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Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch $349, Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch $249 Delivered @ Amazon AU


FOSSIL Gen 5 Smartwatches $349 across three colours and the Gen 5E $249 across two colours at Amazon.

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  • Gen 6 is round the corner and it might not actually be slow this time.

  • I had got my Gen 5 for 150 bucks last year via Fossil AU.

    • Doubt it was the Carlyle. I’ve been following since launch.

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        Yeah that deal was for the Garrett. Same guts I think but with a goofy fake diving bezel. I wouldn't pay $350 for either one. For $150 it does what I need it to do.

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          Absolutely agree with you! I've already ordered my Watch4 classic. Expecting that to be much better.

  • Just be a little wary.

    My wife's Skagen 2's back of the watch fell off and had to be replaced. She'd only had it a few months. (Same factory)

    My Carlyle 5 stopped charging unless I spun it around on the charger a few times, stood on my head and recited Advance Australia Fair 2.5 times.

    The battery went from barely lasting a day to only lasting 4 hours within a year. Yes, even after reset no apps on it.

    They're just not good value for money quality wise in my opinion.

    Luckily JB allowed me to swap mine with a Galaxy Watch 3. I'm afraid I'll never buy Fossil again…..