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Champion Reverse Weave Hoodies from $27 + Delivery (Free for Members) @ Bonds


Was browsing the bonds website and just saw that a lot of new colours have been added to the champion reverse weave sale. Thought it might help someone since the earlier sale was sold out.

Tourmaline Green

Chalk white

Pride collection



Siesta Pink Ombre

Few shorts, tracks and crews available as well. Happy shopping

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  • Thanks OP!

  • Those pride jumpers are interesting..

  • whats a double hood hoodie do? so you can cover your head while appearing like you have a hoodie?

    • +1

      I still reckon that's better than the double (or more!!) polo shirt trend we had a couple of decades ago…

    • pretty sure he's just wearing two hoodies for layering. Also can be nice, you can wear one hood or two depending on how the windchill is :)

      Nope, I'm an idiot.

    • +2

      It's Bonds, they put an extra hood on because one will probably fall off in the first wash.

  • +1

    Bought the green. Cheers OP!

  • +1

    Can anyone who has bought one comment on the sizing?
    The site is super ambiguous with their disclaimer:

    Please note: Fits may vary by style or personal preference; however, sizes in our US Life range tend to run a size larger than our AUS size.

    • +1

      go a size down or normal size. It definitely fits looser than TTS, so choose depending on the type of fit you want. if inbetween sizes go the lower

      • Thanks!

      • Unfortunately the double hooded ones don't have an XS… so I hope S is true to size…

        • They aren't, if you've gone true to size it will be baggy. Size down for a more fitted look

      • 180cm 70kg what size should I get? S or M?

    • +1

      they're looser than TTS.

      a carhartt chase WIP in S is smaller than a champion RW S hoodie

    • Americans are fat. Is that clear enough?

    • They are much looser than TTS especially reverse weave.

  • …aaand on queue, the website is hanging 👍

    • +1

      …aaand on queue

      seems like a very long cue.

  • +1

    Oh no… so much choice! Haha! Thanks OP

  • +1

    Don't forget 12% cashback at CR at the moment!

    • CR says only on Bonds branded products. I'm not sure the cashback will be valid?

    • Shows up as 8% not 12% and also says Bonds only.

    • +1

      My cashrewards got tracked, 8% cashback all I bought were champions.

  • Are we hyping up these hoodies more than they deserve? Or are they really THE best quality hoodies in the sub $100 price range?

    • +5

      Considering they're $27-28 now, I reckon they'd be the best quality hoodies in their current price range.

    • +1

      value for money. i don't think there is anything out there at less than $30 with quality this good. i refer to the RW hoodie.

    • At these prices, they're one of the best options, just prepare for some shrinkage in the wash

      Source: I managed to get some in Korea for these prices pre-COVID

  • Grey also brings up pride collection

    • Weird, seems like they are trying to say something

    • Thanks. Updated.

  • Is this for men or women??

  • +4

    I like the Pride hoodies, but i'm straight.

    now i'm confused :(

    • hashtag nohomo

    • +1

      Who cares, its just colourful

    • Get WOKE

    • Yep the blue one looks cool but I ain't gay 🤣

  • I think they need to half the RRP to be fair then its a normal 50% off sale hehe .

  • got3

  • on a side note, the re:bound RW hoodie is 60% more expensive than it's regular RW hoodie counterpart on this sale

    i guess being green is expensive.


    • +4

      yeah thanks was gonna buy 1 and said OOS when I entered my card details lol…

  • Got a sweater and a hoodie. Good to see some value.

  • Bought a white chalk jumper for both the partner and I, cheers OP.

    • +11

      Agree that they sell out quickly. But hey, you wouldn't be here if these doesn't get posted here in the first place. Ozbargain family will always have the spirit of sharing. All in all, we win a lot more then we lose.

  • Bought a couple of the dark green ones - cheers OP! Family's been loving the couple other ones I've bought from previous deals :)

  • +1

    Website cooked and everything good sold out already

  • +1

    Green Reverse weaves just restocked btw!

  • +1

    Every Ozbarginer is now an Eshay, see you at Frankston

    • Hahaha. I never go out of the house in a hoodie. This is nice and comfy for staying in during the cold months.

  • Got the yellow ones last time and dayum they are thicc and a size bigger than TTS. Got a green one this time. Cheers!

  • I know what I’m going to think when I see someone wearing these

    • +1

      New Ozbargain uniform?

  • these RW are so good for the price, don't think just buy a size down

  • Good deal, bought a couple size down.
    Don't know how they hold up after a few washes.

