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24 Chicken Nuggets & 4 Dipping Sauces for $10 @ KFC (Excludes Cairns)


24 chicken nuggets for $10 is back at KFC. Available in-store or via the app.

Our nugs are made with 100% real Aussie chicken breast meat, coated in the secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices, and cooked until golden brown. Source

Related Deal - 9 Pieces Fried Chicken for $9.95 on Tuesdays (Excludes NSW, VIC & SA) @ KFC (App Required)

Mod Update: Additional information from KFC - Available Nationwide (Excluding Cairns). For those in Cairns you get 20 for $20 instead (10 Pieces Fried Chicken and 10 Wicked Wings for $20)

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    oh god, this and the 9 piece deal at the same time

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    There was a time wife would focus hard on such a deal.
    Lately the baked nuggs uncooked on one side, soft, squishy.
    Anyone else noticed this?

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      Too busy mindlessly shoveling them into my mouth to notice.

    • Huh?

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      Yeah mine always come pale and soggy. Nothing like the OP pic at all.

      • Ask for them fresh. I've never had a fresh nugget that wasn't crispy.

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      They're much better after a quick stint in an air fryer I find, just like the chicken. The food tends to get soggy after steaming in a box on the drive home.

  • You should be able to use the $5 off promo they have to get it even cheaper

    • Details?

      • I got a $5 voucher at the bottom of the homepage (KFC app). Idk if everyone gets it or not

        • I got a $6 voucher.

        • screenshot - never seen a discount promo on the app before..

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          • @prankster: I get them all the time.

            • @Orico: Never ever had a voucher form KFC at all. Clearly they know I'm a regular repeat customer, without having to worry about giving me vouchers, or discounts, or even loyalty points or extra sauce….

    • I have 25% off on mine

  • Isn't there supposed to be a 6 for $6.95 deal today???

    • I think that starts next Tues, I was looking for it as well!

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    Diet starts next week

    • What if the deals runs for more than a week?

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        Diet starts the week after

  • How much are theses normally?

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      Pretty sure they don't offer 24 packs normally, and there are a few smaller packs that cost more than $9.95.

      Its a good deal.

  • Ergh, I only have these in moderation. Something about that greasy processed chicken meat that puts you off after so many.

    • I've had the "meatless" Quorn ones from oven (not airfryer/deep fryer) before and while it has way less guilt, it's just not as fun to eat.

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    If only the nuggets tasted like chicken.

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    Man I've really gotta stop checking this site….

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    never had crispy KFC nuggets before

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      maccas is better

      • Home-made is better

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      they're not meant to be crispy..

    • Yep KFC nuggets usually a bit soggy. I don't think they use a tempura coating for crunch like Maccas

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    Don’t let anyone ever tell you you’re out of shape……

    Round is a shape.

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    I like KFC nuggets with gravy than dipping sauces lol.

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    maccas nuggets > KFC nuggets.

  • Maccas vs KFC which one is less processed?

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      They're chicken nuggets. The only way either can be any more processed is if they pre-chewed it for you.

    • They take off all the juicy parts of the chicken, put the carcass of the chicken into a meat grinder, then shape the chicken shit that comes out into nuggets for your hungry little ones.

      Buy a kg of breast fillet chicken and just blend it and make the nuggets yourself.

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      Apparently Mcdonald's only uses 100% chicken breast for nuggets

      Chicken McNuggets®
      Everything's better when it's bite-sized. Like our nuggets made with tender juicy 100% Aussie Chicken breast in a crisp tempura coating, with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives!

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        What they mean is out of the chicken component of the product that is 100% chicken breast.

        • Yes - the meat is 100% chicken breast. They add other stuff like tempura mixture

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    I wanna know why these sons of bitches ditched Hot N Spicy month. Like what's the deal KFC? Why dog it?

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      I wanna know why they can't roll out Hot N Spicy everywhere. Like fk comn

    • yeah they only put hot & spicy in city (town hall and near central) sydney … just to make the international students happy? lol

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    fk my diet honestly

  • Are KFC nuggets made with 100% real chicken or processed sludge?

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      Yes to both.

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    Feels like a while since the last $10 popcorn chicken deal… Any clues when those might be returning?

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    $2 large chips as well….

    KFC be balling with the offers

    • $2 large chips no more :(

  • I can't find this in my app, where is it??

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      Check your messages in the app it should be in there.

  • I just want my Kentucky snack pack back…

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    Mcdonalds had 2 Large Fries and 18 Nuggets for 8 dollars today

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      Those are targeted offers. That's one of the better ones to get though, well done.

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    Maccas has 24 nuggets for $11.95 every day. Personally, $2 won't be incentive enough for me to drive 5 km to get it.

    • This I did not know.

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    McDonalds Nuggets are better IMO. I'd rather get 12 for $5-6 that's a decent serve.