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[Backorder] TCL 100P715 4K 100" Android TV - $6750 + Delivery ($0 to Select Metro) @ Appliance Central


Out of stock but can be ordered in within 5-7 business days.

One of only a couple of 100" LED TV's you can buy in Australia at the moment (Hisense 100S8 is the other that comes to mind)

$7995 at JB HiFi, The Good Guys, Betta


• Size 100‘’
• Ultra High Definition Yes
• Max Resolution 3840 x 2160 (4K)
• HDR 10+
• Dolby Vision
• Local Dimming
• Viewing Angle 178°/178°
• Contrast Ratio 3000:1
• Clear Motion Rate 400
• Max Brightness 550 Nits

3 year warranty

Does NOT have HDMI 2.1

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  • How would you even get this into the house?

    • Easy, just pop off the roof!

      • +2

        that's nearly a Santa job

  • +2

    LOL @ $452 delivery cost to metro WA

    • What do you think would be an appropriate courier cost for a tv that is over 100KG, 100inches diagonally (more when packaged) and coming from the east coast?

      Or just price match in store at JB HiFi, The Good Guys and Betta

      • +3

        About $289 last time I had to ship a half-cut (half a car) using the 'Fragile' transport option of Hunter Express. That was only a few months ago.
        That was QLD to WA; even though it was 400+Kg they charge based on ground clearance which was a 48x48 pallet, which is about the same 100" diagoinally.

        Their website has a neat calculator if you're curious in the future :)

        • +1

          I must say, that sounds pretty cheap for 400KG and for a like-for-like service being express. Impressive.

  • +3

    Check with a tape what 254cm diagonal (227 horizontal) looks like in your room. It's insane. But cool.

    Also, if you're doing pick-up bring a friend, it's 100kg (plus packaging).

  • Any reliable reviews of this? Also, how is TCL as a brand?

    • From my experience they don't answer emails phone calls etc and if they do all they say it's that they need more information.

      • +1

        ive got the 85P8m 85 inch tcl.
        the display is awesome.

        android tv is a bit slow on mine and sometimes needs a reboot.
        theres a whirlpool thread with constant firmware updates being released for these devices.

        ive gone to support and they generally reply via email after a couple of days.

        overall im happy with the tv

    • My 65 inch had been working with no problem for 5+years.

  • -2

    Thanks OP, bought 10

  • Friends don't let friends spend over $1500 on a TCL TV.

    It's not even 8k!

    • +2

      i will definitely let my friend buy a 100 inch TV, regardless brand.

  • +2

    I used to sell Home Theatres in another life.
    SHARP used to make a 90+" TV about 10 years ago in 1080p; it was surprisingly OK.
    THX recommends that 95-100" 16:9 be viewed at 3.5m away, slightly over 11ft.
    Since most lounge rooms are on average 3-5m wide; 100" projector screen (which was our bread and butter sales item) was the most commonly bought, and looked great.

    Don't confuse TV 'clarity' with PC 'clarity', there's a lot of very fine text and non-moving elements that basically exist for less than 5% of TV viewing, but are 95% of PC use.

  • I once had a rear projection TV. It was 110kg but only 57" I believe. Was just about possible to manoeuvre with 2 people, but worked best with 4. Mum hated it for how big and ugly it was. The speakers in it were actually decent though given the size.

  • Just buy a projector….

    • Except…

      You need a screen.
      And a mount.
      And long cables.
      You have to put up with the fan noise.
      And the final blow, it'll look washed out unless the room is completely dark, unlike the led tv.

      • You get all this and still cheaper than this tv lol. Much cheaper.

        Fan noise? Nah, not that bad

      • +1

        The only exception is the ultra short throw laser projectors.

        They make a nice 100" screen in a quite well lit room, and due to their insane brightness are usually fine on a regular wall.

        Still prefer the TV; but those new 'below the screen' lasers have really changed the game.

