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Boost Mobile 365 Days SIM Starter Kits: $300 240GB Data for $232.80 Telstra 365 days $300 for $232.80 @ Oz Tech Biz

                                      BOOST SIM $300/240GB

For Telstra $300 365 days

Please visit the Boost website for more information about plan inclusion on this SIM
This is not a recharge card/voucher

SIM EXPIRY 08/2022
365 days expiry starts from the day customer activates their sim card.
Please visit the Boost website for the latest information regarding the $300 sim inclusions
Tri-Cut Sim Fits Any Phone
Free Registered Shipping with Tracking
Keep Your Own Number or Get a New One

$300 SIM pack includes the following international inclusions.

Unlimited international standard calls to 20 destinations: Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom, USA, Vietnam.

Plus 3600 mins of standard calls to the following 30 destinations: Afghanistan, Austria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Kuwait, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, UAE.

Plus 3600 standard texts to any country in the world.
For Full Consumer Advice Including Critical Information Summaries, Privacy Policy, and Fair Play Policy Please Visit Boost Mobile Website.

Sim Card Cannot Be Returned Once Opened.

About Porting Your Number, please contact Boost:

You Can Request Porting Your Own Number to Boost When Activating the Sim. Before Porting Number, Contact Your Current Service Provider to Confirm Personal Details. Make Sure Your Name and Date of Birth Registered with the Number Are 100% Correct Including Spaces. Ask To Update Your Details If Anything Is Incorrect. Once Confirmed, Provide the Exact Same Details to Boost to Initiate the Porting. Some Carriers Will Send You an SMS to Authorise the Porting Request, So Make Sure the Current Sim Is Inserted Until the Service Is Disconnected.

For a complete list of included calls and destinations go to boost.com.au/international

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  • -1

    Sim Card Cannot Be Returned Once Opened.

    What if it doesn't work?

    • Why would you return it?
      Just don't buy it

      Still going on one of these 365 day sims from a previous deal (240+bonus 80GB data, $229 pricebeat @ OW)
      Excellent value, never go anywhere near the data. Nice if they released a 5G version not that it's necessary really.
      No need to worry about it till Jan 2022 anyway.

      • S/he's just being a knob.

        • +1

          Yeah just replies on everything with bold, must be bored :P.
          Anyway been a great sim so far, <$300 just write it off.
          I haven't found any value in expensive 24 month contracts these days and just get moderate-good handsets outright (like the Pixel phones)

  • -1

    will Officeworks price beat ?

    • No, you have to you a code.

      What is excluded from the Price Beat Guarantee?
      Cashback and coupon offers

      • -1

        No, you have to you a code.

        The code is POPSICLE.

        • Oh really, I guess back to school for me.

  • +1

    Then, of course, you can return it but we didn't have any issue like this before.

    • Hi OP, if I place an order today, How long will It take to get to Adelaide. (SA-5107)

  • Will it works with current users? or new accounts only?

    • Starter kit so ONLY NEW ACCOUNT.

    • Yes via chat. Done it before

      • Yes as in recharge (existing user)? I’m coming to the end of my 13 mths, looking to recharge with tire deal if possible.

        • +1

          Yes as a recharge. Done another account on Wednesday.

  • When do you have to activate it?

    Edit: saw on the website, September

    • When do you have to activate it?

      You don't 'have' to…

  • From website: "For 240 GB Data (Activate between 06-07-2021 To 27-sep-2021"

  • Hi Guys, any known active deal on $200 sim for 12 months?

  • Looks like just out of stock!

    • We got some more in stock.

      • Can you match this deal now?

  • oos damn.

  • I've got 1 spare at Gold Cost for $240, DM if you want it

  • Does boost ever offer existing customer with discounts on recharge?

    • Not really, Haven't seen this kind of offer am afraid.

    • Was also wondering what most people do after their 365 day starters expire
      Find another telco I suppose.

      • I got another one of these sim offers and simply went on chat on Wednesday and they changed my account up with the same value.

        • It's a pretty good deal, so good to know!
          can't say i really need 5G but will sus it out again when the time comes.

        • What did you say to them?

          • @Rakddon: Told them I got sim with voucher and would like to use it to top up my credit.

            • @Westham: Thanks

              • @Rakddon: It's a Hit-and-Miss scenario. Not 100% worked for everybody. Depends on the Live Chat Agent. Some do, some don't, some warns that you could lose the number too. But you can try always.

      • +1

        Port out to any other sim (freebies, recently like Belong from Telstra plus) for few days/month and Port back in to Boost.

        • Ok good idea if they won't add via chat.
          I don't need to worry for a few months but more than happy with the 365 day sim and amount of data is great too.
          Don't really care about a more expensive 5g plan and rather stay on Boost (Telstra) than vodafone etc.

  • I purchased $300 sim from Oz Tech Bizz. Can't activate. Says it is already in use.

  • Hi
    can you please send us a private message with your order number?
    sometimes it's a system error.
    For sure we can sort it out for you.

    • Hi I sent you a DM. Please check.

  • Hi,
    Can you please check your email and reply us back.

  • Thanks Op - Just ordered the $200 card. Time to move on from Optus. :p

    • Received and activated - no issues at all. Thanks OP. :)

  • Hi @oztechtraders, I’ve run into a similar issue as above with the SIM coming already activated, which means I need your approval to port. Could you please message me to sort this out? Cheers. My order number was #226051.