    Has anyone washed them a few times and how's the size after washing

    • +1

      Shrinks slightly, don't wash them often as usually your shirt picks up sweat. Usually ten full-day wears is fine before washing.

  • i personally find the reverse weave sizing difficult, so i bought a medium and a small, will return whichever one doesnt fit.

    • +1

      change of mind returns aren’t allowed for Clearance items unfortunately :(

      • +1

        I can't find this information in the returns policy

      • underneath the reverse weave "returns area" it still says returns are accepted

        • Found some ant-sized text under the item image that says "No change of mind returns on this item". Welp, wish this was made clearer before I dropped 300 bucks. They don't allow you to cancel orders either.

          • @jack0: Ah rats… i just spotted it too….. maybe its worth trying our luck once it arrives….

            • @t2kb123: I'll call em up tomorrow morning to see what they can do for me

              • @jack0: yea, fair enough. let me know how you go! Worst case ill hopefully be able to sell it on FB marketplace…….

              • +2

                @jack0: wonder if we can at least exchange or get store credits?
                ant sized text is so dog

                • @mogley: I emailed them asking to cancel the order and they refunded me!

  • +2

    Don't forget 8% cashback from Cashrewards and 8% cashback on Bonds gift cards from the Shopback app (they stack). Basically gives you a further 15.27% off any order.

    • +1

      I thought you couldn’t get cashback on purchases made using gift cards.

      • Cashrewards by default has a "may" exclusion for gift cards under all stores, but in my experience the transactions at most track and are paid out fine. The way I think of it is that a gift card isn't attributable to any other party other than the store itself unlike a coupon code could (think of a Honey-exclusive code), and so there's no reason for the cashback not to track. The store's got no-one else to pay the cashback to.

        There's no harm in trying here because the gift card cashback is 8% already. If the 8% cashback fails, well you already got the 8% you would've gotten anyway. If it works, hey that's 15% off.

        My order was paid partly using a gift card and was tracked a few minutes after being placed.

  • +2

    It's 25 degrees and I really don't need another hoodie. Got 2x.

  • Says ‘Not Added’ when adding the green to cart - anyone else?

    • +2

      mine went through just fine.

      I notice green stock has been topped up again for S&M.

      • Nice one, seems to work now. Thanks for the reminder!

  • +1

    Wanted to buy the walnut coloured one for so long. And missed out :(

  • thanks bought another 2 lol

  • +2

    just in time for summer. got 10

  • Are the size large reverse weave hoodies bigger/baggier than standard hoodies from Bonds, Nike etc?

    • +1

      I have found all of the reverse weave to be at least a size bigger than the normal sizes. I would wear a large Nike jumper, and a large reverse weave Champion is a loose fit. Hope that helps.

      • Cheers, will see how it goes. I'm generally a regular large too. Bought a Stussy large recently and it was huge, hopefully this isn't that bad lol

        • +2

          Hope it works out for you. For me, it does a great job of hiding the extra 9-10 kilos that I've gained during COVID so I'm not complaining.

  • thanks OP. I have been very bitter since my July order was out of stock and recent post got sold out so I finally can place another order. in before this stuff is out of stock too….

  • +2

    Current order status on hold. The past few times i had to chase them to be told OOS and refund.

  • Awesome. Thanks!

  • Received shipping info this morning.

  • Still haven't received any shipping information. Disappointing

  • Haven’t received any shipping confirmation yet either.

  • +1

    Got shipping confirmation, but my main items aren't in there (?).

    • same my bonds jogger shipped but still waiting for two champion hoodies

      • Waiting on a hoodie too. And I placed my order before the deal went up.

        • +1

          Got shipping email this arvo

    • Yeah same here, 2 out of my 4 items have been shipped? But the other 2 are still processing when I check my bonds order online

  • +1

    Both my orders showing up as processing even though they are 7 business days or older. No tracking info nor any update. When I tried to cancel my first order, they told me it was already being processed in the warehouse so they couldn't cancel it. No idea what's going on

  • Got shipping confirmation on Monday but auspost still hasn't picked it up yet.

  • Very slow. I've had one of 5 shipped. However when they say shipped, it's not likely shipped until the tracking says "we've got it". Its a way to make you happier.

  • Got mine yesterday, got the pride hoodie and r.w. joggers, very warm and good quality. M is relaxed fit - 175cm 75kg

  • +2

    Mine hoodies are still processing. Anyone else?

    • +1

      same here its frustrating now

      • +1

        Same. My guess is if you chat online with Bonds they'll say it's OOS and process a refund- like the last 3 times i've ordered…

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