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Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse Black $29.99 (Was $69.99) + Delivery ($0 Prime/$39 Spend) @ Anker Amazon AU



About this item:

Scientific ergonomic design encourages healthy neutral "handshake" wrist and arm positions for smoother movement and less overall strain.

800 / 1200 / 1600 DPI Resolution Optical Tracking Technology provides more sensitivity than standard optical mice for smooth and precise tracking on a wide range of surfaces.

Added next/previous buttons provide convenience when webpage browsing; the superior choice for internet surfers, gamers and people who work at length at the computer.

Enters power saving mode (power is cut off completely) after 8 minutes idle, press right or left button for it to wake.

Product dimensions: 12062.874.8 mm; product weight: 3.4 oz.

Package includes: 1 Anker Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse (2 AAA batteries not included), 1 2.4G USB receiver (in the bottom of the mouse), 1 instruction manual. 18-month hassle-free warranty.

I wish everyone a good day.

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  • +6

    got it cheaper during prime day. its good, less stress on the wrist, but too light when you accidentally hit it will fly across the desk

    • +1

      esp during meeting at work….that's why wired mouse is better. You can just pull it back.

  • +1

    Exact same mouse as the anko one, which is quite a bit cheaper

  • +3

    Seems identical to this $12 mouse from Kmart

    • +1

      Its the same.

      • +1

        And like the one from OW for $20.

        I'd only buy the one from Amazon if I needed it delivered quick for free.

        • Tried many only 2 work best one is called wowpenjoy and the one link below. DAREU better with bluetooth. Both can be bought for less than $20 on specials

        • amazon let you return it for free if you don't like it too

  • +2

    Rubbish deal you can get them cheaper at Kmart and officeworks

    • The ones from Kmart/Office works have abysmal battery life. I would hope these are better.

      • It’s the same mouse, you’re kidding yourself…

        • +2

          Looks different to me.

          The Kmart one (Anko) they clearly just copied the Anker design, but there are differences. Even the sensor is different.


          I'm surprised you haven't noticed these given that you said in another comment that you have used both.

    • -1

      M… it is not only price but also brand and quality considerations.
      Hard to justify your statement.

      • +4

        Not really, having used the Anker one and the Kmart one they look and feel the same.

  • +1

    I always use am ergonomic mouse like mx master with a wrist pad as I have a very weak wrist. Can anyone comment whether having a vertical ergonomic mouse is better? Thank you.

    • +1

      I use the Logitech MX Vertical which is heavier but well-built. Your arm does more of the heavy lifting.
      Not sure? Just get the Kmartworks one and try for yourself.

      Alternatively, try a trackball mouse.

      • I wouldn't spend $ on Logitech MX Vertical having $12-20 options around, unless you need a BT mouse.

        Logitech MX Vertical is overpriced with its merely alright feel and limited functionality.

      • +3

        Having used several vertical mouse including Evoluen, Anker and some generic AliExpress one which died after a month, none lasts more than 2 years even the expensive Evoluen, I am now using MX Vertical and recommend it. You get what you pay for, cheapies are too small and flimsy to me. The MX feels more natural and longer lasting. Rechargeable rather than using separate batteries. It’s not expensive if you have to use it everyday and don’t want to waste time with issues. I have been using it last 2 years so it works out to be 15 cents a day, small price for the sake of your wrist.

        • +1

          I used a Logitech MX for years and have been using a Logitech MX Vertical for about 6 months now. And I really don't like it. It doesn't feel great and hurts my wrist as much or more than the normal MX. I'm going to switch back for a few months and see how I go.

          But I know others do like them.

          My point is, YMMV.

    • +1

      I use an Evoluent vertical mouse because of a cervical spine injury (recommend to me by an OT). Having tried a bunch of the other brands mentioned above, the Evoluent one I have is infinitely better in it's comfort and the pressure it takes off my radial nerve.

