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[Switch] Free Shiny Celebi & Zarude for Pokemon Sword/Shield (Mystery Gift) with Pokemon Trainer Club Signup


Spotted this on Reddit. No, I don't stay up until 2am just to look for Pokemon deals. I've always wanted a Celebi though!

Requires a Pokemon Trainer Club account, which I believe is free.

How do I sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter or confirm that I have signed up?

UPDATE: The expiry on this deal is for the newsletter signup cutoff date. The actual distribution of codes will happen on October 7th (according to serebii.net).

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    Collected these every month in the 3DS days but never actually played them. Probably still sat in the redeemed pages… Poor Celebi.

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    Zarude used Sandstorm!

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      It was super effective!

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    Hopefully the code sending issues have been sorted by now…

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      I know right… Still waiting for mine.

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        I sent them an email (it was a few months after the promotion though)

        Hello Luke,

        Thank you for contacting Pokémon Support. We’re sorry to hear you did not receive the Zarude newsletter. We apologize but we have no replacement codes for this promotion as of 12/22/2020. All codes for the Zarude event expired in March, 2021.

        I've had the box checked for a while now and nothing has ever come through.

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          I honestly recommend making a few 'backup' club accounts to ensure you get the code. It's really easy to make a new gmail, or could even use protonmail. That's what I did last time.

  • how long does it take for code to be sent

    • Still haven’t got mine. Probably come towards the end date I guess.

  • Hope the natures and IV of these pokemans are good. Otherwise they just trophies and useless for battling

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      You can usually soft reset for them.
      Also you can raise IVs with bottlecaps and change natures with mints in SwSh

  • /did anyone get the codes? i'm trying to claim them for my nephews

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      The codes aren't going to be distributed until early October. The cutoff was for signing up to the newsletter, so if you sign-up now I think you're too late. I'll see if I can find the distribution date and update the post accordingly.

      • Oh, my bad-I thought we'd get the codes after the 25th. Would be appreciated if you could find a distribution date.

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    Actually got the codes time!

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      Same, they are unique codes as well, so don't post them anywhere.

  • I haven't received the code although I have signed up before the cut off date.. Anyone in the same boat?.

    • I got mine. Did you check your spam folder?

      • I did and nothing.. :( did you get it on 7th?

        • That sucks! Mine came through at 5:11 this morning. It ended up in my promotions tab in Gmail. I did specifically cancel and resubscribe to their newsletter to make sure it came through.

          • @jakem742: Yeah :( I had the marketing and promotions ticked in my trainers account so I didn't do anything. Have sent the CS a support request hopefully they can send me the codes.

            • @roeh: I have spare codes for both of them if you want. I made another email address and signed up again in case I didn’t get an email, but they got sent to both. Flick me a dm and you can have them.

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                @Benason: Thanks so much! Would love the codes however I can't send you a dm. Seems that you're not accepting dms?

                • @roeh: No worries. I’ll try send you one, just joined this site and not sure what I’m doing haha

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                    @Benason: That'd be great. I really appreciate the kindness. I haven't heard back from the pokemon cs so this is good news!

                    • @roeh: Just sent it through. Glad to help :)

                      • @Benason: Pm received thanks so much! I really appreciate it!