Ferrex Electric Start Petrol Mower 224cc $399 @ ALDI Special Buys


Ferrex Petrol Mower 224cc @ALDI.

Available online for NSW.

21" (530mm) cutting width
20V 1.5Ah battery system for effortless key starts (battery and charger included)
Self-propelled to make the rest of the job easy
4 swing-back blades
Hard grass catcher and 7 height-adjustable positions
Weight: 48kg˚
No lawn is too tough for the stunning Ferrex® Ninja 4-in-1, 224cc, 4-stroke petrol lawn mower
Includes metal impact resistant nudge bar
With easy electric start (no more pull-starting), self-propelled rear wheel drive and large, wide, all-terrain ball bearing wheels, the Ninja is a breeze to manoeuvre around any yard
Featuring side discharge, mulch function, a large 65L hard catcher and 7-position height adjustment, there’s no mowing task the Ninja can’t tackle!

Direct link to purchase online (for NSW only). Can only be ordered starting Saturday 18th Sep

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    For sure Bunnings will follow Aldi and bring out something similar.

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    Any mowers about $100?

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      There you go . You may not like it.

    • I keep mine under control using a machete. No need for a mower.

      • +2

        The goat or the lawn?

    • A sheep 🐑

    • -1

      Go to your local mower shop, they will have some at that price

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    How much is it normally ?

    • +2

      My guess 399 lol

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      Why is the "normal price" the only factor in something classifying as a bargain? Does value for money not enter the equation at all?

      • +1

        Do you have this lawn mower? If you do, Maybe you can give the value for money?

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          In terms of being a 21" deck, self propelled, battery start, 224cc, etc I'd say the bang for buck is up there at $400. Don't think you'll find too many at this price point. Catch would probably have something similar but without the convenience of taking it back if you're not happy with it.

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        Why is the "normal price" the only factor in something classifying as a bargain?

        Who said it was 'only' factor?

        It is a combination of 'value' and 'savings'…. Both are needed for it to be a bargain…

  • 1.5ah doesn't sound like it would do more than a townhouse lawn!

    • "Electric Start Petrol Mower", "20V 1.5Ah battery system for effortless key starts"

    • +5

      Its a petrol mower. The 1.5ah refers to the battery system for the starter motor. LOL

      • +1

        My bad…saw the electric and 1.5ah and went no further…Mea Culpa

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          20 hail mary's.

  • +5

    rear wheel drive

    Will there be a 4WD version?

    • +1

      Yep, w/low range and front and rear diff lockers

      • Gotta get that front locker in there 😂

    • With black wheels and a snorkel…

  • +2

    Includes metal impact resistant nudge bar

    I guess this is useful in case someone else parks their lawn mower on your lawn…

  • OP it is not available yet (even online). It will be available on Sat 18 September.

  • I've got the older model, electric starts great. Mine doesn't have the push assist thing. Only downside is the plastic grass holder on back is two peices and soon as it gets too full or you hit something it pops open. I'm thinking about taping it all closed to be honest.

    • i used one of the those elastic strings that come with the show bags to keep it from popping.

    • Occy Strap??

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          You would have to pay yourself for the job to be completely safe.

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    yeah no..had aldi mower before, broke down, had to travel across town to get it fixed, they still charged me a small amount even under warranty and it broke down again a few weeks later. Never again

    Got a new victa from my local mower(lower price than bunnings if you ask nice) place, still going after 2 years and does mine and my sister 1/4 acre blocks with ease..

    The moral of the story get a proper mower pay the extra and live stress free!

    • do u mind sharing model n price for the victa one? Thanks

      • +3

        Its a corvette 300. from memory it was 25-50 bucks off bunnings price. i think I paid around 500 dollars for it.

        The guys set it up in front of me, put oil/petrol in it, run it made sure it worked before I got it.

        I'm happy got a mower that I didn't have to pull out of the box and setup, got home and started mowing!


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    I wish electric lawn mowers were more viable but I cannot in good conscious recommend them as they currently exist.

