Casio Collection Unisex Digital Watch F-91W $23.21 (RRP $49) Delivered @ Nieboo UK via Amazon AU


Model number F91W-1
Item Shape rectangle
Dial window material type Acrylic
Display Type Digital
Clasp Buckle
Case material Resin
Case diameter 33 millimeters
Case Thickness 8 millimeters
Band Material Resin
Band length mens
Band width 18 millimeters
Band Color Black
Dial color Digital
Bezel material Resin
Bezel function Stationary
Calendar Day and date
Special features alarm-feature, Luminous
Movement Quartz

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  • +5

    Personally I prefer the f105w.
    They could be had for $10AUD in BIC Camera Japan when we could travel. Damn covid

    • +2

      spewin the one i bought in japan pre covid just broke, only 700 yen

      • me dad had the deal watch since forever — how only buys/uses that !

        well he had a silver or gold version too but the buckle sucked, maybe fake or bad fit idk

    • +1

      Personally I prefer the W213. Has more functions, much better illumination, better screen, better UI, and better water resistance.

      • +2

        But its Round?!

        • I prefer the Casio W-96H which has a square screen, round off corners and smooth edged buttons and larger figures for my middle aged eyes. It also comes in a variety of colour trims.

          • @trongy: Also it has full date-time, including the year.

    • +1

      I went with the AE-1200, or some dubbed it the Casio Royale instead, yes little bit more expensive, but bit better built, slightly bigger case and screen, got the orange illumination and that world map.

    • I'd get the Dw5600, no idea why those have gone from about $35 to $80+ in the last two years.
      Probably the nostalgia and retro appeal, and a lot of watch collectors adding to their collections

      • yeah they seem to have been sitting for over $100 since covid. bought one from kogan recently for $59. was worried it was a fake but when it arrived it seemed genuine enough. proper shriro warranty card. box was just slightly damaged.

        • wouldn't mind one, no idea why. Saw on amazon for $75
          I don't mind [The inverted black one with nato strap,$136)( The resin straps are pretty comfortable though. Not sure on skeleton versions, the bands may not wear so well (go yellow or smooth etc)?
          I got my GA2100 from Masters In Time (Netherlands) and is legit. Hard to pay that much for the original 5600.

          • +1

            @G-rig: Kogan had the NATO 5600 for $99 and of course I couldn't resist getting that as well.

            I'm thinking with the transparent band to keep it out of the sun as much as possible and keep it clean because apparently dirt can cause yellowing as well.

            Yeah masters are good for pricing. Planning on getting the metal casioaks from them as well

        • Seams like the G-5600E-1DR is the one to get, more expensive though. They look pretty similar but a few differences.

      • Yep I got the DW-5600E from this sale:

        It's now become my daily watch. The only thing I don't like about these casios is the american date format (M-D instead of D-M).

        • True, America.. fk yeah.

          It sounds like everyone should have one of those :). $85 now (but 6% cashback). Not quite worth that much , used to be under $35-40

          Could consider selling my GA2100 don't know if i really needed it, good it's analogue however the digital display is pretty small.

    • +1

      love the backlight on that watch

    • +21

      Lol… I'll save everyone a click, it's a knockoff

      • Is there a difference?

        • +1

          no casio branding on the dial, the case back or on the buckle.

          • -4

            @tdw: If branding is the only difference, I rather the one without branding for less than half the price.

            • +4

              @RickyJ: your choice but the build quality might not be the same as a genuine casio.

            • +4

              @RickyJ: Dont buy fake products. Not only are you fooling yourself, youre supporting organised crime. Fake goods are often reliant on human trafficking, slave labour and fund terrorists.

              • +3

                @Jenny Death: "and fund terrorists."

                Ironic, considering the F91W is known as a terrorist watch.

                • +1

                  @dtorr: Oh yeah, i wonder how many used fake f91w's lol

                • @dtorr: yes because it is cheap, reliable and accurate.

                  • @poohduck: Never miss a blast or a head shot you reckon?
                    Probably still looked at their phone to see if it was the correct Time.

