Miele 11423660 Triflex HX1 Pro Infinity Grey Pearl Vacuum Cleaner $859 + Delivery ($0 Select Areas/ NSW C&C) @ Powerland eBay


best price that i have seen so far for this vacuum cleaner. ebay plus members get an additional 5% which works out to $816.
The Spiel: Cordless flexibility backed by Miele's renowned vacuuming power, the 3-in-1 Miele Triflex HX1 Pro Infinity Grey Pearl 11423660 is their first ever handstick vacuum to make cleaning fast and efficient. Light and easy to manoeuvre, vacuum in Comfort mode for deep carpet and floor cleaning,

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    Let me ask before anyone else, how does this compare to Dyson models?
    Honestly, I'm not familiar with both brands, so just want to get an idea.

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      Tineco seems very highly rated on the "Mums who clean" page, Dyson's dont get a good rep specially in terms of longevity. Miele also highly rated but for the plug in version - havent seen this stick one ever.

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      I've had some experience with Dyson VCs (DC29, V8); I have some minor issues with V8 (to get used to, I guess), they're good though. I haven't used this Miele.

      Having said all of that, I'd blindly go for Miele.

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        Biased opinion from an instore dyson rep here.

        Speaking personally, and in no way on behalf of Dyson, these are my thoughts.

        Aside from Dyson, I'd go for an LG over this personally. This is Miele's very first cord-free mainstream vacuum.

        Not sure about your thoughts but even with Miele engineering, I'd want to wait at least a version or two before investing.

        I'm not the sort of person who would want to pay $859 to be a guinea pig on the first version of something, I'd rather let the technology be proven and invest once there's proof that it works well over an extended time.

        In terms of differences to Dyson and LG, the miele has a 500ml bin, wheras LG has a 440ml but models at this pricepoint have a feature that effectively lets you fit up to 2x that amount, and Dyson's model at the similar price point is 760ml. I'd also point out that the brushbar on the miele is very thin, making it very very easy for hair to wrap around it compared to the thicker bars on LG and Dyson models.

        If you'd like a great review of them with lots of info I'd recommend Vacuum Wars' channel on youtube. He has standardised tests to compare them all

    • This would be going against the Dyson V11 or V12. I have a Dyson V6, V7 and Big Ball. All have treated me well for the past 10 years until the battery dies. Miele HX1 is the first version for type to come into the market with good reviews but time can only tell how good they really are in the long run.

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        You replace the whole vac when the battery gets old? You can order replacement from Dyson for about $70 and replace yourself

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      I've got the non-pro version, same vacuum, just a different head. Also have a Dyson v8 animal. And 5 cats to help me test them.

      The Miele is easier to push, you don't have to hold the trigger down all the time, it seems to pick up more stuff, the brush is easier to remove and clean, it's quieter, stands on it's own, you can configure it into a hand-vacuum and battery life is better. The Miele just wins in every single category except for the bin. It's really small and a PITA to empty compared to the Dyson. I have to use a screwdriver to get the cat hair to come out. It's also a little "plasticy" for the price.

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        Thanks for sharing, but I think v8 is also a lot cheaper now isn't it? Do you think they justify the price gap?

        • Too lazy to google prices but even if it were a few hundred $'s cheaper there's no way I'd choose the Dyson over the Miele unless it was purely aesthetic.

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      At this price, it is good. https://youtu.be/oPEWTKaboeU
      Depending on your usage a V11 or V12 or Outsize will be better, if you can find them for not much more. A V8 will be worse. And of course, this Miele doesn’t compete with the V15 on features or performance, but it’s significantly cheaper to make up for it.

  • I almost got the Meile non Pro version posted a few weeks ago. I think the Pro version is meant to come with 2 batteries but couldn't see it in the description.

    Too bad I just took the hit and purchased my Dreame T30 last night for $580.

    • Where’d you get it at that price? The T30 looks and sounds pretty good, seems to go up against the >$1k Dysons.

      • eBay plus 17% off which ended last night. It should come back again in a few weeks.

    • Yes the pro version comes with 2 batteries, led light on brush head and a HEPA filter.

    • wow, what a price for t30, where do you get it from?

      • It was with Gearbite + Ebay Plus 17% off which ended last night. I only found it 5 minutes before the offer ended so I didn’t have time to post in on Ozb

  • This version does come with two batteries and two chargers.

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    Go with the Bosch stick!

  • I was looking into Meile/LG/Dyson, which all in the 900-1K price range, and eventually go with XiaoMi G10 (which is same as Dreame T20 I believe) for $300 during ebay plus 17% off.

    Very happy with it, after using it for the past week, I don't see the point to get something more expensive. These Chinese brands (XiaoMi/Dreame) are more than enough for daliy use, you get less attachments, but how often that you are using those special head for vacuum and cleaning?

    If you think Battery going to be an issue, get a spare one for $130, which is 60% of LG/Samsung/Dyson/Meile, and the wall mount holder can charge both the spare battery and the vacuum unit at the same time.

    • Just be aware that the build quality on the xiaomi/dreames are a bit shonky and may require some tinkering. My T20 gave me a bunch of headaches which ultimately required disassembly and hot glue to get working again. I shared the video on another post.

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    I got the 1 batt version on amazon for $599 - It's brilliant. Nicer to use than the dyson one. It stand upright on it's own. It does a better job than my old full size dyson
    upright too. I thought batt operated was a bit of gimmick, it does my whole house. 15 min on high, 1 hr on low. Catcher is small, however we have a lot of vinyl flooring so we vac daily so its no biggie.

    • Yep 20 minutes run time doesn't sound like enough
      but cordless vacuuming is more than twice as fast than (profanity) doing the whole house stuffing around with the cord.