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Connect Smart 10W E27 or B22 Smart Bulbs $5 Each (Or 5 for $20) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Harvey Norman


These bulbs are wifi based and work with google or alexa. They're also adjustable in colour temperature



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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Good price. Wonder if it can be used with Tuya Smart Life app?

    • Seems they are Tuya compatible (and also firmware flashable for local integration with home assistant)

      • Yes, just found this youtube video. App looks like re-badged Smartlife.

      • I presume these are running the new TuYa firmware which you can't reflash OTA

        • how to check ?

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  • Is the 5 for $20 working for anyone? Not working for me.

    • the first time i tried it didn't work and reduced the quantity for me. But then i went back and updated the quantity and it somehow worked. Harvey's website works wonders /s

      • No matter what I do, 5 bulbs = $25. Wtf could I be doing wrong?

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          It gives you $5 discount when it calculates the total.

          • @djlee: Well…I kept clicking through and have now paid $58 for globes and delivery. No 5 for $20 discount was applied at any point…


            • @teach86: also not working for me.

              seems like the website is getting OzB'd too.

    • working fine. its not straight away changing to 20 but it will applies 5 disc at the bottom

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    Boycott Gerry…

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      well they are losing money selling them at this price

      • +15

        Are they? There's still a 14mil difference in what he owes back tax paying citizens. And, this loss will probably be written off on tax as well…

        • +5

          you're probably right. It's sad they were able to claim that in the first place

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        They'd also lose more money if nobody bought them (:

    • -4

      may I ask why? Did the boss do anything wrong?

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    duh no b22 at my local…..
    seriously, who invented different type of plugs? whats wrong making it one type only?
    and one house can have 2 different fitting.. how annyoing….

  • How are these compared to the colour ones on Amazon about 10$ ea?

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      My experience is that the cheap brands have decent white and yellow lighting but lack colour accuracy and brightness with the colour component. But if someone has bought those i'd love to hear feedback.

      I'd say these are useful in places where you'd never need colour for ambiance, but rather essential lighting.

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      The colour ones usually lower wattage (9W) and lower brightness (800 lumens).

  • Thanks OP, bought 10!

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    900 lumens is fairly dim.

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      That's why you get 5 of them

    • use them in lamps to complement your standard lighting, or position them with reflective sources to create soft lighting that's easy on the eyes at night

    • bright enough for me, very bright almost blinding if you set it to the max, maybe my rooms are small.

      • Same with my experience with this very same light

  • Thanks OP

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    Not smart to buy smart bulbs from HN

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    HN - Useless company

    No way Jose


    • How does the company selling the product make the product bad?

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    Can i buy these for this price just not through harvey norman?

  • I dont think you can go wrong with $5, but yeah these are cheapo LEDs with TUYA

    • What's good if you're happy to spend more?

      • How much more??

        If looking at top class, buy LIFX or Philips Hue

        If only looking at cheaper bulbs, may look at IKEA Zigbee ones? zigbee is quite a bit better than wifi.

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    bought 3 B22 and 2 E27 for 20 nice. oh with 5% giftcard, that's 19 pickup

    • nice u had some left over unfortunately below the minimum $50 for suncorp and dont want to have money left over here

      • maybe i had $20 leftover from last time, and now balance 0.

    • I tried 5 of each in same cart for a total of 10 and didn't get the discount.

      Tried 5 only of either B22 or E27 or combo of 3 and 2, like above and comes down to $20.

      • it does not work 10 15 20, only 5 at a time.
        you can split orders like 5 B22 for one, and 5 E27 for another order.

  • How do you get 5 for $20? I've added 5 to cart and price remains $25.

    • check the balance payable (final price) they give you $5 discount

      • Nope. I paid 50 for 10 bulbs last night in the hope that I could get the extra $10 refunded.

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    No to Gerry the crook

  • thanks i got 3 e27 and 2 b22

  • Do these work if covered by a lampshade? Think of a frosted plastic bowl with the opening stuck to the ceiling and the base towards the floor.

    • lumens wise they'd be fine but on the dimmer side. If you're actually using the frosted glass bowl on the ceiling you'd end up cooking the electronics from heat in the long run

  • Is that work with scheduling to on and off

    • yes

    • Yes

      • Thanks brought 5

  • Anyone know if these will work with the tp link kasa app?

    • +1

      just download an extra app, and maybe you can controller them all through google home

  • I bought 5 for $20 and paid using PayPal to minimise how much Gerry actually receives 😁😁😁

    • If you pay with PayPal he doesn't need to pay someone to work at the cash register, count the money, have a cash drawer, pay rent for the cash register space, collect the money, bank the money etc.

