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LG 27GP850-B 27" 165hz QHD UltraGear Gaming Monitor $559 + Delivery ($0 to Selected Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Just came across this deal on the JB Hi-Fi website. Seems like quite a good price for this monitor, never seen it come down this cheap.
Probably not as value for money as the Dell S2721DGF, however, this one is also well reviewed…
Currently sitting at around $679 at most other retailers.

Also worth noting the LG 32GP850-B 32" 165Hz QHD UltraGear Gaming Monitor for $679

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      GP850 is the newer model vs the older GL850

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    Great price for a new model. Glad I didn't buy when I was think of doing so last week. Cheers OP.

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    This may be purely bad luck on my end, but I've never had an LG product work longer than two years. Phone got a bootloop and two TVs had their backlight fail. Completely stopped buying from this brand…

    Does anyone have a LG product thats actually going on 5 years and still working?

    (not bagging LG, they could be great, might have just been me, asking out of curiosity)

    • I'm running the previous generation LG 27GL850 monitor since august 2019 and it's been great

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      We have two LG DVRs (LST-5402p), one which we got a few years later that has a recording on it from 2010, so we probably got the first one in 2008 maybe? Considering that they have mechanical HDDs in them and we use them every single day, it is AMAZING to me that they still work great.

      On the flip side, I owned an LG G4 which I had for approx 12 months before it died so hard I lost about 8 months of photos forever… I was in the US at the time and got a $500 payment from the class action though so, I've seen both sides of LG!

    • I have had 2x 21.5" LG IPS Panels for over 5 years and they are still working great. Also have this exact monitor and its fantastic too. Personally I go for LG monitors only since the build quality is usually far better than others I've had. A shame about your experiences.

    • Running 2x previous gen 27GL850B for 2 years now and both as good as new

    • I had an LG G5 with spotty GPS, but I've also had an LG V20 that's run fine for the last 4 years. My LG front loader also kicked the bucket after 7 years, but it was luckily covered under a full replacement extended warranty (not by LG). So I would say the QC can be spotty for certain LG products; especially first iterations, like their POLED displays for Pixels. However, for others it can be far above average. Which is typical of every electronics company now.

      I've had major issues with Samsung microwaves and their TVs (circa 2012) and have heard of issues with their washing machines also. Even Japanese companies like Sony have had inadequate cooling for their early PS4's and now the PS5 has GDDR6 running right on the edge of safe temps.

      Component and peripheral ODMs like Gigabyte are notorious for this since they typically rebrand products made and designed by other companies. See their exploding gold rated PSUs. Cost cutting is rampant everywhere now.

      The best advice I could give for someone looking for a quality product in today's climate is to look for reputable reviews. These can be hard to find, especially now in the age of first impression videos and the hot takes. But, in some respects, testing methodologies and accountability have improved dramatically.

      Once you have judged the individual products quality, then it might be time to consider whether the company actually designs these products in-house. What's their manufacturing expertise? For this monitor in particular, from the post above we can see that it is well reviewed and feature rich. How about LG? Unlike most monitor brands, they produce their own panels in-house and seem to oversee a good part of the monitors manufacturing. Since it's their expertise, it's safe to say this is a good product.

      But above all, if a certain product class can be repairable and modular, that would be my highest criteria for a quality, long life product. Especially products with consumable components like batteries. It displays the manufacturers respect for the customer and it will always be the defining feature that allows the greatest product longevity. That, and widely available parts.

    • Ive had a LG 27" 4K IPS(27UD29-W) since 2017 and still going strong.

    • I'm about to try and sell a 42" LG TV from 2013 on Gumtree.

      Working fine, just replaced it with a TV better suited to Netflix etc.

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    So should I get this or wait for S2721DGF? Any thoughts?

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      Not sure when the Dell deal will come back. Taking into consideration pretty much most of Aus is in lockdown maybe it's worth buying this instead of waiting for a Dell sale.
      Time is money ;)
      this might help ^^

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        Dell deal apparently back at the end of the month. Missed out on the last deal and they told me some time near end of september there will be another.

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        Haha yeah but I can wait for a better deal. Seems like the Dell is probably better value, will wait on that I reckon.

    • I think these two monitors are both lg nanoips panels? The differences will be from the things that aren't the panel, like the board driving it, chassis and finish.

      Eg. You may prefer external power brick over internal power brick, an OSD that isn't a giant pink monstrosity, etc.

      Man that LG OSD is ugly.

      • I think you're right. I have the Dell. I can't image the LG being much better.

        • LG has an sRGB clamp, the Dell's do not.

          I have a 34GN850, and so glad I got the model with an sRGB clamp for desktop work, and Youtube doesn't get weird skin colours.

    • If it makes any difference, the LG seems to have a much higher DCI-P3 colour gamut (95%) than the Dell (75%). In theory that'll delivery better quality HDR colours, and be more accurate to what the creators wanted. (Based on rtings comparison page.)

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    The 32 model looks nice and not bad at $679… until I saw Umart has the competitor Gigabyte M32Q at $599 now (and HWUnboxed seem to recommend it as a bit better)


    For comparisons:


    • Wouldn't use 32 for gaming - not clear enough

  • how is this one compared to the LG 27GP83B-B at $579 appeared in the previous deals tho? Thanks

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    Bought one from officeworks, price beat for $531.05

  • Very tempted on this, I've been loyal to Dell screens for more than a decade but really desperate for 144hz but need an SRGB clamp.
    Any dell owners jumped ship for this? Whats the experience been like?

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