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Toshiba 16TB Enterprise MG08ACA16TE 7200RPM 3.5" Hard Drive ~A$511.87 Shipped @ Newegg (USA)


Came across this drive while planning my NAS upgrade, comes to $31.8/TB

Seems like the cheapest 16TB around at the moment.

Also, for checking disk prices, here are 2 sites to keep bookmarked

For Amazon

For Newegg

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    How many Linux distros will this fit?

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      it would fit… this many:

      find ./ -type f -name ".mkv" -ls | awk '{sum += $7; n++;} END {print 16102410241024*1024/(sum/n);}'

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        Well sed

  • ~A$511.87 Shipped

    Amazon AU says $562.51. What is this witchery ?

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      The deal is on Newegg

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        Thats officially coffee time!

        • On my machine Newegg actually says A$509.30 incl. GST & shipping, but the mods changed the price to A$511.87

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            but the mods changed the price to A$511.87

            OzBargain commission fees…

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              @jv: Maybe because qty? If you actually get to checkout, 2 disks are $1021.8 so $510.9ea, if you order 3 it's $539.88ea

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    Hows Newegg delivery packaging compared to the Amazon UK?

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      I bought these a few days ago, and they just arrived today. They packaged it very very well. The Hard drives were very well padded in a small box, and the small box was in a larger box that had some filler material. I think they would have survived the journey, but will be doing my own tests to make sure it is ok.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks for your feedback. I will feel comfortable ordering disks from NewEgg.

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    Very tempting. Do anyone know if this good for video editing?

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      I would edit them on an SSD and use this for dumping/storage/

  • Its listed as these having a 5yr warranty, do these warrantys apply in AU via Toshiba or elsewhere?

    Not too bad a price for a 5yr drive,

    • This was somewhat cheaper elsewhere recently. Was going to get a couple but then read warranty is almost impossible. Not sure how Newegg handles a warranty claim.

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      Toshiba don't have a warranty service, so you'll need to send these back to NewEgg USA when they fail.
      Good luck when you need to do this 4 years from now 👍

  • damn thats cheap, i bought a variant of a used 16tb for $535 =( last week

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    Yay for chia coin bubble pop

  • Is this the new price point of hdd space?

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