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Logitech MX Anywhere 2s Wireless Mouse - Graphite $48 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


HN drops the price on Logitech MX Anywhere 2s mouse. Unlike MX Anywhere 3, this mouse's scroll wheel supports both vertical and horizontal scrolling.


Ergonomically designed, the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse is comfortable and easy to use at home, at work, or on the go. It has a fast and durable scroll wheel, letting you move through long spreadsheets, reports, emails, or webpages with ease.

Smart and Efficient
Specially made for Logitech Flow*, the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S Wireless Mouse lets you smoothly move your cursor across up to 3 computers for efficient transitioning between devices. It also lets you copy and paste text, images, and other files to or from another paired computer
Tracks on Various Surfaces
Aside from it being able to transition between various devices, the 2S wireless mouse is also equipped with a 4000-dpi Darkfield sensor, allowing it to be used on a range of surfaces, even on glass**. It also accommodates fast scrolling with its wheel.
Keeps You Connected
Letting you do demanding tasks effortlessly, the MX Anywhere 2S mouse has a wireless range of up to 10m, allowing you to place your connected devices inside a spacious area with ease. Thanks to this, you can choose a comfortable position as you work on your tasks
Ample Battery Life
The mouse’s battery life lasts up to 70 days^ and can be recharged in just 3 minutes to get a day’s worth of power. For added convenience, it can also connect to your device via either the included Logitech Unifying Receiver or through Bluetooth.

* Download of Logitech Options required. Charges may apply.
** 4mm minimum glass thickness.
^ Based on an 8-hour daily office use. Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions.

What's In The Box?

  • 1x Mouse
  • 1x Unifying Receiver
  • 1x Micro-USB Cable for Recharging
  • 1x User Documentation

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +2

    Wasn't this deal deleted about an hour ago?

  • +4

    Best wireless mouse under $100 and $50?

    • +10

      Agreed. Awesome little mouse. Fits much better in the hand than the MX Master which I found too big to hold. Much better for those with a claw grip.

    • Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is also under $100 and have better features than 2s

  • +3

    Been using one of these mice as a daily driver for a couple years…love it.

    Wouldn't mind trying the new version but not for the price they're asking.

    • +2

      New one looks worse in my opinion

      • +8

        My only complaint is no middle click on the scroll wheel but I've gotten around that by binding the button behind the scroll wheels as middle click.

        I think I read somewhere that the new version has a better scroll wheel.

        • +3

          I'm with the v1, and I think that button next to the scroll wheel is mapped to middle button by default

      • +2

        I map the horizontal scroll functions on my Anywhere 2S to previous/next tab.

        the new Anywhere 3 does not have a left/right scroll built into the wheel itself, it requires to hold the side button and scroll.

        not sure if it can be mapped to the same keyboard shortcuts to get the same functionality.

        so yeah, less buttons, kinda worse.

    • +1

      Been using one of these mice as a daily driver for a couple years

      WOW… who needs a chauffeur… or a Tesla, for that matter.

    • +2

      The V3 is still a good mouse and has usb-c charging. In general prefer the V2 as the body of the mouse seems more solid.
      When I started using V3, I couldn't work out the origin of an annoying noise - the V3 body is plastic on plastic and you can hear the movement of your hand over the back of the mouse as you shift grip - not a deal breaker but the V2 seems to be plastic over metal and is much quieter in that regard.

      • good to know…guess I won't be upgrading any time soon then.

  • +2

    Great mouse to bring for travel or meetings with laptop
    but a bit small to work as a desktop mouse

  • +4

    Ordered 2. The new one does not have tilt on the mouse wheel.

    • +1


    • +3

      It doesn't have a tilt wheel but it has a proper middle click. And you can horizontal scroll but clicking and scrolling at the same time

      • +1

        Just checking, proper middle click = the mouse wheel itself clicks, and not re-mapped that tiny button sitting behind the scroll wheel?

  • Great price, bought one
    Thanks op

  • +17

    Don't support Gerry!

  • +1

    Buy this instead of the MX Anywhere 3 if you really need the left/right scroll click using the scroll wheel. Only drawback is the Micro USB a charging. I bought 2 to serve me for the next 5 years

  • Have been using and loving the 2, picking one of these up. Shame about the usb-A connector but the 3 is more than double the price now.

  • +5

    Was going to +1, but then saw,

    @ Harvey Norman

    Edit: My wife and I have 2 of these, one each which were used for work. Awesome units, comfortable and just works always.

  • +5

    Mine's good although the micro usb charger connection broke on the first one after some years. Second one is fine but I'm being more careful.

    HN haters maybe can price match at Officeworks?


    • Is there stock anywhere?

      • Not at my local. Seems to be available to Click & Collect but I've never tried a price match using C&C before.

    • +1

      dammit ninja'd

  • For those that don't like 'Hardly Normal'
    Price match it at Officeworks…

    • Officeworks removed the product

      This product cannot currently be purchased online, but here is something similar!

      • +2
        • Cheers but nothing much in Brisbane

        • maybe just Sydney

      • +1

        I’ve noticed Officeworks go to great lengths to watch competitor pricing and either make it 1c under (then no price match) or no stock. Saves them losing 5%. They even have competitors flyers up at their shops comparing to their own prices.

  • +2

    Probably cheap because they can afford to with free money at taxpayers expense. lol

  • will this make me better at league of legends

    • +1

      Probably not.

  • +1

    Thanks. Good deal.

  • Thanks. Bought it

  • I also like this mouse. Enjoy the easy switching between three device, and the very slim nano receiver for those who need the stability.

