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[PS4] Overcooked! 2 $10.52 (was $30.95) - PlayStation Store


If you don't have PS5 with PS+ this month then this is an awesome deal.
Great way to pass time during lockdown or get a divorce, enjoy!

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  • Good deal, just waiting for a sale on the PC version

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    The All You Can Eat Edition free with PS+ also comes with the PS4 version also. Tremendous game - my partner and I are hooked.

    • yeh why would you bother with this? put it towards psn. psn pays for itself.

    • +3

      No, it is only PS5

    • also just PSA they're only updating The All You Can Eat Edition… not the first or second game if you bought them seperately.

    • +1

      Only ps5

  • +3

    Overcooked 2: $10

    Cost of destroying marriages, relationships, and friendships: priceless

  • +1

    My GF becomes an unrecognisable demon when we play this game. And me laughing at her anger, just makes her angrier. It's great.

    • Someone is going to be sleeping on couch by sounds

  • If I have "Overcooked: All You Can Eat", is there any reason to get this as well ?

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      Just checked, "Overcooked: All You Can Eat" has "Overcooked 2" inside. So there is no need to buy this.

      • +2

        But only on PS5?

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