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Free 6 Inch Sub & 390ml Drink When You Create a New Subcard Account @ Subway


Thought this is worthy of its own post. Full credit goes to Bargainaholic for the find.

Update 21/09: Register and create a brand new Subcard account and you'll receive a free 6 inch sub and 390ml drink offer within 24 hours (was previously instant upon signing up)

Offer will become available within 24 hours of signing up to Subcard
Offer valid for 7 days from registration


Update - App isn't Required

Try these steps using the website as the app is very slow and glitchy at times.

  1. Register and sign up here
  2. Login on the next screen after setting your password
  3. Select the store you are ordering at
  4. Select the "Offers" tile
  5. Select "Open Offer" on the 'FREE Subway Six Inch sub & 390ml Coke' offer
  6. You can then either scan the QR code on that page at your selected store (make sure your screen brightness is turned up) or select "add to order". If you select "add to order" you then go back to the ordering menu section and add a 6 inch sub and 390ml drink for the discount to be applied.

For those wanting to use the app, try the above steps within the app. Just note the app can be slow and painful to use compared to using the website.

Note: When ordering online or via the app, at some stores the offer will come up with "offer not applied". If that is the case try a different store or use the QR code from the email containing the offer to scan in-store at the register.

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      What does franchisees being Indian or Chinese have to do with anything other than being hard working enough to pay for and run their own franchise?

      I sense you might be a racist a**hole…are my senses correct?

  • +1

    Ferntree gully vic was a NOGO…wouldn’t do it, tried to get me to pay, had it all made up, and told me to walk. Got a tiny lil sign when you go to pay and all.

  • Just created a new account and checked 4 stores in my area and all of them just say no offers. Expired?

    • yeah same. in my welcome email it says they'll be sending the free 6inch shortly. that was 45 mins ago. still waiting on mine

      • +1

        Tried it today in Sydney and worked, they don't tell you when your offer arrives, but it was less than an hour after email sign up before it spawned in the 'offers' section. Have always ordered on laptop browser and collected on site without issues.

  • Just placed another order today and everything went okay.

  • Still working for me. You just have to wait a bit for it to come through. Just put in random details for name/email/phone number. Been going 2-3 times a day have visited every subway within my 10km in melbourne.

    • Are you creating new accounts on the app or via computer?

      • +2

        Just in the app. I have 2x phones which both have dual app support via miui. This means I always have 4 accounts minimimum at a time that are ready to go. I always order as normal then ask to scan my subway card after ordering.

        • How do you setup dual app support?

          • @Triton: Need a phone with MIUI (china phones)

          • @Triton: There are few apps for Android phones like dual app, app cloner, parallel space etc ..you may try it.

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    Can confirm as others have said order as normal and scan your subway card after ordering. I tried to add online but it wouldn't work and was painfully slow to load. I'm confident if you ask upfront if you can use the voucher the store will say no. As usual the employee has a disappointing look on their face after the order comes to $0.00 and says a quick thank you bye.

    • +1

      Why are the employees disappointed? They don't work on commission.

  • Still working. Ordered online, just went in to pick it up. The app is shit, and getting the order in can take a few tries. Didn't require and payment details.

  • came through when i tried logging in on the website but i cant seem to add a drink, it's not under sides and there's no 'drinks' menu

    • Just order in store then scan the code after.

    • Try a different store.

  • Haven't been able to get the offer to come through since they changed it from instant :(

    • Did you use new email/phone number can be fake details or burner. It always comes through for me but can take up to 24 hours.

      • tried different everything, might check my ip address? do they check if emails bounce?

  • The gift that keeps on giving.

  • Has any one been to the same store twice without any issues? The manager said to me "you've been here before" yesterday.

    • +6

      I did two at my local with the same person. 1st order in person. 2nd order via the app with the code thing. She said are you crackers?😅 I put that as my last name.

      As for the manager recognising you. Say your a triplet and expect a visit from your other brother soon lol.

    • I been to the same store 6 times before i got caught then i lied

  • Is this still working?

    • +1

      Still working. I go at least 2x a day sometimes 3x. Starting to feel bad but not sick of subway yet.

      • Are you using disposable emails? if yes do you need to confirm the email address after sign up as well?

      • Wow that's commitment to the cause. Its been 48 hours for me and still no offer?

        • Havent had any problems but once or twice the offer doesn't come through. Usually takes about 12 hours or so.

    • Yes.

  • +3

    vouchers did not show up from last couple of sign up after 24hours even using very random info email name and phone no:

    • +1

      Yeah the voucher hasn't showed up on my last account either. Is this still working for everyone?

  • +1

    Nothing after 48hrs

  • I think the offer is finished.

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to be working for me either both with real/fake details. Oh well had a good run.

  • Haven't received my email, not showing up on the website or the app…

  • Offer is cooked fellas. Signed up for the forth time with random email and number and no offer in the app

    • +1

      Yeah can confirm, nothing for me as well :(
      Should get marked as expired.

      • +2

        most likely a stop-loss measure from Subway. They must have spies on here.

  • Still getting the email on signup saying "the Voucher on the way" but no follow-up voucher email (even when signing up using VPN)

  • No more vouchers?

  • Still working 🙂

    • +1

      ….say whaaaat! I gave up on this ages ago

    • +3

      Are you doing anything differently? Haven't received the follow-up mail with voucher

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