Arlec Grid Connect Smart Globe 12W 1050lm RGB+CCT $29 for Pack of 3 ($9.67 Each) + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C) @ Bunnings


Note that this model is 12W and 1050 lumens instead of the single unit selling for $19.90 that has 9.5W (806 lumens).

  • 12W - 1050lm (max)
  • Bayonet cap base - B22 or Edison E27 available
  • Schedule timer: light on/off and app dimmable
  • Controllable via the Grid Connect app, Google assistant or Amazon Alexa
  • RGB (red, green, and blue) + CCT (controllable colour temp) 3000K - 6500K (other unit is 3000K - 5700K)

This Arlec Smart Globe allows the user to adjust the colour temperature, RGB and brightness according to their needs. This product is compatible with the Grid Connect smart home automation system, built to optimise your everyday living.

No further discount when using Powerpass card. Compatible with Smart Life.

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    isn't this the normal price?

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      It's always been this price…

      There is no saving here…

      • I think it could be a promo price for the new model.

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    Should have got these instead of the Harvey Norman 5 for $20 deal.

    • I have both. HN's 900lm cool white seems brighter than Arlec's 1050lm.

      • Which brand and model from HN? They sell several smart globes.

        • It's the one from this deal branded as Connect Smart.

  • Are these any good vs the others like ones you can get from AliExpress or the similar ones from Harvey Norman etc? Seems decent price for even a normal priced product?

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      Can't comment on these bulbs specifically but the Grid Connect stuff is solid - I brought their 4 pack of switches and they integrate well with Google Home. Can also set your own schedules in Grid Connect. I brought a Lenovo smart switch and it was painful to connect so I returned it

      I has the Kasa from TP link and it shat itself inside 1 year - I paid the extra and got the lifx and it's been solid

    • Many of the inexpensive brands from AliExpress are not built to last. The electronics sometimes fail long before a regular old incandescent globe would.

      It's not that much more expensive to buy one that's made by (or for) an Australian manufacturer/retailer (Brilliant, Arlec, Connect, Cygnett, Mirabella/Genio, Kogan/Smarterhome) and they seem to be built to a higher standard. And much easier to replace under warranty.

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    Is this smartthings compatible?

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      If smartthings can't connect to it directly, it can still control it by connecting it through the smart life app.

      • Nope, I think this is unlikely. The SmartThings integration doesn't support every device that's added to Tuya(SmartLife). A device manufacturer has to tell Tuya to connect to SmartThings for each device.

        In the Smart Life app, each device entry lists the integrations under "Third-party Control" and it'll pretty much always show Google Assistant and Alexa, often some Chinese products/services, and occasionally others like SmartThings. Which ones support which 3rd-party service depends on the manufacturer.

        All of the Genio devices have SmartThings integration (and their tech support suggests this is their intention going forward). Arlec (and Brilliant and similar) don't generally enable this. I have 5 Arlec "Grid Connect" devices (lights and plugs), and only one has SmartThings integration, which is their 15W floodlight. They can do it, but they choose not to - I'm guessing they have to pay megabucks to Tuya for each device, and if SmartThings isn't popular enough, it's not worth the cost. I suspect the floodlight was a trial, and they chose to not extend to their range.

        I used to prefer Genio for this reason. I still do, because they're good, but since moving to Home Assistant, I no longer have to care. I still mostly Genio, but I wait until they're half price at Woolies/Coles (and have an OzBargain alert for this).

  • These are something fancy that you would only enjoy for a week or so! Who would turn off a light by unlocking the phone and then clicking on app and turning off. Rather, just turn off the switch on the wall! The dimmer function is good, but, I would rather choose a dimmer switch for downlights.

    • You don’t have kids do you?😂

      Been using these smart lights and smart plugs for nearly a year now and still love it. I use it with the app’s schedule, routines or Alexa.

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      Smart speakers dude, I can just say "hey google turn off all the lights" and every light in the house turns off. Have fun turning off 15 switches like a (profanity) cave man.

      • Holy…In my 55 years I have yet to turn on (or off) all lights at once.

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    FYI these are not compatible with tuya convert.

    • Thanks for sharing