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Tempur Original Pillow Medium $131.60 (Was $329) Delivered @ David Jones


Hi Guys,

Long time OzBaraginer first post ever, please go easy on me.

I was in the market for a new pillow and found David Jones have Tempur pillows that are 60% off retail price. Last time I missed out when David Jones had these on sale at 50% off. It's the cheapest I've seen them so far.

Don't forget to use cash back 2% right now.


The TEMPUR Original pillow follows the natural curve of your neck, supporting your head neck & shoulders to help align the spine when sleeping on your back or side.
Also aiding the relief of discomfort in the head, neck & shoulders by conforming to the natural curvature of your body and allowing the muscles to fully relax.
- Made on Denmark
- Made with authentic TEMPUR material for outstanding comfort, support & pressure relief
- Available in both Medium & Large profiles
- Designed for sleepers who snore
- Hypoallergenic design, containing no commonly known allergens
- Easy to remove washable cover
- The only pillow certified by the US Space foundation
- 3-Year warranty
Specification: 61cm 31cm x 10/7cm


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David Jones
David Jones

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  • +6

    Wow these are expensive. I'm currently using the memory pillow from Sheridan. Is this worth the upgrade?

    • +6

      No idea. but the ozbargain pillow is the therapillow.

      • +9

        we need @tightarse to organise an ozb group buy…

        • +14

          Code should be THERARSEPILLOW

      • +1

        Is there a different name for it? I tried searching for past deals here and can't find them.

        • +4

          Suspect they mean "therapillo" without the w at the end, seems to be lots of past deals.

    • +4

      I bought my Tempur pillow 8 years ago (maybe more?). Either way, longer than you’d expect would be hygienic, lol. It has still kept its shape perfectly and moulds in just the right places. The only thing that shows any real wear and tear is the pillow case surrounding the actual memory foam. Even then it doesn’t affect the pillow’s efficacy at all.

      • +2

        Same same, but around 12 years now. Best pillow I've ever owned. Also the cover zips off and you can chuck it in the wash.
        It's one of my best ever purchases, even if I did pay full price.

        • +3

          Agreed. I think mine was $250 at the time and I thought it was the most indulgent thing, buying a pillow at that price. But I use it every day, it’s still perfectly shaped, suits my needs, and has so many more years left in it judging by how little it has changed/aged.

          • @Belts: +1

            I have the symphony and ombracio, both probably 7-8yrs old and are still great. I wash the protector weekly and use pillow cases over them too.

            I noticed the millennium pillow was also 60% off so just picked one up, thanks for the post OP.

            • @closed: I need a new pillow. Which would you recommend? :)

            • @closed: Looks like I missed out on the millennium, no longer 60% off.

              • @cykezero: I saw the same, but the after a few refresh it showed up as $139.60 again - ah DJ site.

                • @AaronRain: Ah I got the original. What is the difference?
                  I found that the link from this site works but searching or browsing the DJ site just shows the full price and cannot add to cart.

                  • @cykezero: From what I can tell the millennium is meant to be "better" but as it's pillow it's all down to personal taste.
                    Here is a review from bedroompedia:
                    "Conclusion: I have tried both Tempur Original and Tempur Millenium (see below), and I probably prefer Millennium. However, with a good conscience, I can still recommend a Tempur Original. I am mostly into the Millennium because I am restless and need extra head support. Just be sure that you get the right size. If you are a big man (or woman), with broad shoulders and a big head, then you must have a large one. Most others will do well with a medium, and if you are not that big, a small one is a right choice."

                    • @AaronRain: Thanks for that. My order got cancelled by DJ today. Bit annoyed

  • +9

    Can’t you just get the latex pillow for like $60.

  • +12

    What's Tempur got going for it? Purveyor of grossly overpriced gear as far as I can see.

    • Do you have a Tempur pillow?

      • +1

        He doesn't.
        We got one of these 9yrs ago, the best Pillow period.
        I tried many pillows ranging from $40-$250, but nothing beat Tempur, highly recommend it.

    • No more back issues for me. (Mattress and pillow) 6 years now

    • It's Swiss, so that means Luxury!

  • +2

    does it come in dbl boof?

  • am so tempted to just try it out but hell nah

  • +1

    I've got 2 of these from Myer, a few days back. It's 40% off when you get 2, I never use a Denton pillow b4, hope this one to be good. and don't 4get the 4% cashback.

