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[QLD] All You Can Eat (Within 1.5 Hours), $20 per Adult, $10 per Child @ King's Palace, Broadbeach


Last meal before the end of bulking season? Just saw this getting a coffee this morning.

Got a pic of the poster but don't see where to upload on mobile πŸ™„

Invite your friends and family to dine in at King Palace Broadbeach and eat whatever you want (chicken, beef, lamb, vegetable, tofu menus - prawn is excluded) and "AS MUCH AS YOU CAN" ONLY $20 within 1.5 hour

This exclusive deal will starts today (4 days a week - Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) until the end of September. Book for your table now at http://kingpalacebroadbeach.com.au/reservations

πŸ“Œ Please book your table in advance through the website
πŸ“Œ Excluding yum cha, live seafood, duck and beverage menus
πŸ“Œ Dine-in only (takeaway is not allowed)
πŸ“Œ T&C Applies

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    Look at you Qlders. Eating at restaurants. You think you’re better than us?

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      I eat KFC in my car on my lunch break so suck on that, QLD!

    • And vertical consumption is so overrated.

  • sorry where's about? do not see anything related to this $20 all you can it on the link.

  • Got a pic of the poster but don't see where to upload on mobile πŸ™„

    Go to your profile > files and you can upload a pic from your mobile there. Copy the link and add to listing.


  • they have it on their facebook page

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    lol the FB post is confusing, one says prawn is excluded another one says its included, however both photos show a prawn dish as the cover lmao

  • Going to IKEA this morning for a price match.

  • What is a bulking "season"?


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    OP ate all our shrimp, and two plastic lobsters.

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      'tis no OP. It is a remorseless, eating machine.

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      Tis no OP, tis a remorseless eating machine!

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    I heard your dad went into a restaurant, and ate everything in the restaurant, and they had to close the restaurant.

  • No BYO. Rude.

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    thanks for reminding us that we are in lockdown. well, some of us.

  • Brave call offering all you can eat in Qld - they like their portion sizes big up there

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      funny story, one of my old friends opened up a pinoy all you can eat restaurant in Melbourne over 20 years ago.

      In his own words, 'Islanders ate me out of house and home'. His restaurant, in this format lasted less than 6 months.

      • lol yes I can imagine that

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        Interesting story in Los Angeles, some all you can eat restaurants have 'No islanders allowed signs at the front door.'….

  • thanks op not many all you can eat places left since covid started.

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    Content is not available? Did they just back out from offering the deal?

  • Link not available…did they also get ozbargained? ; (

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    They put a new post up overnight (Fri nite/Sat morning) saying

    To our valued customers,
    We appreciate your booking for our $20 All You Can Eat. The promo still continues, however, we have changed some promo details about dates and menus.
    The promo is "only available on weekdays" from lunch to dinner and please ask for "the All You Can Eat Menu" from our staff. For more details, we will officially update you on social media by Monday.
    Lastly, we were extremely busy last week on Father's day and it was our first week of the $20 All You Can Eat deal which may make some of our customers feel unconvenient or dissatisfied, we apology for this and we will take your recommendation to improve our quality. Let's eatπŸ˜‹
    King Palace Broadbeach.

    Be interesting to see what the update is.

    Might check them out next week - if Anna doesn't put us in lockdown by then.

  • HORRIBLE SERVICE. Ordered off a menu, portions are large. You have to finish everything otherwise they will charge you the price of the full dish plus the $20. I didn't finish two pieces of squid and the manager demanded I eat them or I'd need to pay the full price.