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[NSW, VIC, QLD] 9 Pre Made Fresh Vegetarian Meals for $69 Delivered @ Cooked Up


9 Vegetarian Meals for $69 Free Shipping [NSW] [VIC] [QLD]

Normally $108.60 with delivery - now $69 with delivery

Just add to cart and on check out receive FREE Delivery.

Larger Range coming soon.

💯FRESH not FROZEN, That's Our Difference
💯 Locally Sourced Ingredients from 🇦🇺Australian Farmers

We are providing a larger variety now of tasty Vegetarian meals and more to come. Get your first 9 Bundle Box today for only $69 Delivered.

See all our meal deals on our Deals Page - https://www.cookedup.com.au/deals/

Just Microwave for 2 Minutes - No Meal Prep Required

Get Hooked Up With Cooked Up
🌎A World of Flavours
😋 Big On Taste Big On Results

Meal Prep Food Delivery Online Store Specialising in:
💪 Protein Muscle Meals
🎚 Weight Loss Meals
⚖ Balanced Meals
🍅 Vegetarian & Vegan Range
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🍹 Beverages Coming Soon ❗
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Our meals are all fresh, never frozen
From Wholesaling to Retail - With fresh produce from local farms we are giving back and supporting the farmers.

Use our Check Delivery Feature to try your postcode if we deliver to you.
*** Just Add the Deal to Cart and it will automatically remove the shipping fee ***

🚚Delivered by Refrigerated Transport in Chilled Packed Boxes.
So you get all your meals FRESH not FROZEN.
All packaged via the latest vacuum/gas technology packaging systems.

*** OUR GOAL ***
Our goal is to help provide Australian families with convenient, healthy, fresh options meals for the whole family.
With fresh produce from local farms, we are giving back and supporting the farmers.
Cooked Up thrives on hooking your taste buds up weekly with our meals, please note:7+ days shelf life or 12 weeks if you freeze the meals upon delivery.

At Cooked Up - we are bringing you Farm-fresh ingredients to your dinner table.
Get Hooked Up with Cooked Up
Big on Taste - big On Results

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  • +3

    I dislike hyperbole. Are these statements factual? "fresh produce from local farms we are giving back and supporting the farmers"; "Farm-fresh ingredients"

    Do you buy from local farms (i.e. close to Seven Hills NSW)? If so, how close are they?
    Or, do you buy from a wholesaler of produce somewhere in Sydney?
    Is any of that produce from interstate (i.e. not from NSW)?

    Maybe you are emphasising that the ingredients come from Australia / NSW? But, are all of the ingredients you use grown or produced in Australia / NSW?

    • +1

      We buy from a supplier in Homebush NSW who’s farms are in NSW

      • +1

        Thanks for clarifying. Again, I understand hyperbole.
        Do you know if that supplier only provides NSW produce, or does some of the produce that you buy come from interstate?

        • +1

          Hi there, 100% Australian Farms but we can confirm that approx 80% NSW and some from interstate farms.

          • +1

            @cookedupfreshmeals: Thanks. So not necessarily "local", and not necessarily "fresh" (if shipped from interstate to NSW).

            Also, when you state "…we are giving back and supporting the farmers…", is that a specific business goal / objective, or is it just a fact of life that the produce you use comes from farms?

            • -1

              @GG57: Do you have mental health issues? Consider therapy instead of trying to play detective on Ozbargain. This is why people find you difficult to be around.

    • This gets asked every single time these guys post

      • +2

        It is just hyperbole, as I've said a couple of times, but if they keep stating it I will keep challenging it. If they persist after it is brought to their attention, it just becomes an intentional lie.

  • Nice range of vege options. Biggest issue I have with these food services is the boring range of vege options they usually have.

    • -1

      I think the biggest issue with almost all meal / food delivery services is the food miles in getting it to your door.

      • I can understand your concern, but technology helps with to keep the food fresh.
        We actually have a cut-off at Tuesday 5pm for delivery to you that same week or Tuesday at the latest.
        All meals get prepared Wednesday and Cooked Thursday then picked up on Friday for delivery,

        🚚Delivered by Refrigerated Transport in Chilled Packed Boxes.
        So you get all your meals FRESH not FROZEN.
        All packaged via the latest vacuum/gas technology packaging systems.

        hope this puts your mind to ease as we strive to ensure you get them fresh just as we make them.

        • I'm not disputing that you do that, but that isn't related to food miles.
          As an example, asparagus will be picked 70km from Melbourne, shipped to Sydney, sold at the markets, shipped to your site, prepared and cooked at your site, and then those dishes shipped to NSW, Qld, or back to Vic.

      • +1

        You really seem to be attacking this service yet half of ozb is amazon deals which is all delivery based. Save 50c to get something sent halfway across the country to be delivered.

        • +1

          You forgot about the Amazon packaging issue as well.