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Oztrail Haven Blockout Tent Blue & Grey- 10 Person Tent $349 (Club Price) @ Anaconda


Hey Ozzie bees. First post. Came across this, great price for the tent. Huge saving. Looks the real deal.

not available near me for click and collect so had to pay $40 shipping, even with this fee it is still a great price. Use code ‘BIRTHDAY10’ to knock a further $10 off


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    I bought this yesterday but it is too big for my backyard and camping is banned in my state right now. Sorry i can’t help. It is heavy and has a nice bag.

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    I've pulled the trigger, seems to be a bargain at around half the price of the Coleman 10p darkroom equivalent: https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/tents/family-t...

    I definitely recommend making sure you have a spot in your backyard big enough to practice with!

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      Actually .. The Coleman 10P Darkroom Lighted at $649 is a awesome price! Much better make than the Oztrail 10P in my opinion.
      I own the Coleman 10P Darkroom Lighted, and thought I got a bargain for $680 from Tentworld Ebay store during June Afterpay sales (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10589322/redir). This tent has been always has pretty much been $799, and I had been keeping an eye for deals for about a year.

      • Agreed - I've been on the market for a Coleman 6P Darkroom previously. Both are listed as "monster deals".

        Bang for buck I still went with an OzTrail (may use it once every 6 months for next 5 years). I'd have to get 10 years of usage out of the Coleman to come out roughly square.

        Although I only need a 2 room for family, the central third room is a win if it's raining (common area for games, random crap)

        • 10p is way bigger to carry and set up than the 6p but multi room is a definite bonus.

  • This is only a 150D poly. If you only go camping once in a Blue Moon and need to fit a couch with the beds go for it. Otherwise any seasoned camper would be better suited to a quality canvas tent ( yes it is more but I'm talking longevity). Not sure how this poly tent would hold up in a storm

    • It will be fine on a grass camp site at a family caravan park.

      I have a 1 person canvas swag for "roughing it" and the material is heavy. This 10p tent is heavy enough as it is without canvas!

      • Yes I agree, Blackwolf make a 8 Person tent in canvas and it is 30+kg!

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            @Mechz: Yes but when camping you need to carry food, water, clothes, shovel everything on you. The tent is so heavy and bulky you need 2 people to carry. Not suitable for hiking more carside camping

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            @Mechz: was it uphill both ways?

            • @bobloblawlawblog: In sand everything feels uphill. Then you have to hike dunes and it's a whole other level of pain.

        • I have the blackwolf and love it. Yes it heavy, but easy to set up. Can take a bearung in the weather. Only problem- the price

  • Promo code BIRTHDAY10 you have to be logged in VIP Anaconda.
    Forgot cashrewards 2.8% doh!!!

    • OMG - forgot cashrewards too! Sad panda.

      • I was scared that it would sell out when it hit Ozbargains front page.

      • Try 4% on a grand I missed recently. (Booking.com)

  • Those room dividers look atrocious…

    Not a massive fan of each room having its own door either, specifically with young kids…

    Id say the time it takes to set ours up and take it down is its biggest downfall, so something like this would be awesome.

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      Zip ties will prevent them from getting out the side doors.

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      Make sure the zips are at the top of the door. They can’t reach them then.

  • So is this the fastframe version? The video seems to say so but can't see it written anywhere in the product page

    • Under "overview", the YouTube clip has the text "Fast Frame Blockout Haven 10P Tent".

      I had the same issue, it's not a very clear description :) Looks to be instant-up in the middle, then an adult on either side to triple its width (2 person setup job)

    • Yes if you watch the video it says Fast Frame exclusive to Anaconda and the pictures show the fast frame.

    • Yep fast frame. Took me and the wife 10mins first try so can easily get it lower than that I’d say. Great design but the mechanism of that design means it’s heavy (28kg). Worth it in my opinion

  • Out of stock everywhere in WA. Unable to log in online, password reset not functioning…. Zzzzz

  • Thanks OP we're not seasoned campers but getting into it with friends and their fams.. With 5 of us this looks like a great way to get into it… To start we used 2 small 4 person tents from ALDI.. And kids have enjoyed the experience so far, so a good cost effective upgrade for us… Now to wait for lock down to end lol… 🙂

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      Just set it up in the yard

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        definitely… when i receive it i'll be doing what iShibby below described… good to see if there are any leaks etc too :)

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      Oztrail is considerably superior to spinifex (which is an anaconda home brand) - even their camping sales staff will steer you away. Also having block out in a tent is a godsend.

    • Cheers, grabbed both

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    I bought this on Friday, set it up in the garden yesterday and left it out in the rain to test for leaks. Really easy to put it up, took the wife and I 10 mins first try (not including guy ropes and Velcro straps)

    It’s our first family tent so wanted something to “ease” us in. Cracking value in my eyes, the blockout technology makes it near darkness inside, great for those early sunny mornings.

    Just fits in my garden nearly fence to house so I know I can dry it out if needed after a wet camping trip.

    Things to note is it’s 28kg so you wouldn’t want to be carrying it far. Also packed in its bag it’s 1.2m in length, not ideal for my suv where I had to pack it diagonally in the boot so it takes up a lot of space.

    The usual peg upgrades will be a must but other than that I really like it. Fits 2 single air beds in one end easy and our double height queen bed just fit in width ways so we can get out each side of the bed without climbing over each other.

    Checked it this morning and no leaks so that’s good. It was sunny this morning so lots of condensation on the inside of the fly layer. There’s a good gap between the fly and the tent though so no issues.

    Would recommend at that price!

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      Thank you so much for sharing that experience :)

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        It’s still up in the garden now, might sleep in it tonight 😁

  • My order got cancelled!
    auto notification just says the order can't be fulfilled.

    Purchase was made Monday 12PM.


    Fuming.. bought a bunch of other camp gear to go with it.

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      That would be so frustrating, annoying and irritating!! Especially when this was marked expired at 10:30PM! How many orders did they accept? How many have been cancelled!?!

      I bought mine at 11AM on Monday, and most recent email says it's been dispatched. Fingers crossed.

      • Damn… looks like I'm the only one here to get my order cancelled.

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      Happened to me too.

      Fortunately held off on buying any more gear before it was cancelled.
      Purchased 2:42 PM Monday. Cancelled yesterday.


      • Mine too :((

        • :(

          What time did you order?

          • @ssjmark: After 12 pm on Monday during lunch break :(

  • if anyone has buyers remorse or a change of mind, please hit me :)


    • And if two have change of mind , then let me know too. Thanks

      • Count me in too - looking for a 8p or 10p

    • Ok a similar tent has come on sale https://www.anacondastores.com/camping-hiking/tents/family-t... , not sure how it compares to oztrail but have a look.

      • It's not a quick up and it only has one dark room out of three so the two major features are different. But it is a tent so it's similar in that way.

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my tent delivered on Friday! So it actually arrived! It's pretty big and heavy. Haven't opened it/taken out of bag yet though.

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    Back in stock

    • Oos again!