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[Pre Order] Buffalo Acook BOILSTEAM Stainless Steel Rice Cooker (6 Cups) $179 Delivered @ Buffalo Cookware


Regular price $239, $60 off for "pre-ordering" to make it $179 with free shipping.

Not cheap, but if you're looking for a stainless steel pot rice cooker, can't go wrong with Buffalo.

Please note that this is a Pre-order Sale. You save $60 if you pre-order now. Stock will be delivered from our Melbourne warehouse around 20/09/2021.

  • The magic lies within its BOILSTEAM Technology that boils then steams the rice.
  • This 2-step combination process produces even fluffier, chewier, and tastier.
  • This technology also retains most nutritional value.

With an inclusive Food Grade 304 stainless steel steamer basket, save time and effort by steaming dishes while cooking rice in the inner pot simultaneously.

Alternatively, you can steam rice while boiling soup at the same time with this 2-in-1 cooking method. Its multifunctional feature comes in handy with 9 smart cooking programs including a preset function that allows you to completely customise your mealtimes.

With a simple push of these buttons, the ACook Rice Cooker simplifies the complicated cooking process by saving you time, convenience, and offering the best possible solution in leading a healthier and balanced lifestyle.

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    The magic lies within its BOILSTEAM Technology that boils then steams the rice.

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    Wtf is buffalo?

    • +1

      it's one of the big brands for rice cooker like Tiger and Zojirushi.

      I was looking for a decent one with a stainless steel bowl, and it's a lot harder to find than I expected…

    • It's a mammal..

      • Say what? I thought it was a bird 🐦?

        • You're thinking of buffalo wings

          Damn, they taste good

    • Have you not heard of the great white buffalo?

  • Buffalo make excellent rice cookers and for me a big bonus is a stainless steel insert as I like to avoid Teflon coatings

  • how compare to xiaomi rice cooker?

  • Hi,
    Can somebody tell me 3L equals to how many cups?

    • -1

      that's should be more than 10 cup as my cuckoo only 1.8L and its a 10 cup cooker.

    • The listing states 6 cups in the title.

  • my only concern with stainless steel is that rice sticks to it as it cooks.

    • Not for mine