      The differences are pretty minute at baseline but when you have an acute injury/flare up, the cost of a good one is worth it's weight in gold

  • +1

    I bought this in 2019 and it was my daily driver at work. Felt great, and was light, maybe too light.
    But over time, the problems kept coming:
    - Rubber coating peels off
    - USB receiver plastic housing broke meaning I was plugging 'naked' electronics into the USB port for quite a while. Anker sent me a replacement one, but at the time they didn't do international shipping from the US for such a small thing. So I paid ~$3 to get it shipped to my cousin who was flying down.
    - The scroll wheel became erratic, and it was almost impossible to take the mouse apart to inspect it. I blasted it with compressed air, but it did nothing.

    Was a fun 2 years, but it's now in the bin. So yeah, get what you paid for.

    • Reviews on their site imply the battery life is decent (which seems to be the problem with the Anker one) and the quality is okay.

      Then again, there are complaints that it's both too big and too small, so take it all with a grain of salt…

  • +2

    vertical ergonomic mouse is better

    1000% better.

    Suffered from Golfers' elbow (tendinitis) while using a mouse with a wrist pad. I changed to a vertical ergonomic mouse and the pain receded within days and was completely gone in a month.

    An eBay knockoff like this one is just as good as the brand name one. $14.89 (Left hand)


    Or this $15.99


  • +1

    Vertical mouse user for 5 years.

    Can't recommend this enough.

    Only drawbacks:
    - When using standing desk, it's bit funny to hold, just use something to support the wrist.
    - They don't last, tend to replace it once a year, but that's an easy replacement for something I use 8+hrs per day.

    About the get a split keyboard (numerical pad separate from QWERTY, allows the hand to be closer in as the numpad takes space.

    note: Microsoft MX is uncomfortable for larger hands. Bought it from a previous deal on OB, sitting in the drawer now.

    • How do people wear these off?

      I used the cheaper, OW one for over a year - 8+ hours a day in the office, then a couple of hours more at home, incl. playing games. It also spent much time in my overloaded backpack while I commuted.

      It's like new.

      • +1

        ones that I replaced, they stopped working or sync'ing, wheel stops responding.
        Maybe it's my luck haha

    • +4

      10+ year vertical mouse user here.

      It has kept my carpal tunnel at bay really well.

      I bought a $5 cheapie from China on ebay and it's been rock solid for 10+ years.

  • I need a Bluetooth version :(

  • Not sure if this is totally same as the Kmart anko. But looks all the same, even the white curve.
    I bought a Kmart anko. When opened the package, it was smelly. After 3 days, the left key started to get fault. Sometimes when I pressed it, I got double click. Went to Kmart, argued with shop manager and got replaced. The second one started same issue after 1 week. OK, I'm an electronics engineer and I have to fix it. Open the mouse, and replace the left key. Have worked well for about 3 months and the middle key started to have double click issue.

    I suggest you go for a Logi if you are unable to fix that issue. You pay what you get / you get what you paid.

  • I had the kmart one it was ok and comfortable but had this weird double clicky thing and would always phantom click when moving it around. I read that this is common with vertical mouses (I think it was a video by linus). I ended up buying an mx master which is great and reduces wrist pain but not completely. Im waiting for a Bluetooth vertical from spamazon to see if that's any better but honestly I might end up sticking with the mx master. /story

  • +1

    Many reviews state that there is a lag issue with this mouse. I bought about cheapie mouse from Amazon, I think called Mojo and it's so comfortable but has this lagging issue every 10 min.
    So bought the MX 570 to see if its reliable and now saw this ad.
    Anyone else faced this lag issue ?

    • My Mojo 156 stops every so often, maybe hourly. Seems it goes to sleep when not used for a while. I just right-click as soon as I return to my desk.

    • Lag issue mostly with Mac Bluetooth when used with Bluetooth kb and headset.
      Read Anker brand has compatibility issue with Mac.
      I went for logi mx vertical.
      BUT encounter lag issue when kb, mouse and headset are used at the same time on Mac. Not encountered on Windows.
      Resolved after I bought usbc adapter with enough usb2 ports, to connect all usb receiver on usb2. If one of the receiver was connected to usb3, I experienced lagging again.

      Anker rad

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