What International Foods or Drinks Can't You Get in Australia?

I'll go first. I am craving:
* Virgil's Cream Soda
* Chocomel

If someone can tell me where I can find or get these delivered to Sydney I will be forever indebted.

What do you have from home, or from your travels overseas, that you've been unable to get here?


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    Title should be: Where can I buy these foods from?

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      This is new, thanks!

      I've put myself down for a preorder, this is what lockdown has brought me to.

      $8.16/L is a bit steep but better than $38.95/L I guess 😆

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    Aldi had chocomel a few months ago as a special. Good stuff. I’m after Vla, myself, which is like a carton of Chocolate YoGo.

    Also after Catalan aioli, cuajada satchets, and Old Jamaica Ginger Beer (not the new “Regular” recipe)

    • When I saw the title I instantly thought Dubbel Vla. I’m surprised I’m not the only one!

      Paul’s Dairy in Brisbane used to make it in the ‘90s, but I haven’t seen it in Australia in over 20 years.

    • I didn’t find any at my local, sent my family out to theirs and no dice either :(

  • Kava

    • Mmm, odd rules that you can import when travelling, but not sell legally (at least when I last checked in NSW).

      Yet you can buy Kava caps from vitamin places, maybe it passes through a therapeutic loophole…

      • Yeah, can buy locally (and bring with you) but not import. I ordered some kava mints off Amazon AU and got a scary letter from border security.

        • Oops yeah that's what I meant - buy when overseas, not import

    • Sadly there is nothing temporary about the lack of stock.

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    Kandos chocolates from Sri Lanka
    Proper Marmite, not the Aussie version

    • Thought maybe a grocery might have it?

      • Marmite is there on and off but have never found Sri Lankan chocolates :-(

  • Peameal bacon…

    I've tried making it, but it wasn't the same

    • Sounds delicious, brining is magic for meats

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    OP (and anyone else in Sydney) - you could try messaging Redfern Convenience store on instagram - they carry a large range of international goods, and the owner is super nice - he may be willing to help you purchase whatever you're looking for.

    • Cheers I might try this, they have the Virgil's Root Beer out of stock, maybe ordering cream soda is an option. Thank you :)

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    BOSS coffee from japan Australian edition are crap plus any Suntory drinks as well

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      Asian supermarkets stock the Japanese versions.

      Pre-lockdown, I usually bought all my BOSS drinks from Joy Mart in Chatswood.

  • F&N ice cream soda - guess you can find this in select Asian shops but oml it's the best soft drink flavour ever.

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    A&W Root Beer Float.

    • We can buy A&W root beer here in WA from Farmer Jack's!

      If you've never had it, make yourself a "Black Cow": A&W w/a good coffee ice cream—- OMG!

      I can't seem to find plain, coffee ice cream in any shop, either (speaking Cole's etc, not a shopping forum).

      • I was going to say does anyone make a good plain coffee ice cream? Woolworths brand might be plain coffee but it’s not very strong from memory.

  • Coolwhip!!!!

    Vigo Mexican Rice


    Sloppy Joe

    Hidden Valley Ranch Fiesta Dip Packets (AMAZING chip dip!).

    Tootsie Pops

    US over-the-counter:

    Tums (helps acid stomach + adds calcium & rec'd for pregnant women)

    Bacitracin (antibiotic salve for wounds)

    Benedryl (allergies)

    Cheap peroxide & rubbing alcohol (doesn't even need to BE imported)?


    • You can get Tums here

      • In WA, AU, in-stock, not a scalper?

        • Huh, that's weird. Can't seem to find it on Woolies, Coles, priceline etc websites. Did they stop selling it? I only used up the last of my Tums tablets a couple of months ago

  • Mello Yello

  • Anglia Shandy

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    Royce chocolate. If you know where to find it here it’s probably best not to tell me.

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      Royce was in one of the SA Westfields for a good number of years.

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      We had a store in Sydney (Chatswood) a few years ago but they constantly sold out of everything except Matcha. Great chocolate if the store actually had anything in stock.

  • Cheez-it crackers

  • The East Indian Company - The Staunton Earl Grey.

    One of the best Earl Grey's I've had - drank it at Sketch in London :)

    Would be thankful if anyone knows where i can buy this. Thanks :):)

  • Cheese in a can

  • Pickled green tomato quarters. They used to be available from a couple of places in the ACT, but haven't seen them for about ten years. They came in a jar of about 1kg.

  • TUMS are sold in the gum/mints section of servos in the US, ffs. They are calcium= good for bones, upset stomach/heartburn. And CHEAP.

    Who has seen these in their shops?

    • Antacid gang rise up! Rennies are chewable calcium tabs you can buy in Oz quite similar to Tums, not 100% calcium but pretty close


      Each tablet contains: Calcium carbonate 680mg, Magnesium carbonate hydrate 80mg

      Tums 500 Regular:

      Calcium Carbonate USP 500 mg