New Car Price Negotiation

Looking at buying a Corolla hybrid. Salesman tells me there’s no negotiation on price anymore as they are just putting in an order due to Covid. Kia told me the same thing. Can anyone confirm if this is likely to be true or not please? I will try another Toyota, just hoping to get some feedback from others


  • Ordered a rav4 a few months ago and found most dealerships wouldn't negotiate (in Melbourne). But managed to get 2k off the RRP.

    • How did you manage to do that?

      • Called around and visited a few dealerships. One was willing to negotiate.

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    Speak to the dealership manager, they’re the ones with the authority to change the price in your favour

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      Or tell you there is no stock for months and suggest you pay MORE to move up the list!

  • That was my experience with Toyota and Kia. I didn't buy ultimately but just sharing this seemed to be true as both brands are on crazy demand.

  • May be worth trying a car broker and see what they can do for you. Their bulk purchasing power sometimes helps you to get "fleet rates"

    • There is NO BULK stock anywhere

      Just months of waiting lists

      • bulk as in how many cars they purchase over the year(s) rather that all at once

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          Brokers aren’t going to be doing great business right now. They are unlikely get you a discount or get a car earlier than rocking up to a local dealer.

          Why would a dealer sell discounted to a broker if they can get John Citizen to pay full price?

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    How many times does this need to be discussed FFS?

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      As long as people don't search car threads, can't google etc and want others to do it all for them

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      Should just be pinned to the top of the Automotive section. That and how to negotiate and what to look out for in new car purchase

    • Next thread, from MS Paint, a How curb impulse questions. that keeps coming up :)

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      Everyone should just answer that they got 15% off, and to walk out if they won't negotiate. Then people will probably stop asking.

    • At least once more apparently

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      Time for a "Mega thread©®"???

    • I did check the forum b4 posting but obviously not well enough. Terribly sorry for the inconvenience for you…

      • All G my friend

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    Very little reason for them to move these days when there's a waiting list out the door. Some cars you can still deal on but they're not going to be interested in talking price until you're actually ready to sign so work out exactly what you want including accessories and make your offer that you're ready to sign and leave a deposit right now.

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    That's true.( there’s no negotiation )at the moment because of production shortage.
    Not the right time to purchase a new car.

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    Tell them you’ll give them 15% off or you’ll walk.

  • You walk into the stealership, drop your pants, bend over, grab your ankles and present yourself for the greasy end of the sales stick…

    Also InB4: "I GeT a MiNiMuM oF 25% oFF oR I WaLk…"

    Also also; use the search function.

    • What grade oil do you recommend for this transaction?

      • 5w40, because sex was designed in Europe, and they know how to do it best…

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    Get a quote from a new car broker, I got one from motorscout on a Mazda cx5 and it was about 2k cheaper than the dealer price.

    • Recently?

      • Roughly 2 months ago

    • May I ask which broker did you use?

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    OP You have be TOLD

    Why are you asking us?

    Are you going to say to the salesmen that the OB community called you Bluff?

    The salesmen will laugh you right out of the showroom my friend.

    It's hard enough to get a new car delivered within a few months let alone get a discount !

    Welcome to the "stock shortage" world of COVID-19

  • There is no money in selling the vehicle, per se, the profit lies in offering finance, servicing, etc.

    • And rebates, always rebates

  • Some dealers wouldn't budge
    Went through a car broker for $1500 off

    • Which car broker did you use? Would you mind sharing?

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    Covid has put payed to any negotiations on price.They literally sell all they can get.

  • Use a vehicle buying service is my advice. Saves the hassle of dealing with salespeople and the buyer service play one dealer off against another to get the best discount.

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