivery the clothing turns into priority shipping for free for some of the items.

    Really weird.
    But I managed to buy 4 sets in 3 different transaction with free delivery.

    Not sure its to do with lock down LGAs?

    • I bought two hoodies, total $38. 1 item showing free delivery another showing priority delivery. Quite weird but can't complain though…

  • omg the toothless one is so cute

  • +1

    O yeah, just bagged the Spiderman jammies.

  • picked up a mr sparkle one, free delivery, im in a lockdown area

  • +1

    Thanks op!
    No love for Luigi :(

  • +2

    ordered the animal crossing hoodie for the missus. Hate how much EB charge for shipping but the 6% off gift cards through Suncorp help make it a tad more bearable.

  • how do the sizes run for these? looking at the size chart they seem to run quite large…

    • Yeah I want to know too.

  • How much are the hoodies normally?

    • not sure but i think between double the price and $50

      • Cool. Thx.

    • +1

      $49 and $59

      • Thx

  • got free shipping to sydney for some reason

    • Order is over $50

      • Mine was $19 and shipping was free to Wollongong so who knows.

  • +1

    Oh man. That Mr Sparkle is glorious. Might be too colourful for me though.

  • We anticipate your order will arrive in multiple deliveries, as your items are in-stock at different fulfillment locations.

    and they charge multiple shipping fees..

    • -2

      Not if you buy more than $50, it just means its in different stores

  • Shipping $15, screw that

    • -2

      Just buy more than $50 then its free

      • +5

        Weird how it's different for different people. I tried adding more than $100 worth and still charges $7.95-$15 for each hoodie.

        • It's a really silly system. Some items had free and express shipping and some had express only.

          Couldn't save some items for later that weren't available for delivery.

  • +5

    How are you guys getting free delivery… I'm in melbourne metro and it wants to charge $14.95 delivery per jumper for delivery because it's sending them separately. That kinda completely kills the deal.

    • -2

      Buy more than $50 worth for me is free shipping

      • +4

        I had 4 jumpers, $76 in my cart, and it wanted $59 shipping :/

        I would upvote this deal but the shipping stupidity kills it.

  • +2

    That PlayStation hoodie is sick! Too bad I already have too many hoodies 😭

    • +1

      This is exactly me lol, also might be a bit weird wearing it while playing Xbox 😂

  • +1

    Winter Sale

    A little late or a little too early?

  • +1

    I buy all my clothes from EB Games.

    • Zing and EB Games are owned by the same parent company.

  • Has anyone purchased the jackets before? For a XXL mens t-shirt it’s Chest 125cm vs Jacket XXL 138cm. Are jackets really that much larger?

    • just wondering based on the sizing they got - are the T-shirts normal men sizing or runs small? Just trying to get something for hubby. don’t really want to muck around with returns and stuff.

      • +1

        They run larger than norm. Purchased 2XL for my bro and it’s still roomy. He’s usually 3XL or 4XL in Target.

  • +1

    If anyone buys the zip up Brooklyn 99 jacket for $29 it's extremely short.

  • +2

    Anyone know if the hoodies run large?

  • +1

    Assuming the unisex hoodies are all men sizing? All the female models seem to be wearing it extremely baggy.

    • Would like to know this too!

    • Yep, all are the same. Male sizing.

  • After comparing a recent men's medium Puma hoodie purchase that fit pretty well, it looks like everything on EB runs large. 95-102 (can only assume the number range accounts for Puma's entire clothing line) medium chest mens/unisex v 103 small chest unisex for EB's hoodies, so probably a good idea to size down.

    Picked up the Pooh hoodie in small!

  • Thanks op. Picked up a few hoodies.

  • Bought $200 , shipping cost above $50..

  • Kept on waiting for checkout screen to appear - gave up. smh

  • they want $30 shipping for 3 hoodies. lmao

    no option to pickup from docklands store, I guess that's closed.

  • Bought the PlayStation jacket before lockdown for $59. Everyone I know asks me about it and wants one. Just bought 3 more for less and another animal crossing jumper for the GF.

    Got free shipping on everything.

    Sadly the Eevee jacket wouldn't ship.

  • Just picked up click n collect from local EB, animal xing is warm & looks great

  • Currently sitting in the Mandalorian child hoodie - really happy with the quality. Size runs pretty true I think.

    Just ordered the Mandalorian helmet one by itself - free priority shipping. Something to do with EB level? No idea…

    • Tempted to buy the mando helmet one. The one you have already, has the decal? (Is that what they call it) cracked or appear that it would come off easily? I wanted to get hubby the black Star Wars one but I think the “star” white dots looks a little feminine.

      Shame the sizing is men’s sizing otherwise I would have for it and for $19 its good but I have sooo many deals from ozbargain and it’s starting to clutter our cupboards lol. “Buy first, think later”.

  • Mr sparkle one is nice. Color is ugly tho

  • Bought a PlayStation jacket yesterday, shipped from Richmond to Central Coast in a day.

  • Got mario, click and collect

  • +1

    Hoodies all say:

    "Not available for home delivery"


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