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Garmin Forerunner 45 Sports Watch (Red, Black, Purple) $164 (Was $329) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Entry level Forerunner for sale at Amazon on "limited time deal".

Not the first time that this has been half price (last time was in July I think). I'm starting to appreciate that the pricing of Garmins are quite similar to Kathmandu, i.e. high RRPs with cyclical deep discounts. Was it always this way or is it a recent pandemic pricing strategy?

Device comes in a Small and Large size, but the Large size only is on sale.

This model has been superseded by the Forerunner 55, but like most of these devices the new model is a new iteration with incremental improvements. Several improvements and new features, but double the price. 45 could be fine for many people's needs.

Review of 45

Review of 55

Official Garmin page for 45s with list of features. (Note 45 and 45s are the same, except the 45s has thinner bezel to make the overall watch smaller.)


Get JB or another bricks and mortar to price match so you have more convenient options if you have any warranty issues.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Looks like Rebel are price-matching already : https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-forerunner-45-gps-run...

    • Thanks Cunningdrew, I tried to edit the post to include Rebel but can't change the title. Hopefully anyone interested in the device will have the wherewithal to scroll down and read your comment.

  • Looks like Black already not available for the price. Red and purple still showing $164

  • can bluetooth/wifi be toggled on/off easily? - for working in places where it's not allowed

    • Yep. DnD mode is easily turned on and off.

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    The huge discounts are generally only for older products, the 45 and the Fenix 6 are around two years old now. I haven't seen this kind of sale on a garmin less than a year old.

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      I guess 2 year old devices is a bit of a sweet spot for price performance then, if you are happy to wait for the trickle down of the tech.

      I was looking at these devices at Amazon and Amazon's dynamic pricing is very…dynamic! The Garmin Instict Camo ($799 rrp) went down to approx $378 the other day for I don't know exactly how long. So the big drops are there if you are patient and value the savings more than your time!

    • I don't understand the premise of this comment.
      Have the activities running/kayaking/walking evolved so much in the last two years that they warrant the latest model ?

      • None of the activities you mentioned warrant the latest model, or any model for that matter. For most people, all these devices are luxuries pure and simple. But they can make tracking your activities a little easier to manage.

        But if you're going to get one, the newer features that trickle down from the higher end models can be attractive. The biggest innovation for my mind is a more efficient GPS chip from Sony that uses less power and so expands battery life considerably. There are other features that are more 'smart watch' related that keep getting added (i.e. integration with mobile phone notifications, music control, payments) that may be attractive to some. Then there's activity tracking as well, which adds more features.

        Few of these features made it to the Forerunner 45, which is why it's a good choice (when discounted) for people who would like a running watch, but can't justify double the price for a newer model that includes features they wouldn't use.

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    I have that one and it's great!

    Turned off ongoing HR monitoring and that improved battery life drastically.

    I use it for running and it's great to have distance, pace and HR displayed on your wrist.

    Garmin app is great as well, good breakdown of your run plus sleep monitoring.

    Auto syncs to strava.

    Small and lightweight model with all basic features you need.


  • Can this monitor blood pressure? Or any watch for that matter?

    • None of them measure/monitor blood pressure because you need a pressure cuff to to measure it.

  • I have the FRM245, but looking at a high level overview of the newer FR55, looks like the 245 > 55.

    • Earlier this year I was thinking of getting the newer Forerunner 55 but ended up getting the older FR 245 Music

    • got the FRM245 2 weeks ago. Would have bought this for the bargain price instead. The main points of difference were FRM245 has music function, higher res screen and about double the gps time (but strangely the same standby time)

      • I think the selling point is the music function. I don't know many GPS watches that have offline storage for music playback. Bonus that there's Spotify integration too.

        If the music is not needed, then yes this FR45 is a steal.

      • And the FRM245 also has navigation - adding a current waypoint, or navigating 'back to start' look like really cool features.

        Struggling to decide if it's worth double the price though (if only it had NFC and barometer too!).

  • Do i need my phone connected to have GPS tracking on this?

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      No. This is the perfect watch for the people hopping onto the strava lockdown train - so you don't need to run with a phone.

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    Also have this model and recommend. It is a running watch but can also track cycling, yoga etc just not swimming. I track my Stand Up Paddleboard activity as cardio with GPS turned on for example.

    If you're into running and don't need any bells or whistles, this is a great product.

    • it should work for swimming I think. Not open water but pool swims - does it not?

      • It is waterproof to 50m but does not have the ability to track swims as a direct function

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    Thanks OP.
    Just purchased from rebel +10$ Commbank rewards and 3.5% shopback.
    Brings the total to around 150$, at this price, it's competing eith fitness bands lol.

    • I am with Commbank how does this work mate?

      • +4

        in the commbank app you should see a 'commBank Rewards' widget between your smartaccess balance and monthly cashflow widgets. there is an offer for rebel sports of 10$ cashback.

        • +1

          Thanks found it!! Wow I didn't know this existed…..

    • Just to add to this, if you have Afterpay pulse rewards they have an offer for $20 off $150 spend, taking the watch down to $144

  • Ain't this pretty normal price?

    • That's the 4s. The larger one barely drops to this price.

      • They're both the same Forerunner 45

    • That's what it seems to normally drop down to, but for most of the time it sits at or near the RRP of approx $300. Which does seem weird given the 55 also sits at the same price.

  • +5

    Get JB or another bricks and mortar to price match so you have more convenient options if you have any warranty issues.

    That makes no sense. The one time I hit up JB for warranty on an expensive laptop they tried to fob me off to the manufacturer then took months to return it. I just returned a mobile phone (Realme 7 — garbage) to Amazon and they refunded me the moment Aus Post scanned the package in.

    • Fair enough. I prefer dealing with people face to face generally, and more so when it's a warranty issue. But I also suffer from low level anxiety about things getting lost in the post! But that sounds very efficient regarding your last return however.

      • Price beat at officeworks and purchased :D

        JB was a waste of time.

        • even better, 5% less!

        • I can only see Forerunner 45 Small on the OW website

    • +1

      that works only if you're returning a product within 30 days of purchase.

  • Black got ozbargained. Well done folks!

    • White is gone as well.

  • +2

    Great basic watch. Got one on the JB sale. Great battery life, very wearable, ergonomic, and the software doesn't feature any bs. Set mine up with a Casio GShock style face and have been very pleased with it.

    • Where have you been getting watch faces? Haven't looked into that yet…

      • +1

        Via the Garmin app, there's a shopfront on there. Most faces are free.

    • sweet tip, didn't realise you could do that.

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    my work rewards site has a 10% rebel instant gift card and 5% cashback so if you have access to a corporate rewards site check if they have rebel on the list

  • +1

    Thanks op. Bought from Rebel using Commbank rewards $10

  • I'm confused about Rebel's size.

    Garmin (https://buy.garmin.com/en-GB/GB/p/641121#specs) says

    Small: 39.5 x 39.5 x 11.4 mm Fits wrists with a circumerence of 124-185 mm
    Large: 42 x 42 x 11.4 mm Fits wrists with a circumference of 129-197 mm

    But Rebel (https://www.rebelsport.com.au/p/garmin-forerunner-45-gps-run...) states the large 42mm face size, but the small wrist size 124-185 mm.

  • Just noticed 45S (smaller variant) added in red and iris. Not sure for how long


    • +1

      Yeah all four were there from the start, though no discussion above.

      Black and red are 45 (only red still in stock)
      White and purple are 45s (only purple still in stock)

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