    I’ve recently tried the $700 electric Ryobi lawn mower and they are far too much (battery needs charging which drags your mow for too long and easily stalls on thick grass). A good petrol lawn mower can last you 10+ years, I just doubt that with these battery powered machines unfortunately.

    That said, perhaps if the buyer was too frail to pull start a petrol lawn mower then it may be the only choice given it’s ‘press a button to start’ convenience.

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      This is a petrol mower but with an electric starter.

    • I wish electric lawn mowers were more viable

      They're absolutely viable - the 82v Victa is excellent. Pick one up from your local Bunnings.

      I’ve recently tried the $700 electric Ryobi lawn mower

      Ryobi only make 18v and 36v gear - useless for lawn mowers.

    • You should take a look at the 40v Yardforce mower. Mitre 10 or HOME.
      At $399 that's really best value at the moment.
      You'll get at least 40min out of a single charge.

  • https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-18-...

    Anyone have the line trimmer before and if yes, is it any good for a small block of 600sqm?

  • Just wondering if the battery/charger dies after warranty and I cant find a replacement or its no longer sold then the whole mower is toast?

    • Its petrol

      • It's an electric start.

        • touché

  • I would hard pass, bought the electric Ferox 84V, after a month the brushless ESC died. Took it into the local mower service agent for ferox, After 2 weeks I was told to come collect mower no parts available in australia and wont be take back to Aldi for refund. Bould a Victor 82V hasnt missed a beat.

    • +1

      Love my Victa 82v.

      Victa even replaced my mower with a spare showroom one when my garden shed was broken into and the thieves just flogged the mower. One of their managers personally delivered it from Sydney to Canberra since he was coming down here for something else.

      Amazing customer service. Love their gear.

      • +2

        Coming from the opposite angle, I just bought this to replace the Victa 82v which just doesn't 'cut it', can only manage 1/4 of my yard before needing recharging and 2nd battery I bought for it conked itself. Very convenient to turn on but struggles with slightly wet longer grass. The Ferrex one mentioned here, started 1st time and I completed the remaining 3/4 of my yard today in a very short time thanks in part to the self propelling function. body on this model is fantastic, remains to be seen on the longevity of the engine of course but 5yr warranty may help with that and hopefully by then Battery tech will be better as the convenience is great.

  • Had one for couple if years. Battery start and self-propelled are great.
    But couldn't bear the noise. Its like a tractor. Damn heavy.
    Sold and went for Ego. No complains.

  • Hard pass on aldi tools from now on. I've been a big advocate for 5 years until my drill broke. Only way to get warranty is to call service centre. Been waiting for 5 months coming up now for replacement and still being told it'll be 4 more weeks. Bunni g's would have me in and out in less than it takes Dan to lock regional down again

  • I am using one from last year, same specs but a different colour.

    It has been reasonably powerful and easy to use. I cannot comment on the warranty claims or issues as I luckily have not had to deal with this yet.

    For the price and features, I was unable to find a similar priced alternative.

  • +1

    I hope Bunnings matches something as they have done a few times in past - if you see any good deals please post. Have a nice weekend guys :)

  • Specs on paper look good, however if someone has a average size yard to mow, I would just think a similar priced Victa would be a better option.
    Reason being:

    • self propel drive is great for large straight lawns, turning with self propel is annoying
    • self propel and battery system adds weight to the mower
    • parts and consumable items may be hard to find for it in 6-12 months
    • need to charge the battery for the electric key start regularly
    • heavy unit
  • +1

    Anyone else find cheaper deals, the delivery is $100 in NSW, it is dear.

  • -1

    Why no one likes the old fashioned plug in mowers? Never breaks down, simple, power aplenty, sure it's a bit annoying to pull a long power line along but it's just that, an annoyance. Ah, and cheap too. Probably not good for anything "farm" size and oversized places, but for your regular lawn, kicks ass. No fussing about with oil and fuel or dying batteries.

    • +1

      Normally plug in mowers have less torque than a petrol one so the cut isnt as good. Yes they are cheaper but that's probably the only thing going for them