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Free 6 Inch Sub & 390ml Drink When You Create a New Subcard Account @ Subway


Thought this is worthy of its own post. Full credit goes to Bargainaholic for the find.

Update 21/09: Register and create a brand new Subcard account and you'll receive a free 6 inch sub and 390ml drink offer within 24 hours (was previously instant upon signing up)

Offer will become available within 24 hours of signing up to Subcard
Offer valid for 7 days from registration


Update - App isn't Required

Try these steps using the website as the app is very slow and glitchy at times.

  1. Register and sign up here
  2. Login on the next screen after setting your password
  3. Select the store you are ordering at
  4. Select the "Offers" tile
  5. Select "Open Offer" on the 'FREE Subway Six Inch sub & 390ml Coke' offer
  6. You can then either scan the QR code on that page at your selected store (make sure your screen brightness is turned up) or select "add to order". If you select "add to order" you then go back to the ordering menu section and add a 6 inch sub and 390ml drink for the discount to be applied.

For those wanting to use the app, try the above steps within the app. Just note the app can be slow and painful to use compared to using the website.

Note: When ordering online or via the app, at some stores the offer will come up with "offer not applied". If that is the case try a different store or use the QR code from the email containing the offer to scan in-store at the register.

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  • good!

  • Edit: got the email and it is now showing in the offers section of the app

    didn't work for me

    • select a store and click on offers. it worked for me.

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    I just registered.
    6 Inch Sub is showing $7.95 for me :(

    It shows the offer for me in the "Offers" section.
    If it is not showing, change to another restaurant


    :) :)

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      Make sure you select the subway branch correctly; otherwise, upon scanning the barcode in the restaurant, it won't be accepted and offer will burn.

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      Note that you can register several times with different emails (even same mobile number) and use this offer several times!

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    Thanks OP. What is everyone getting? I haven't been to subway in years.

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      I like chicken strips with mayo sauce and some other additions.
      Have had it several times recently.

    • +9

      Toasted meatball melt on Italian herbs and cheese with cheddar, red onion and s&p

      • +4

        Try adding capsicum and spinach

        • Spinach sounds good - not sure about capsicum. Maybe red capsicum would go with it…

      • +1

        What's s&p?

        • +1

          salt and pepper

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    Stuck on Not Applied for me

    • +1

      Same here ….:(

    • +20

      Maybe selected the wrong coke?

    • +6

      For someone who calls themselves freebiemaster you seem to be really struggling compared to everyone else

      • For someone who calls themselves Cute as Ducks you're being a bit critical there… Not everyone wants that big of a bill, you know ;}

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          You can be both cute as ducks and critical :)

          However, I guess you missed also this comment from OP where they jumped straight to negging this deal without reading the instructions properly, probably giving you some further context into why they were downvoted.

  • I guess signing in with an existing account does not offer anything? So it's best to use a new email address?

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    Just putting here as a quick recommendation not to get the chicken schnitzel unless you love bland, soggy crumb

    Good idea to post this separately :)

    Btw check out the hyperlinked comment above for further discussion/tips if your code isn't applying

    • save it for your book!

  • Got the offer but cannot redeem with the mobile app? Any idea how to do it?

  • Have tried a second store, still shows the voucher though 'Not Applied'. Added food first, then voucher.

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    Be careful which Subways you go to. My local Subway had these offers available when ordering with the app, but when I went to pick it up they wouldn't honour the deal because they said I hadn't paid for it despite the offer being redeemed in the app.

    (This was for a birthday offer at the time, but would be true for other offers too)

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      They must have very bad communication lines with corporate if they won't honour their own promo.

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        The manager of this Subway is pretty well known to be shady and stingy. At this point they wouldn't respond to me formally, so I put in an ACCC complaint.

        • +6

          What was the ACCC response?

          • @Robot16: Still waiting their reply, but I only sent it through recently

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              @PirateKingJack: ACCC won't reply.

              They never do & never have. They don't actually do anything, everyone knows this fact, they've been complaining about it for years in the media.
              ACCC really should take their Complaint Form off their website, as no action will happen after you log a complaint with them!

              Go to NSW Fair Trading instead, use the Link below and write your complaint out again.

              These people actually DO respond & try to help:


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      I never went back after they screwed me around and made me feel like some kind of thief on my birthday.

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        I definitely boycott places that have bad customer services too. It's really irredeemable, no matter how good the bargain is

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    Stuck on not applied. Have no idea why

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    Maybe in title put these instructions:

    1 - Sign up
    2 - Get email
    3 - Download app
    4 - In app, go to 'Order' tab on bottom, should then see blue 'Offers' button, click on it
    5 - Should see Tasty Offer - Free Subway Six Inch & 390mL Coke
    6 - Press 'Add to mobile order' button

    Took me awhile to find it in the app

    • Thank you.

    • Confirm, this is the process. Just had a freebie lunch, meatballs & 390ml coke

    • +1

      2 - Get email

      y'all are gettin' emails?

      • +2

        the email has a scannable code in it too so you dont even need the app after that.

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    Wouldn’t work in app for me so I went to the store & ordered. Got a 6” Korean chicken & thought I’d grab a 6” meatball as well to fill me up.
    At register they would only give me the 6” meatball as part of the deal so charged me for the more expensive 6” Korean chicken.
    Luckily the “sandwich artist” didn’t scan my QR code so I get to use it again

    • +2

      At register they would only give me the 6” meatball as part of the deal

      Why would you even think you would get a second one for free? Besides, the app doesn't ask for SMS verification so you can put in a fake number and make multiple accounts and log into a new one at each store as my embarrassing brother just did at our 3 locals. I wonder how long before they realise…

      • +3

        ssshhhhh. Don't tell subway.

