Vitamix Explorian E310 Blender (White) $409 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Good price for this blender - the black version is still $429 which is also a discount. Regularly goes for $450 or more.

If you can wait, DJs has had it for $399 in the past.

Appliances Online seem to be price matching Amazon, or the other way around.

Upgrading to this, after having two Nutribullets burn out on me after 12 months.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • what are you blending?

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    • My partner makes smoothies or juicey things most days - well she did when we had a working blender.

      I didn't use the nutribullet much at all, apart from a few saucey things that needed blending. But it wasn't great at that, pretty much a uni-tasker.

      Our first one, the motor blew out one day and smoked everywhere. Our second one recently died, smelled like burning plastic and some kind of oil or lubricant spewed out of the motorhead, so not ideal.

      With the Vitamix, I'll probably make things like curry pastes and other dishes which are a nightmare by hand and not well served in a big food processor.

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    Are these the blenders that you see all the Instagram smoothie people using? I want one that can blend frozen fruit and stuff to make them smooooth smoothie bowls. Whenever I do it in my current blender I have to stop it and mix it all up frequently.

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      This isn't your average blender for smoothies, this thing is bulky, ugly and loud but can blend Hot Soups, Baby Food, Flours & Dough, Nut Butters, Frozen Desserts, Batters, Dressings & Sauces and Non-Dairy Milks.

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      Yes. A vitamix will make short work of that.

      The only thing I'd say is that the next model, the 2300/Ascent, will let you use (separately purchased) smoothie bowls/cups directly on the machine. These ones need the 'personal cup adapter', which is like two hundred bucks and super awkward to use. Of course, you can just blend your stuff in the jug.

      • Use smoothie bowls directly on the machine? What do you mean by that? Dont you blend in the jug?

      • That is neat. The cost really jumps up a lot, and I am wary of appliances packing more electronics in. More that can go wrong.

    • Make sure there is enough liquid before you blend. It may help to start with the liquid and some of the solids (frozen fruit, etc.) then add more solids as you go.

      I have a vitamix and still sometimes need to use the tamper to get everything blended. when there are a lot of solids.

      • Yeah its definitely a lack of liquid, but if I add enough then it turns into a smoothie rather than like a smoothie icecream consistency.

        I think having the tamper is handy. I have to stop and take the lid off and stick a long spoon down there.

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          You're making "nice-cream" if you want to search for tips. You still need to add a little bit of liquid - mylk, sweetener (maple / agave), or even some fruit juice - just a small amount to start. Add the frozen fruit slowly, some will melt and make it easier to add more as you go.

          You can also get a jug that is designed for solids (usually nuts, etc) - I have one too but IMO for nice-cream the regular jug with a tiny bit of liquid is just as good.

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    Vitamix is an excellent brand with excellent reputation. With contracts with companies like Boost Juice, and previously McDonald’s before McDonald’s went to an all-in blended ice machine, they don’t skimp when it comes to quality. Great price.

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    Worth checking Commbank rewards; might have the Get $30 cashback when you spend $300 or more at Appliances Online. Acitvate and spend by 20th October making it $389.

  • Great product.

    Made in Murica'

  • Best deal is to wait for Peters of Kensington ebay 20% off and it comes to $383.20 and whatever discount you get with gift cards.

  • Are these loud? About to buy a magimix for their quiet motors.

    • Apparently, very loud. Most blenders or food processors with a good motor will be though.

      The higher end models include some insulation. The commercial ones often come with sound insulated covers but they cost thousands.