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HIFIMAN HE4XX US$174 (~A$236) Delivered @ Drop


After the fantastic Sennies HD6XX our resident audiophile advisor jasswolf posted last week, Drop just dropped the price on the Hifiman HE400X this time around. Normally US$195 delivered.

I haven’t tried this particular model personally, but the similar HE400SE is pretty decent for a planar, even though the mid is not at Senn HD6XX level for roughly similar price. Amp is not strictly necessary (or maybe it is, but definitely not as hard to drive), did drive the HE400 using iPod previously, but will always benefit from clean DAC.

If you’re more into the HE400 Stealth Edition, it is currently selling for $219 from Amazon
Personally, I would save up for Sundaras, but for a first decent entry-level planars, 400SE or 4XX should be okay.

Don’t forget cashback and referral / new user discount!

Enjoy your day, take care peeps..

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    Have these, find the headband is very uncomfortable, even replaced the ear pads as I'd read that helps. Sound great (you need an amp to power them), but can't use for more than 2 hours.

    • I think you might find newer headband design like the HE400SE more comfy, albeit feeling a tad bit flimsy. When did you get this cans if you don’t mind me asking? I wonder if the clamping force gets a bit less bad as it ages..

      • Got them about a year ago. I don't think it's the clamping force that's the problem for me, I thinks it's the lack of padding on the band.

    • I have the original HE400i and find the headband very comfy. Seems like a different design though.

    • I’d like to attest to the opposite.

      They are the most comfy pair I have and I have many, many headphones. It’s a problem lol. But I have 6XX, 58x, x2hr, dt770, Aeon closed X, koss porta pro and GMR closed back, and some more that’s just too much to list here.

      Anyway it looks like it’s going to be uncomfortable but it is so comfy, I forget I am wearing them.

      Also fair heads up, these definitely need an amp and some EQ, with that, they are amazing! They can turn into bass cannons, and still sound natural if you’d like. (Nothing crazy on the amp side tho, ifi zen dac v2 on its own is more than enough IMO.

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    When researching about these headphones, I ended up with the Hifiman 400i 2020 edition instead.

    According to many forum posts, the headband from Drop is not as good.
    If you can find that version or the newer one with that sort of headband, it is so much better, and so much more comfortable, wearing it the whole day for work from home.

    or like what OP has mentioned, the SE version would be comfier.

  • I have these, and I love them. Why? I'm not sure, but music sounds great in them, and I love the feeling of being surrounded.

    Things that suck about them? The pad leather or pleather or whatever it is just came unstuck on both sides. I hear it's common, but now I have to buy replacements, which will cost me about $80 for lamb-leather from… Dekoni? I've had them for a couple of years at least. I bought them during the first ever drop.

    Also, the headband really squashes your hair, so… if you have a hair style, once you wear these for a bit, you won't have one.

    I've never found comfort an issue, I wear them all day at work. Have listened on phone, plugged into Xbox One controller, into PC, etc. Pretty happy.

    I would buy them again for sure, but I have found the Sundaras of interest.

  • Does the Sundara ever go on special? I don't think I've seen it on a discount once over the last few years since its release.

    • Slight discount on Black Friday and then Cashrewards should bring it down to around $400-$420

      IMO if you want them just get them now rather than wait - they are such great headphones that punch way above their price point!

      • Thank you, but I'm not in a hurry, I have multiple headphones. So I'll wait and see. Where do they go on discount during Black Friday?

        • Amazon via Zip cashback, which also stacks with Shopback or Cash Rewards.

          There's no direct discount on these otherwise, from what I've seen.

  • +1

    Drop also have the HE-X4, their own variant of the HE-400i 2020/HE-400SE updated driver in the HE-4XX/HE-400i skin.

    It's very similar to the HE-400SE, but better cable, worse comfort. I'd be looking at either the 400SE or the X4, as this model doesn't really hold its own against these.

    I suspect the use of the Stealth Magnet array in the HE-400SE - the array used in the Susvara - is part of Drop's R&D to mass produce it and put it into every tier of their lineup.

    Will be interesting to see if they update the Sundara or something supplants it in 12-18 months.

    • Ah yes the dreaded stiff cable. I wonder if they’d fix / swap it anytime soon now..

    • is part of Drop's R&D 

      Sorry, that should of course be HIFIMAN!

  • If your reason for buying these is to try a planar magnetic and/or you are unsure about dropping the $500+ bucks on a set of Sundara's, save yourself the overseas purchase hassles and go for the superior HE400Se Stealth Magnet ($259 local/$219 Amazon) . Bang for buck they are incredible value, comparing very very close to my HE560v4's.