Looking for a Mid-Range Gaming PC - Budget $2000

Hi Guys.

I am looking for some advice and guidance on a gaming PC. I don't want something which will need upgrading to quickly. I want to spend less then $2000. I am not to sure what I will be playing yet as I am only just getting back into gaming.

Also is now a good time to buy or would I be better waiting for prices to come down etc?

Any advice would be great.



  • Also is now a good time to buy or would I be better waiting for prices to come down etc?

    Video card prices are stupid expensive. If I were you, I'd wait to see if the video card prices to come down close to RRP.

    • Thanks for the advice. Yeah I don't mind waiting but I have 5 weeks of annual leave in October and November and wanted it by the.

      • If you mean Oct/Nov this year, there are a lot believing that it's unlikely to be any movement in video card prices in the next year.

        Intel are bringing out their new range next month, so maybe wait until then and see. But… on the other hand, leaving it too long, your wait times for your machine might be too long for your deadline. Some people are mentioning waiting times of 2 to 6 months.

        • That's really good feedback. Thank you so much.

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      Great PC and $201 spare to buy more ice cream.

    • Thank I will take a look

  • If you like to wait and collect parts from deals when they are available, i think it will cost somthing like below (total $1750)

    AMD 5600X - $400
    B550 M/B - $100
    DDR4 16GB RAM - $120
    1 TB SSD - $130
    PSU - $100
    Case - $40
    3060TI GPU- $860

    Get monitor,speakers etc for remaining $250

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      There is no way you can get a monitor, speakers, keyboard and mouse for $250 unless you get abject garbage.

    • Thanks. I have a really good monitor and peripherals. I don't mind trying to build one. That price seems half decent to be fair.

  • Wait for the next Ozbargain Techfast 3070ti deal

    • Awesome I will do this.

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