    • +2

      Have you used them?

      • +1

        not delivered, 7 to 10 days wait, and oh not 4% it 2% cashback.

        • +21

          What an anticlimax. Was really hoping for a ‘worth every cent, changed my life’ OR ‘save your money and buy x pillow for $50’

      • No, I haven't used them before. I've been getting some neck problems from my current pillow so I thought I'll give it a shot after reading some reviews.

  • +1

    Are these the same ones that were $67.92 from this deal on amazon last year?- https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/517027

    • +3

      Amazon US has lot of immitation goods for Tempur pillows. I bought one from US and a lot more from Harvey Norman stores. After similar use, the Amazon item has gone crappy.

  • For those who don’t like hard pillows, the one below is a very good one.


    Got 2 when buying tempur mattress 6 months ago. They’re not too hard but still provide support to my neck. They are lower than other tempur pillows so may suit those who don’t like high pillows.

  • -1

    Latex > memory foams

    • +14

      Your preference > personal preference?

    • +1

      I like my Hungarian goose feather and down pillow.

      • I've got a Hungarian goose doona, it's so good in the middle of winter

        • I got onkaparinga . On special. Very expensive full price. About $250, I paid about half that. Very comfortable. They also make quilts with Hungarian goose down and feathers. Probably what you have?

    • +2

      Tempur pillows aren't memory foam. I believe it's some type of rubber.

      I have 2 therapillows and a Tempur and much prefer the latter. YMMV

      • They are viscoelastic memory foam but much denser than all the knock-offs.

        Roughly speaking heavier = better, and these weigh a tonne as you’d know.

  • +16

    This pillow is HARD.

    HARD to live without once you’re used to it.

  • +7

    I have a Tempur pillow. It isn't really comparable with anything else; their memory foam is quite different. This pillow works well for me, but may not be suitable for everyone. This pillow is good if you don't like to sink into a pillow and get warm. It is also much better for side sleepers. It is much harder than a normal pillow, which takes time to get used to. It moulds to the shape of your head, but it is not "springy" like normal foam or latex.

    • Does it heat up?

      • +1

        Not as much as a normal pillow, I think.

  • this or koala/ecosa pillows.. hmmm

    • +1

      Koala 120 day trial. I'd give them a go first.

      I've been happy with mine.

    • +1

      Koala has a 120 day trial, Ecosa has a 100 day trial.

      I have been using the Ecosa for a few months and I love it. It's handy for me as I'm 6'3" and generally a side sleeper so I need a big pillow. The Ecosa one comes with two pads that you can put in to boost the height.

      That said, many have complained that the Ecosa pillow lasts about 6 months (after the 100 days) then no longer holds it's structure, but I haven't noticed any collapse in structure yet.

      • where can I find these trials?

        • +1

          On the respective websites. You have to pay for the pillow but if you return it before the end of the trial then you get a full refund.

    • I wasted my money on the Ecosa pillows. Loved their mattress so gave them a try. They are huge compared to the Tempur. Far too big for me and even your average pillow case.

  • bought one

  • I bought some tempur pillows a few years ago, that rrp looks like BS to me.

    From memory I think price was $170.

  • +2

    Damn… just bought this from Domayne (Harvey Normal) for $175+delivery…a few days ago. Great pillow though have had one for 8yrs and it has only just lost it's support. It's an absolute bargain at $131.60 incl delivery well worth it. Beware though once you get used to one of these you end up having to take it with you wherever you go cause no other pillow gives the same type of neck support. 'Make it so' is right it is very different memory foam I'd say unique on the market way better than all the other copycats…

    • You are the man. Never heard of anyone using the same pillow for 8 years.

      We only kept ours for 2-3 years before replacing with TLC.

      • +7

        My girlfriend threw mine out after 10+ years of use. I thought it was still good. She said I reminded her of Homer Simpson when he wouldn't give up his week old sandwich!!

      • Which TLC pillow are you using?

        • Currently high firm (me) and firm (missus).

          I originally replaced the tempur with tlc contour but decided to go with high firm in the end as the contour was giving me a sore neck.

          • +2

            @spasto: Does the missus enjoy the firm?

            • @jackspratt: She didn’t like it originally but eventually came around.