  • Can this mouse change DPI on the fly?

    • +1

      Pretty sure that's a "no" - at least I can't find the option anywhere.

      • +1

        Thanks for that, it's what I thought too reading around but wasn't 100% sure; want a wireless mouse for on the run photo editing this would be great if I could change DPI on the fly.

  • Any deals on Master 3?

    • $120 at Kogan using the Kogan app is the best I can find currently.

  • Anyone know if cashrewards or shopback works with HN?

  • How is this for gaming?

    • +1

      IIRC the MX Anywhere 2s has a lot more latency than a regular gaming mouse, so not too great. Additionally I believe the polling rate is average. Otherwise, it's a great travel mouse. For gaming I would recommend either the Logitech G305, Razer Orochi V2 or the Razer Viper Mini.

    • not for competitive gaming but it works just fine for games that don't require lots of speed. used it for RPG, Third person shooters even was just as good as my G305 which is legit gaming mouse

    • +1

      I used mx master 1 for gaming for the longest time and I can say the switch to a gaming mouse (I got the logitech g903) was night and day difference - for FPS. For non FPS games, it'll probably do fine

  • +1

    Ordered 2

    • same here. can't justify the $100 for the anywhere 3

  • Any feedback on how this is as an exclusive Bluetooth mouse? I don't have any USB A ports on my laptop.

    • +1

      I’m using the above mouse on MBP M1 via Bluetooth. No issues so far.

    • +2

      with Logitech Options software installed you get the full suite of customisable functions on the mouse via bluetooth. been using it on 3 different machines, windows MacOS and linux that way for 5-7 years now? for a long time.

      its fine.

    • +2

      I run one 2S on my desktop using the nano receiver, and a second 2S on my work laptop using the inbuilt bluetooth, and I cant tell the difference.

  • After watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-MjkaqDHgs, I think I'll wait for the 3.

    • I arrived on the opposite decision lol, I need those side wheel clicks.

      • yeah completely uninterested in the 3 without the left/right wheel clicks.

        • U still can. Just hold the Fwd did button while U left/right wheel clicks.

          • @pork chop: I map them to keyboard shortcuts for tab switching. do you know if it allows you to map keyboard shortcuts to that function like the 2S does?

  • +1

    What’s the benefit of this mouse over cheaper Logitech wireless mice?

    • +1

      Switch between multiple devices without having to repair every time

    • The microswitches/buttons in mine have lasted much longer than the cheaper logitechs.

  • Tried to order one but says it's out of stock for all the HN stores within 30km of my place… really ?? Why can't they just move stock around for ppl to pick up at their nearest store ??

    • +1

      Because most HN stores are franchises.

  • Thanks, got one. The wife has been asking about a cordless mouse for her laptop.

  • +1

    Great mouse.
    It's small… If you don't have small hands it might be too small for you, FYI. Check the dimensions of it if unsure.

    Mine started making random clicks occasionally after 2 years of use though… Disappointing.
    I ended up upgrading to the MX Master 2S.

    • Thanks for the commented, I'm little and compared it to my current mouse.

      Product Height (cm) 6.16 > width
      Product Width (cm) 10.03 > length
      Product Depth (cm) 3.44 > height

      My current OW mouse is 3.5cm high, 6.5 wide.

  • Shipping cost for me was $7.95, then when I checked out it changed to $9.95

  • +1

    Just purchased one, found an easy guide for customising buttons on Ubuntu, for those interested.

  • Hoping for another Good Guys deal on the MX Master 3 for around $100.

  • -3

    Even if it is free I wouldn't buy it from Harveys

  • wtf… delivery just jumped from $9.95 to $14.95

    • When you add 2, delivery charges are doubled. Typical Gerry.

      • Yeah, what BS! Hitchhikers always ride for free…

    • +2

      Head to Domayne….delivery $7.95. I ordered one, hopefully its good for both pc and mac

      • +1

        Damn. I was too slow. Just ran out at Domayne.

        $14.95 delivery with HN is crazy.

        • It's per item too! I added two to spread the cost of shipping it became $30.

        • they jacked up the price of the delivery. It was only $7.95 yesterday morning.

  • +1

    I paid this price in 2017 or 2018 from memory, but even now it's still a great mouse at that price.

  • Awesome mouse, daily driver, battery lasts for ages between charges

  • +3

    Zero chances to click and collect in the entire Melbourne metro. $15 delivery is a ripoff

  • FYI its a right handed mouse. I don't think they make a left handed version.

    • Isn't that a software configurable thing? Or do you mean how the ergonomics/button placements are done?

      • +1

        the back and forward buttons are on the LHS

  • Always used cheap mouses, not sure why should I spend more actually. But after finding all these votes decided to try it!
    Hopefully its worth it

  • Great price. The following is my feedback on the mouse and it'll obviously differ from person to person.

    I've been using this mouse for 2 years (previous was first gen mx masters) but I'm looking to get a bigger one. My hands are fairly big so it's not a good daily driver for me and I've developed tendinitis in my wrist due to the size and grip. The rubber pads on the right hand size of the mouse starting to come apart since it's only held by glue.

    Features I love is the quick device swap button since I use this mouse for my work laptop, personal desktop and wife's laptop all via bluetooth. No problems with connection dropout or misclicks.

  • Price match somewhere else?

  • +2

    Bought two from Officeworks who have it on sale for $48 each.

    Free click and collect.

    Stoked I didn't have to pay Gerry.

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