$50 Prezzee Gift Card for Referrer and $50 Bonus for Referee on First Transaction ($200 Minimum) at Instarem


Just received another promotion email from Instarem..
Similar with the previous deal, but new coupon code.

1. Sign up using referral link.
2. When you do the first transfer, use the code 310BONUS to entitle the $50 off + 475 Instapoints
3. Referrer get $50 Preeze e-gift card + 400 Instapoints.

Full TnC

Referral Links

Referral: random (221)

400 points for the referrer, 475 for referee.

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    Awesome 😎 thanks op. Instarem have always the best rate I found.

  • What's the easiest way to make the $200 transaction to trigger the bonus?

    Can you make a transfer into an Australian bank account, or does it have to be international?

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      it has to be international, if you dont have one, you can use wise instead

      • Can I transfer to my sisters account in Pakistan? And if using wise, can the initial £20 be taken out from wise too?

        • Yes and Yes.

          In Wise, you can hold multiple currencies and can exchange them with in account. I convert AUD to USD for International Payments and pay via Wise Card to avoid low exchange rates and surprise International Transaction Fees/Foreign Currency Payment fees by Banks.

      • Does that mean after completing those tens steps, if you refer close friends/family, you can make a $200 request to their new account, they pay you, you give it back, and you have just completed met the requirements again?

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    did not receive referrer $50 prezzee gift card on previous deal

  • Any way to make multiple accounts?

  • @knobbs did you recieve $50 Preeze card after transferring to your own wise account ? and whats meant by transfer $150 to wise account instead of $200 ?

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      Yup got my $50 Preeze, you only need to transfer $150 because it uses the bonus $50 to get to $200 total

      • So you get $50 Preeze and $50 Discount both as a Referee OR $50 Preeze is separate as Referrer to someone else ?

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          They are seperate

      • Thanks

  • I need to transfer $500 to someone overseas.. Dont have any Instarem account.
    Is that I choose a random referral from Ozb and transfer? who gets the $50 Preeze..
    What is the use of Instapoints?

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      if you sign up, then you will be the referee.
      Please sign up with the ozb link, and don't forget to apply the promo code 310BONUS when you make your first transfer.
      $50 off will be deducted on your transfer amount, so you will need to bank in $450 only, but the recipient will get $500.
      The Preeze gift card will be received by the lucky guy whom the link you used.

      Instapoints, this can be used to deduct some fees. I am not sure as well, I havent used my instapoints yet, as it requires you to transfer $500.

      • Thanks,, I have chosen the Lucky guy!

  • I signed up and transferred yesterday. its still in progress and today i get the notification to give them Bank Statement and Passport details as well. Do I need to give so much details to complete the transfer ? They should have asked for it before processing the payment though.

  • @knobbs how much time it took to appear in your wise account and you were required to give all identification details for transfer to process including passport, bank account and licence details ?

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      A few minutes.
      Yes I had to go through all the verification and deposits as shown in my steps to get access to the bank details to send the money

      • How long after the transaction they send Gift card?

        • It was a future date stated in T&C with the deal. It wasn't provided directly after your referrer completed the work.

        • have 2 known refer, NEVER got the giftcard nor instapoint . July and Sept.

          • @a1234my: Did get instapoints instantaneously, however you can check with Customer services chat.

  • Did 1 transaction was slow and another referrer have bad experience ( the transaction cancelled after fund had sitting at instarem account for 10 + days still waiting for their refund)

  • Holy moly. They don't do AUD recipient transfers lmao. Anyone know a way to transfer back to Australia?

  • Thanks to some ozbargainer who used my referral I got $50 gift card I'm my email this afternoon. Initially thought it's phishing email as the branding looked a bit off but the gc link looked legit. Glad I didn't click the spam button.