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Seiko Presage Negroni SRPE41J and Manhattan SRPE43J Models $389 Delivered @ StarBuy


For those who missed out on the Mojito Presage, Starbuy has listed two more Cocktail Time models at $389.
I have the red dialed Negroni version and it is stunning.

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  • watch yourself

    • No time for that…

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        You posted second

        • I'll have to hand you that…

          • @jv: careful, I am watching your every movement

            • @nadstar: I won't face up regardless…

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                @jv: It's ok, I'm getting the band back together. I'll send you the date of our first gig.

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                  @RavenMad: Thanks… I'll dial if I can make it…

                  • @jv: Hopefully there'll be no catch and we can link up.

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                      @RavenMad: That would be a crowning moment…

                      • @jv: Reminder that spring is upon us

                        • @nadstar: I'll have to lug out my summer clothes…

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                            @jv: i think we about done. I wrist my case.

                            • @nadstar: Now you're just winding me up…

                              • @jv: still going? only got few seconds of tolerance per day

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                                  @nadstar: Nice run going there, I'm all strapped in for the entertainment

        • This thread got pretty complicated.

          • @MS Paint: this is grounds for automatic disqualification

            • @nadstar: All this pun talk really grinds my gears

  • To go red or blue ? That is the question.

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      Just in time for Matrix 4 lol.

      • There’s a matrix 4 ?!

        • Yeah the trailer is up on YouTube.

    • +1

      I feel blue will run universal with most dresses/events, red will not be as easy to go ?

      • +1

        Some car enthusiasts would say red goes faster

        • Hammond would attest to that.

  • Red dial is definitely unique. That blue though is mint.

  • +1

    Less Manhattan and more Fruit Tingle.

  • Saw these earlier, very nice too, but still prefer the green facade with gold letters on the Mojito Presage.

  • +1

    The blue is looks fab.
    Question for those with mechanical Seikos - do you service your watches? If so, can you let me know how often and how much it costs?

    • +1

      The movement is the 4r35 which is the current basic Seiko movement. Most of watches that have movements aren't so old that there's much info on service issues. Generally a cautious person would get it serviced may be once in 5 years, obviously depending on use

    • +2

      No point servicing a 4R35. Use it until it breaks and replace the movement with an NH35 (same movement).

      • Cool thanks both. So basically use it and if it stops working, replace it with a new movement.
        Sorry to ask noob questions - I'm guessing it can be DIY'ed but watch repairers can replace the movement for you?

    • I have a SARB033 which i've had for around 6 years and haven't serviced it yet..

  • Does anyone have any recommendations on a strap replacement for the Negroni? I picked it up in a similar sale last year, and it’s a lovely watch but I don’t like how chunky the mechanical clasp on the strap is. I’d love just a simple glossy leather strap in a similar colour.

  • +1

    The choice is crystal clear

  • Does the face on the Negroni have the same machining as the blue as the photo on Starbuy looks rubbish.

    • Plenty of Youtube reviews with excellent closeups of the design elements. Go nuts.

  • +1

    Hmm.. Hardlex

    • For this price point. I kind of expect Sapphire glass.

      • 100%. hardlex on a presage is a joke

  • Personally not a fan of the numbers for the hour indicators, prefer the pointers.

  • If it wasn't for those ugly arabic numerals, and it had either a 12/6 roman numeral or simple indices I would be very tempted.

  • That red! Uniqueeee!

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