                    • @G-rig: I don't think anyone could argue (with knowledge) the accuracy of these cheap casio watches. Cheap, reliable, accurate is a pretty good description. I have this watch, along with a few others; this one is very light and easy to read. I can glance at it while riding mtb; even with all the movement it is easy to read. And if I'm out late, it has a light, which beats lume any day.

                      • @poohduck: Yes, fair enough, just pay the extra $10 and get a legitimate one

                        • @G-rig: of course; might as well have casio research, development and experience 😊

                  • @poohduck: Actually because you can turn them into a detonator…

                    • @Jenny Death: I think you can use them to activate a detonator at a particular time; this is where reliability and accuracy (and price) is appreciated. I doubt we'd be able to buy them, for safety reasons, if they could detonate themselves. Imagine the lawsuits brought about by one handed folk! Just a normal watch, or clock, can be used this way too, although not as accurately.

        • I bought that model and have a real one.The build quality worse in general but the most obvious difference is lack of a back light. It just has a tiny bulb in the corner instead.

          • @Monkits: Thank you for your input. Your response is so far the only one I care for :)

      • The first Q and A on the Amazon link says this op listing is a fake too.

      • +1

        I bought one of these. Loses about 10 seconds per day and it's not waterproof but everything else works just fine. In fact to be fair it might have been waterproof but unfortunately it wasn't hot wash in a washing machine proof.

        • +1

          Never understood how a digital watch can lose time or be out so much. Sounds like junk, def get a genuine one at least if they are only $30 anyway

          • +2


            Never understood how a digital watch can lose time or be out so much.

            It's because of the physics of crystals.

            Crystals above 3MHz frequency are made a particular way, called "AT cut", which gives accurate timing, but consumes orders of magnitude more power than watch crystals.

            Watch crystals have a frequency ~100 times lower, for low power consumption (and hence reasonable battery life). To achieve the low frequency and not be ~100 times larger than a 3MHz crystal, they cut the crystal differently, they cut it like a tuning fork. And just like a tuning fork, this makes the frequency very susceptible to thermal expansion - the frequency changes with temperature. The temperature of a watch changes during the day, so the timing becomes inaccurate.

            In the last three or so years, a more accurate timing source has become available for such applications as watches, and they're called "mems oscillators". Power consumption and size are comparable to watch crystals, but the timing accuracy is 1-2 orders-of-magnitude better. Hopefully they will eventually find their way into watches.

            • @Russ: Cheers for the explanation. I assume that most quartz watches would hold time quite well unless they are extremely cheap quality (like the fakes mentioned here would be).

              A lot of expensive automatics don't even keep good time in comparison.

              With regards to the G-Shocks, I think the solar version would probably be worthwhile for power assist, and apparently you don't need to change the battery for at least 10y, maybe a fair bit more (was comparing the g 5600e 1dr vs dw-5600e-1dr)

        • Not fit for purpose.
          If I want to know the approximate time I'll look at the sky.

  • +1

    Love the Baby-G versions, pity aimed at females
    Lot of them shipped from Japan on ebay, hello kitty, pikachu ect.

    • +1

      can be unisex tho right? nobody cares nowadays if you rock some pink

  • +4

    Great watches, cheap and indestructible beyond their disposable price. And basically waterproof, I bought one to use in the shower (for when running late in the mornings) and at the beach (I often stay in the water for hours) and never had any issues.

    After a while I switched to an A158w with a metal strap. Partly for looks, and also comfort. But also because since the F91w I've bought 5 cheap casios and can't stop. They're too good. Also bought a calculator watch and a gold A500. Got an ae-1500 coming in the post right now. Help.

    • what colour ae-1500 did you choose?
      how much is it? any bargains

      • I got a Tan one from Amazon for $35. The others are nearly $50 (and I've seen this one at that price too)
        They are sent from USA though

    • you bought a watch to use in the shower? fascinated

      • +1

        I had this job where I could turn up anytime, but needed to phone into a meeting every morning. So I'd wake up, shower, and jump out just in time to call in.

        And it also helps when I'm heading out and wanna make sure I'm not gonna miss a bus or something

        If it's not clear, I'm often late to stuff

        • If it's not clear, I'm often late to stuff

          Oh man that made me crack up hard 🤣
          Thanks for the morning laugh 👍

        • i'm like that as well. i can have the most accurate watch in the world and i'd still find a way to be late.