      You maximised the money he received.

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    Had these before. One main important feature that you will be missing is Power On Behavior that comes in Phillips Hue bulbs

    If you turn this off using the App / Google Home / Apple Home. You need to turn it back on with the app.
    If you do not have the phone around it gets a bit annoying.

    Where in Phillips Hue bulbs, you can turn the power off and then back to on, the bulb goes back to default profile.

    That being said for $5 it is a bargain and these are lot lighter than Hue bulbs.

    • I thought all smart bulbs turn back on when power is supplied again? (with the exception of power outage modes)

      But in saying that, it doesn't make much sense to use smart lighting if you don't have a convenient way to control it. Otherwise it just makes turning the lights on much slower.

      • These bulbs turn back on when you power cycle them at the switch, or if you lose power to the house and then power comes back.

        Agree that Philips Hue bulbs are better for controlling this, but also that its a premium price/feature set. Power cycling them at the wall is handy if kids/parents need to get the light on quickly.

        • why not just get mini nest on the room so controlling on off is always through voice… otherwise yes press twice on the switch will turn it on
          i dont get what @electroz meant… so with phillips if i turn off using voice, i can turn on with the switch (just one press)? but how?

          • -1


            i can turn on with the switch (just one press)? but how?

            You don't know how to use a light switch?

          • @ChiMot: Kids voices arent always detected, my parents arent used to using google, sometimes its just easier. Automation doesnt solve every problem in the world.

        • +1

          How are Philips Hue better for controlling this if both of them work when switching off/on?

      • I thought all smart bulbs turn back on when power is supplied again? (with the exception of power outage modes)

        How does the globe know the difference between you turning off the light switch and a power outage?

        • It doesn't. But i suppose i was working under the assumption that the lights are only ever electronically switched off as opposed to cut from power, through the power switch. Under these conditions they can stay off when power is supplied again.

    • uhh? I'm able to turn off and on the light bulbs using Google Home? It doesn't only work with the app.

  • Good deal, if only they sold the E14 version at this price..
    The one feature I like in the Connect Smart App is that it allows activation using geological location, eg, lights in the house turns on when I'm ~500m from home. Bought a $28 WiZ bulb and the WiZ App doesn't even offer this feature.

    • that's actually a really cool feature for the app to have. I thought ifttt was the only way to implement this. Do you get a lot of battery drain from your phone implementing this?

      • It is, especially when I return home late after an interstate visit. I have not noticed much battery drain from my phone (iPhone 11).

  • +9
    • +2

      Thanks, the offer is not tempting anymore.

    • +1

      Thanks for linking the article.

      Gerry Harvey - what a tosser!

  • +6

    Not giving myoney to Gerry.

  • Hope Bunnings will match it with their Arlec branded ones.

  • +1

    Got a "your order has been delayed" email this morning for the B22.

    Suspect the deal might have been OZbargained and there will be a refund email coming after they faff around for a while.

    • Same. Checked order tracking and it now lists it as on backorder.

    • Lucky bought last night and now got email delivery is coming.
      Do your house all have b22 fitting? I got mixed. So annoying

      • No I got mixed, as have different sockets indoors and outdoors - already running one outdoors & couple of the same brand RGBs in lamps.

        My local store didn't have any B22 for click and collect, so I paid for shipping as still a great price averaged across 5 units.

        Will be very annoyed if they ship a couple of E27 only and refund me on the B22 but not the shipping, as plenty of the E27 available for click & collect at my local store.

        • same same. plenty e27 at local none b22 so i paid delivery maybe i got it earlier than you, who knows….

  • Are these Tuya compatible? Just ordered 5 myself.

  • How do these compare with the Kogan Smarter Home globes?

  • +1

    Not giving Gerry any of my cash.

  • Why don't cheap smart bulbs work with Apple Homekit?

    • because apple is greedy, they want more moneeeeey! for the rich only!

    • apple will release airbulb soon~~! (or maybe applebulb???)

  • First time looking at all this smart home stuff but I do have google home setup with a smart speaker and a wall plug for turning on/off the xmas lights.

    So there is no hub or anything needed with these globes ? Just plug them in, connect to wifi and they will show up in google home ? I also bought the meross garage door opener, so I'm hoping to have it all in google home so I can create a macro? that opens the garage door and turns the lights on.

    Am I on the right track here ?

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