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[WA, QLD] Free Delivery at Multiple Restaurants @ Deliveroo


Stores which used to have $1 delivery (last month), are now offering free delivery, many with no minimum spend.

Please note that Deliveroo are one of the few places left who don't charge a "Service Fee" (lookin at you Menulog and UberEats!)

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  • +28

    Deliveroo is always my first go to. Lets hope they never adopt that service charge.

    • +14

      Yeah. I remember subscribing to a trial of the Uber Eats Pass and it sucked because most of the fees I was paying was in service fees anyway. It felt like a scam. Not sure if they've changed it since. The DoorDash service fee is heaps more reasonable. Deliveroo is king with $0 service fee.

    • +3

      The only service I use now for exactly this reason.

    • +5

      Kinda wish it were the opposite and have a fixed delivery/service charge but all menu items are priced the same as in store.

    • +4

      I’m glad to see others saying this. I stopped using Uber eats the day they began service charges. Then Menulog started it. I signed up for Deliveroo plus to support them as the one not doing it. No point in free delivery when there’s $4 service charge.

  • +2

    Subway free delivery & 20% off? Grill’d we have a new contender for healthy-ish dinner tonight..

    • +15

      There's nothing healthy about Grill'd, despite their marketing.

      • Maybe just slightly healthier in the burger category? Or is it as bad for you as having a Whopper

        • +1

          I'd say better than a whopper but worse than a generic pub burger. But basing that on almost zero facts.

      • +1

        You can make it healthy if you remove mayo from the basic grilled chicken burger (same with beef) but i suspect most people go for the more elaborate burgers let alone removing ingredients. Healthy burgers/fast food don't sell, whereas the illusion of healthy does quite well

      • nothing healthy about subway either.

        • +2

          Depends on what you get from there. Getting the vege delight roll would certainly be healthy.

    • +3

      Yeah but the subs are marked up by 20% so you're basically just getting free delivery.

  • +5

    Yep, Deliveroo is my go to at the moment. I'd probably be less annoyed by the new services fees if they just upped the price a bit on food. This service fee makes it look like some scummy "print at home" ticket fee.

    • +9

      I think ACCC will crack down on it as its hiding/obscuring costs.

      Even ubereats openly admit you are not allowed to see it until checkout:


      Consumers now pay a Service Fee. Information about the applicable Service Fee is available in the app and is displayed at checkout before you confirm your order.

      • +1

        I certainly hope so. Its a flat rate so there is no reason for not including it in the price as we already do with GST. Just makes it harder to work out the true cost, completely unnecessary. Charge the cost of service in the meal or deliver fee.

  • +4

    Doesn't seem to be the case in Melbourne, unless targeted or hasn't started yet.

    • +4

      What used to be $1 for me is now $8 :(

    • There’s a ‘from $0’ section

      • +3

        Only one that is free for me is Subway - the rest in that section are at their lowest $3.50. Quite a few restaurants now $6 too.

        • +1

          Same. Only Subway for free delivery.

  • +5

    The only ones which are free delivery for me are Hungry Jack's and Subway

  • I wonder which pocket this is coming out of.

  • +3

    Nope, doesn't work in VIC

  • Melbourne eventually dropped the $1 delivery stuff. Guess they figured lockdown was going to go on forever

  • there is a free trial of deliveroo plus for 90 days which gives you free delivery. Min spend applies. $20 normally but $30 for fast food places

  • i only started ordering food after lockdown so im kinda confused with how many services there are. i know of

    • UberEats
    • MenuLog
    • DoorDash
    • Deliveroo

    and some restaurants have their own apps. am i missing any?

    • +3

      Easi. It’s only Asian food if you like that then it’s pretty good.

      • +1

        I want to like Easi, but using the app feels like I'm getting scammed lmao

  • +2

    The food is always more expensive from where I order online then the fees on top. But I have a genuine question when people say I want free delivery, how do they expect their deliverer to be paid? I know Menulog will be paying drivers as employees soon which is great. Not sure about the others? I used Deliveroo for the first time the other day and since there was no random add-ons I tipped the driver instead. I just assume they see next to no dollars at the moment ?

    • They still get paid. Would a shop with 50% off ask employees to work for a 50% paycut?

      The question to ask tho, are the drivers getting 100% of the tip from the app tip nags?

      • exactly right, is the tip theirs and is that all they're getting ?

  • Great deal but for a couple of places I looked at there was a $4 "small order surcharge" for orders under $10.