        • +7

          They are a bit slow but I'm sure they'll eventually work it out when they realise half of Australia is having subway for lunch today.

      • +4

        At no time did I think I’d get a second one for free, I ordered the Korean chicken 6” and a coke and then ordered an extra 6” meatball.
        I was hoping to get the Korean chicken as part of the deal, as it was more expensive 6”.

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    Redeemed deal in person due to app issues, thanks OP

  • Has anyone actually got this to work inside the app? Not scanning in-store.

    • +1


      Couldn't get App to work.

      I printed out the Email instead with the barcode at the bottom, on paper, and it worked..

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    isn't it weird that I can't see or find any 390ml coke? :/

    • It's under "sides"

      • +2

        I have checked that! only have water :/

    • Same

      • +3

        change the location. :)

        • I tried that. But when I change it back, it clears the cart

          • @OzBarAnon: Of course, it will because that place doesn't have the Coke,
            Just change the location and shop from the new location.

            • @shahrah: It's really odd though because on the store that I normally go to, the only drink showing up is a powerade, but I've been there in person multiple times, and I'm almost certain they have more than just powerades (unless they ran out of everything since I've last been). The online menu also only shows packs of cookies, but no option for singles.

              • @OzBarAnon: Maybe marketing strategy to push customers buy more rather than single cookies. :)

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    anyone know if this comes out f the franchise owener or the headoffice - given current situations don't want to skimp on a few dollars that the owner has to fork out - anyone know?

    • +7

      Comes out of head office.

      • +1

        thanks off to get mine now :)

      • +2

        Ultimately the franchise owners will still end up paying for it all (although indirectly) via their royalty fees, advertising and marketing fees, and the loyaly app fees.

        • +1

          True, aquas the case with any franchise model - but for individual promos at least they’re not copping an immediate and substantial cash hit. And going by this thread , it’s getting many of us to try Subway when we haven’t been in years, so that’s an overall bump for the franchisee.

          I love the meatball subs but have always passed in favour of nearby burgers until now.

        • Nothing new here.

          McDonalds has the same issue.

          Gloria Jeans has the same issue.

          Every Franchise has same issue.

          Always has, always will be.

    • +2

      Franchise owners will get a kickback - normally it will be an amount reduced from their royalties but also Subway will often get free coke/cookies/chicken etc to the franchisees instead.

      Ultimately though all the head office cost is paid through royalties anyhow and the free food is obviously subsidised through normal pricing.

  • +1

    app is not working on my device, saying "offer not applied"

  • I had to scan in store, but worked there.
    App seems useless though.

  • Thanks OP. Just went into my local store and ordered and scanned QR code at payment. Lunch done :)

  • +1

    terrible app, do they have their servers on the other end of the globe?

    • Yes.

      Talasera Web Hosting, South Africa.

      • the iOS app is faster though, tried in the evening.

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    Through app, you should add the 390ml Coke or Coke no sugar and your 6 inch sub before you apply your offer. Hopefully that works because it did for me (:

  • Can only select chocolate milk or juice under sides. So can't redeem this :(

    • +3

      change the location.

  • Just pick up an Italian BMT which is quite tasty. I got the wheat bread. Thanks for the offer.

  • +1

    not applied jan. added sub + drink then added offer. have tried at 3 different locations just to test it.

  • +1

    Would they make a fuss if you do this with seperate accounts for relatives who dont speak english?

    • Yes.

  • +2

    Just use the website to get the QR code. Go to the store and scan there. The app is hot trash.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Offer not applied for me

  • +2

    "Offer not applied" always came up in the app and on the web site no matter what I tried. I even used both the iOS and Android app. Went in store and redeemed by scanning the QR code with no issues.

  • Same problem as anyone else, offer not applied despite adding 6 inch sub + 390ml coke first as per instructions.

    Have yet to try in store. Will try in the next few days.

    • +3

      Btw you only 7 days from registering to use it

  • +1

    Two local stores - only one accepting the offer
    No payment method required.
    App seems dodgy - sign in/out with different email accounts and order history is the same, need to use dual app.
    Store doesn't seem to be aware of the promo, didn't pre make the orders due to not being paid and showing $0.00 on their receipt, had to show confirmation emails to redeem.

    • +1

      didn't pre make the orders due to not being paid and showing $0.00 on their receipt

      Yet the franchise is probably already paid for it in the background by HQ? Thus they're hoping to get free money.

  • Thanks worked for me. Just scanned the qr code at purchase.

  • Can confirm that the free deal works in the app.
    I think the issue is that some stores arent excepting the deal. I tried through the app for both Lidcombe store, Olympic part and regents park and none of them worked but tried it with the Chester hill store and it worked through the app.

  • +1

    registered an account this morning before seeing this post, couldn't order through the app (it said not applied) so I went in store and confirmed with the staff I could use that before order, they said yes so I had a free chicken teriyaki wrap and the coke zero as a free lunch, worth $8.97 according to the menu.

  • +5

    Subway's CTO had one job during this whole pandemic.. super amazing app, thanks subway🦧🐒