      • I know right am as surprised as you are it lasted so long… testament to the quality of the product.

    • Have you got neck problems before you used this one?

    • ^^^ this

  • I bought this few years back during a closing sales..can not stand this shape. It is not comfortable at all. Put in storage, and never touch it again since.

  • +3

    Millenium pillow also 60% off

    • +1

      The Millennium pillow is the best pillow I've ever used.
      Kinda tempted to buy two

  • +2

    Damn man, I want to try this but am not eager to drop $100+ on it…

  • How much greater are these than any other brand

  • +11

    What's with these neurotic first posters? Go easy on you? This isn't fight club

    • +2

      Almost as bad as people who think they're being bullied or gaslighted just because someone disagrees with them in a single online conversation. 🙄

    • +1

      Yup, one of my pet hates too. We like you OP, after all you’re now a member of the OzB community, but if you come here expecting sympathy & complements, you’re on the wrong site

  • +2

    Not the same but wife has this one, she loves it. $99

    • I love that pillow and still using it. My wife on the other hand got the same pillow as op, included with the purchase of the mattress. She hated it and gave it away to a relative. She’s still haven’t found a pillow she likes and cycles through various brand/type for years.

      • I don't think it's the pillow. You should stop spending all your time on this site xD

  • Thanks Op. We currently use Tempur Sonata pillows and no other pillow beats it. Keen to try the origional.

  • +2

    We've tried our fair share of pillows and in our personal experience, Tempurs were the worst.

    Highly recommended considering the Ecosa Pillow… Especially since it comes with a 100 night free trial.

    Will keep it brief. 9 possible combinations from a single pillow. 3 different heights, a flat side, a high curve and a low curve.

    It's light, breathable and typically stays cool.

    It's medium firmness but supportive and doesn't sink.


    • how long have you had your ecosa?

      • I owned the ecosa pillow for almost 10 months now.
        The memory foam feels like it lost its memory after around 4 months and feels like it offers less support.
        I still use it though, i think its okay.

        but take my experience with a grain of salt, YMMV

    • +1

      We've tried our fair share of pillows

      There’s your problem, you should never share a pillow

    • We've owned a couple of ecosa
      Great value and comfortable that we take them everywhere we travel, but they all seem to go flat after 1-2 years.

      Giving this a shot

  • Good pillow, good price.

  • I found it to be good when new, but the foam became really hard and uncomfortable after about a year. I wasn't willing to keep buying them at this price when they have a short lifespan.

  • I bought a Spinaleze terrible pillow, have gone back to my old one.

  • +4

    This is a good deal but don't get this just because it's cheap, without trying out. This only perfect for some people.

    • +1

      Good advice. How do I try out one of these before committing? Thanks.

  • +1

    I have got a $10 hard foam contour pillow plus other expensive pillows (over $60, memory foam, latex, gel, duck down).
    I find that I use the cheap $10 pillow the most.

  • +1

    Have a tempur mattress and pillows, Will never buy them again. The mattress is junk, the pillows are ok but definitely not worth the price. If you like memory foam get a dunlopillo, or check out a latex pillow from someone like this: https://www.tlclatexpillows.com.au/

  • +3

    People really pay over 300 on pillows??

    I think Im in the TV series Sliders.. I've slid into a parallel universe thats all mixed up… So much doesnt make sense anymore

    • +2

      Haha now your showing your age! When I talk about Sliders no one knows what I'm talking about. I loved that show. Even the crappy finale

      • I found it on a torrent site again recently :)

        never saw the finale.. but will this time

  • got one, thanks OP

  • +1

    I literally have to pack my Tempur pillow when I travel, otherwise I can’t sleep/wake up with a sore neck.

    10/10 would recommend

  • Can anyone recommend a low pillow?

    • +1

      Yes, the floor works quite well

    • Can anyone tell me if the original pillow in medium would be low enough to allow me to front sleep comfortably?

  • Bought this and a millennium pillow when it was 50% off. Both pillows a bit too low imo..

    • Which do you prefer and reasons why?

      • +1

        I'm happy with my Sealy memory form pillow, the height is perfect for me and I like the shape better.
        I do recommend you trying difference brands at the store before purchasing if possible.

  • if you take the blue pill(ow)…

  • Long time OzBaraginer first post ever, please go easy on me.

    against the rules REEEEEEE

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