  • +6

    I recently bought this tv from jb hifi when they had 20% off tv deals a few months back. Paid around $4900.00 delivered. Took 5 weeks to deliver as they always ordered the big TV's direct.

    not just the tv but the packaging too, 197kg including the box. With the transport carton it comes in you will not fit it into a standard hight car garage. This is exceptionally hard to move around.

    I have mine wall mounted and I would 100% not do it again. The tv is 100 kg and is intimidating hanging on the wall (even if you had it on its legs) as the fear of it comming off and hurting a small child is real.

    I have a bracket that meets the requirements and solid fixings and I am a carpenter by trade and I still worry.

    For comparison my 75" tv was about 30kg

    Im Free to answer any questions.

    • +1

      Given that you can afford a 100" TV, how do you rate your job as a carpenter? You did offer to ask any questions, right?

      A more serious question is, how is local dimming? Much halo around bright objects in dark background?

      • +2

        A gave up carpentry about 2 years ago. 10 years in and I finally chucked in the towel and I couldn't be happier, I now work in disability support and I highly rate it.

        I think the tv is great for the price I paid and is a much nicer picture than the 75" Hisense it replaced. The dimming zones are large so this is noticeable in very dark rooms, and the panel is so large you can see some distortion of the black on the opposite end of the tv if you are looking at it from the side.

        • thank you for your reply. I have no idea what 'disability support' constitutes of. The key thing is you are happy, and I would give up a lot of things, money included, for it.

          The poor dimming is what I suspected. But all things considered, it seems ok. Enjoy your giant TV!

    • +1

      B122345 did you also look at the Hisense 100S8?

      I trust the Hisense brand a little more, but the reviews I have seen seem to favour the TCL.

      • I would of preferred the hisense if I could of got that for the same price, just for the better aesthetics of the tv and I have had hisense TV's in the past with no issue.

        I actually seen both tvs side by side in cannigton (w.a) for comparison and thought about cancelling my order just because of how much better the hisense picture quality looked.
        I had to remind myself there is alot of difference between picture mode settings and inputs that would have a big impact when comparing.

        Glad I didn't as the picture looks great and with my apple tv 4k it looks just as good as the hisense did.

        Both have comparable specs. But be mindful they are both still low end model TV's just with massive panels.

        • Good point - they are more mid-range I would argue - back lit not edge lit, higher motion processing than lower models.

          Certainly at least the Hisense 100S8 has several features that aren't included in the 75" and below S8 models but are in the 85" and 100".

          Hisense I have dealt with before and I don't mind them either. But for $2000 difference in price the TCL is a no-brainer!

    • If you see the 20% offer come again - pretty please with sugar on top either post it or message me

      $4900 is a sweet deal.

      I have purchased a new TV stand that is 250cm wide in anticipation of getting one of these beasts. The stand makes my existing 75" look tiny.

    • I am curious, what was the ticket price before the 20% off?

      $4900 delivered implies a ticket price of around $6125

      I am assuming you were able to negotiate a better deal than 20% off the ticket price?

      • I can't recall the price before the 20% off promo, I can upload the invoice if some one let's me know how.

        I purchased from jb online, no negotiation.

        • I would love a copy of the invoice. Thanks B1

            • @B122345: Brilliant. Thank you B1. I asked JB Hifi last week and the best they would do was $7800.

              I'll wait for a sale, then suggest that look up that receipt if they dont come close.

              You got a sweet deal and glad to hear you are enjoying the TV

            • @B122345: B1 FYI

              I can't go into my local JB HiFi at the moment or even speak to them instore because of lockdown in NSW.

              I called the JB HiFi phone sales people and asked for the very best buy it now, guaranteed sale price they can give me on the TCL. They said $7750 delivered.

              I asked them to lookup your order.

              They said "Yeah, OK, so what?"

              They wouldnt match it and wouldn't even budge a $1 from their "best price" of $7750.

              I guess I will be hitting refresh on the Hisense 100s8 and TCL 100" pages each day hoping for a similar special as I am ready to buy immediately at the right price. You got a stonking deal!

              Thank you again for the invoice. It may still come in handy once lockdown ends.

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