      • +1

        i mean its more so you dont have to take it off, ever

        • Yep like a Fitbit

          • +1

            @G-rig: not trying to be facetious but don't you have to take them off to charge all the time?

            • @Jake D: I think they are the ones being facetious

            • @Jake D: Maybe once a week for half an hour, pretty good! Just not very bright in the sun but good overall.

    • yeah, they're addictive. I have a collection of casio watches 😝

  • +2

    You'll be surprised to know that Casio watches are some of the most counterfeited in the world.

    This is not really a deal due to the fact that this watch is usually $26 from Amazon AU directly without the long wait for shipping and questionable origin.

    • +3

      Hold the right button for a few seconds and if it says, "CASI0", congrats - you've got a genuine, bona fide electrified, five-star Casio.

      • +2

        i've read there are some fakes out there that have managed to incorporate this anti-counterfeiting measure as well so who knows..

        • i suppose when you're paying less than $30, it doesn't really matter?

      • I can't see why counterfeits couldn't be designed to replicate this behaviour as well.

        • +2

          Nah that level of sophistication can't be cracked

  • +2

    the terrorist's watch

    • +1

      It's more like everyone's watch.

    • So are Toyota pick-up's then?

    • oh wow somebody did their wikipedia research

    • Good point! So if terrorists search out reliability and great value, might they be here?

  • +2

    I love this watch but the resin strap (genuine) only lasts a year or two. You can get a NATO strap but it loses the casio aesthetic

  • +1

    any deals on the gold version with gold buttons? (for when i'm feeling fancy but not too fancy)

  • +3

    I member this as my first watch as a kid in like year 6. Had it for a solid 3 years bashing it around like any kid does. Used to cost $50 back in 96!

  • -2

    If I could go back in time to when I was 12 I still wouldn’t get one of these

  • +1

    It’s the most famous watch in the world as both Barack Obama and Osama Bin Laden owned them !

    • +2

      It truly is the terrorist watch, if both those guys wore them.

  • +1

    It’s very good watch, very light, great for travelling and the battery lasts for 7 years !

    • Please note: NO BOX or MANUAL is included

      Likely fake. Even high feedback sellers are often fake.

      • +2

        Get a real one at least, they look like a cheap pos as it is. Better off getting the G-Shock version

        I like G-Shocks and the Retro appeal, but you're better off having nothing than wasting $16

        • never understood the rationale of buying a fake of an already cheap casio. not that the fake is really, really cheap either.

          • @tdw: This is Ozbargain though

            • @G-rig: sure, but if you're paying just a few dollars less for something that's more inferior in quality, it's a waste of money.

              • +1

                @tdw: Not disagreeing, but never ceases to amaze that people would buy a knock off for $10 less or something. They are the cheapest Casios you can buy anyway

                • @G-rig: The knock off market for these stems from the 3rd wrold where even the cheaper casios are somewhat lucurious.

                  • @Jenny Death: At least the street vendors aren't ripping people off. F them, most quality is totally rubbish, better off getting quality homage watches from AliExpress these days.
                    May as well not kid ourselves, probably the same sweat shop setups

    • +3

      It’s fake bud. Note how in the detailed description it says Brand: Unbranded. This is how they get away with their total deception.

      Basically you should only ever buy these watches from a large reputable seller.

  • i just got my rolex and already used it, so i can't return it and buy this instead. this is so much cheaper and a better deal.

  • What a ugly looking watch. Imo

  • +4

    some comments are ridiculous. this watch is a classic.

  • this watch would be as good as my fitness watch in terms of usage…

    • It's very hard reading my Fitbit (charge 4) in direct sunlight, so hopefully better than that!
      Usually wear a proper watch as well

  • +1

    Highly recommended!

    I got the gold version from Amazon 3 yrs ago. Time is still accurate — off by a few seconds.

    It is really waterproof as it accidentally got soaked and washed in the washing machine (twice!) and it is still working fine.

    Also read this related article… Why Terrorists Love Casio's Iconic F-91W Watch

  • this or a Garmin fenix 6?