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Garmin Forerunner 745 $489.95 ($465.95 eBay Plus) Delivered @ Ryda eBay


Lowest price I've seen so far for this watch. Have been waiting for it to go on special. Reckon it's a great price. Get it while stocks last.

Also available in Whitestone, Neo Tropic, and Magma Red.



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    So, it's like 735XT but with contactless payments?.. I would rather get 935 with bigger battery for less.

    • That watch (935) is on special also at same store. Lack of NFC can be a deal breaker.

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      935 might be better value for some

      New gen has contactless pay, on board music, 02 sat, new heart rate sensor and newer metrics.

      Personally I don't think 45 series adds that much over the 35 but depends on preferences.

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        Yes of course it is all personal and blah blah, but I never go anywhere without my phone (yes, even when I do sprints) so don't really see the point of NFC, on board music (can it fit 300 gigs of my music library by the way and can it stream music?) as it is all on my phone anyway… New heart rate sensor could be useful if it is able to react to changes faster than the old one. Old one is accurate, just is not very quick reacting.

  • Ebay plus members get an extra 5%. Saving another $24

    • +1

      Have you tried? Doesn't work for me

      • Yes. Works for me with code

        • Just try, doesn't work for me. Oh well. The $5 off thing is working.

          • @humbala: Maybe its only for me? It definitely show when I checkout. Are you a plus member ?

            • @Bruno28: Yes i am, that's why i mentioned the $5 off thing.

    • I think that might only be on Tuesdays. Showing $5 off for me.

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    Very nice price. I got my Garmin 745 on ebay sale at AUD$548 from Ryda IIRC too. Worthy buy and very happy with it. I made the choice for 745 over 735/935/945 as it was newer and folks reported the sensors/GPS are more accurate.

    You can browser around Garmin forum runner forums for user experiences too https://forums.garmin.com/sports-fitness/running-multisport/ and then make up your mind. That's what I did :)

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      Yes I was fretting over this watch for a while. Good balance between tech and price. So happy with this deal, as i almost went for the kogan deal (Neo Tropic).

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    If you have AIA Vitality then you might be able to get 50% off on 745. So it's roughly $425 from Garmin website.

  • Ugh I can't decide. This or 6s pro…

    • Go to respective forums https://forums.garmin.com/sports-fitness/running-multisport/ read the issues etc and see which model has acceptable issues you can live with. For me, 745 was the best of the bunch given the price at the time of AUD$548

      • Yeh i have read too much. its really a question of maps for me. Don't need them but always nice to have. Tend to always go with my phone anyway so it's not a need but more of a want

        • Make a decision? The maps would be good.

          But I see 6s pro previously for $470, best now is liked $780.

          • @ajm07: Yeh probs the 6s pro/sapphire. Just gotta wait for a deal. I have a super old vivoactive HR which is keeping me going so not terribly urgent.

            • @mit: Yeah those maps look good. I feel apprehensive about 745 without the maps.

  • Does anyone else's skin react to the charging port area of garmin watches? I've actually 'burnt' my skin where the port touches, I didn't realise you can get silicone caps to cover it.

    • Hadn’t heard of that before. I get a rash from the Silicon watch band if I leave it on too long so I switch arms. I wear mine on my right arm during the day and my left arm during the night. Once summer hits I’ll alternate between left and right between the days as well to avoid the big tan mark I get.

      • Best to wash it daily in shower and dry it with towel before wearing. Never had a rash even though the only time I remove it is in the shower.

  • +3

    Rebel + Cashrewards 12% makes it $449.

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