Australia Post Doesn't Have Integrity

I bought an item from Aliexpress about 3 month ago.

Basically it was never delivered, it was left at one of the Australian post depot for 3 month and then it automatically gets returned back to UCL – on my side, there was no card, no notification, no email… My item was then automatically returned to "UCL"

Australian Post doesn't help, even if its their stuff ups, they put in the logistic notes and change the logistic data that it looks like its my fault. They worded it as if I never picked it up, instead of it being left at the depot.

Aliexpress is not helping, as they claim that if the logistic data is worded in a way that seems like it's even 1% buyer's fault then they won't help.
Anyway is it possible to get UCL to redeliver? or its gone forever?

I've complained to Australia Post, they just said there is nothing they can do, you have to talk to the seller to resend the item.

Is there any government body that looks after this? (not just about getting the money back, but for the lack of integrity on Australia Post's part. and get the story out)

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    they are too busy choosing which cartier watch for their bonus

    • To be accurate, that's only for the top 0.5%, the rest are choosing which Casio on aliexpress. OP is your missing order a Casio by any chance?

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    This explains their own monopoly game.

    Maybe they are too busy playing the game.

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    According to the data provided by Australia Post in response to a Senate estimates question on notice, 345 senior employees were paid $28.2m in bonuses in the 2019-20 financial year.

    Why should they give a stuff about us?

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      You're right, they should work for free! What is an adequate amount considering DHL and similar have offered bonuses too?

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        Nek minnit: "we cut all the AusPost salaries to minimum wage and most of the staff left for some reason"

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        Bonuses offered to quasi government employees is a joke in line with the NBN program bonus scheme which has cost billions more than expected but because no budget was set there's not KPI.

        Government jobs factor in bonuses to the base pay. Bonuses are for private sector, not government.

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        They should get no bonuses as their service is shit. (Yes, I know the bonuses are given on profits not quality of service).

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          But no bonuses would put their job benefits below private sector, and thus the conscious employees leave. In turn, service goes further down as lazy employees stay. So, I would say removing bonuses would make service more worse.

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            @orangetrain: Service has gone down as they have cut operational costs and reduced service quality, while increasing price. Losing them would likely increase service quality.

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    well with online shopping rising, cases like this is only going to become more and more common.

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  • Pretty good effort by the Aliexpress seller for you to have ordered "about" 3 months ago and for it to have arrived at AusPost 3 months ago.
    My experience is that it takes around 4-6 weeks from the time we buy on Aliexpress for the item to hit the Aussie post system.

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    Is there any government body that looks after this?

    Yes, the government. And that's the problem

  • I had a similar experience buying on eBay. It got to my local postage center, but then after a few weeks, it started its journey back. No explanation. I asked AP to investigate, but they never gave me an answer as to why. Fortunately I got my money back from eBay, but shortly after I did that, it was returned to sender, and eBay marked it as "delivered."

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      yeah Aliexpress is pain in the ass. I don't think I'll buy from them again. Its just not a trust worthy platform.

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        I've had many good experiences with them, just during covid the package time frames got blown out.

        I think your issue is solely with Aus Post.

        • they have a clause in their dispute that, as soon as its a delivery issue, they will claim its not their fault. even though they are the ones in control of the delivery issue.

          This is from their bot:

          "Please pay more attention to the tracking information. If the package arrive at the delivery office, please contact post office to pick up in time. Buyer should be responsible for any consequences of failure to collect items in time."

          buyer beware

      • I actually had only 1 item not refunded that never arrived. But had about 10 that were refunded and arrived 3-4 month later.

        But then my maximum spend for an item on AE was $200.

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    Aliexpress is not helping

    Aliexpress dispute or talking to seller?

    • aliexpress is taking over the dispute due to the shipping issue. and they are really painful…even though most of their responses have been bot responses. They kept delaying the decision date.

      and giving me BS answers

    • lol Aliexpress do they even have a English language rep, i mean Jack aint even the CEO anymore :P

  • First of all ouch, yeah probably can get them to redeliver but it will mean you would have repay a delivery fee is my guest, that is if you can get the sender to resend or if not just ask for a refund as the buyer already has the item returned?

    Yeah, that why i've been avoid posting or buying anything that rely on post cause i know that it has a high risk that it will either be delayed or possibly lost/marked as lost because they have only a few people working (due to CoVid-19 isolation rules) at the moment so unless you are business client with a account with them i would expect delays coming in and going out of NSW.

    • I bought it just before the big Covid hit…but the bigger screw up is still AusPost.

      I think I'm going to stay away from oversea seller for the rest of the year.

  • Your contract is with the seller not Auspost.

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      yeah its true. thats why i'm on dispute with Aliexpress.

      But AusPost (its their stuff up during the delivery process) cleared their hands by blaming it on me…so now I don't have anything to stand on … according to just the AP logistic log.

      When they have a "clean" log, it makes themselves look like they did nothing wrong …even though the log doesn't reflect reality at all.

  • Why did you wait 3 months to start chasing it up?

    • aliexpress after sales dispute time limit.

  • Trusting Aliexpress is supporting the CCP and Chairman Xi…… and you expect them to follow….rules?

    How …. are you?

  • In the future you can always create a free parcel locker with auspost so they CANT return it to sender, and have to hold it for a few days. Downside is you have to go to the post office to pick the items up.

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    I find AP to be the best out of the couriers i have experienced. Some are beyond a joke.
    OP.. When a parcel is not delivered like that and no card is left I always suspect an incomplete address???
    AP would not hold it in their depot for no reason.
    If a package is not correctly addressed then it is impossible to deliver with any courier.
    I worked for them a long time ago and did a lot of follow ups with missing items and undeliverable parcels. Most were resolved and the most common outcome was incorrect or incomplete address details.

    • it was suppose to transit to LPO for me to pick it up. never happened or it did, but no one notified me.

      so my tracked showed it was at the depot … "awaiting transit"….after awhile, I got a notification its been returned.

      had I know, I would have lodge an investigation earlier, but its still "transiting"

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    Yeah mate, I had an item that was 10 days passed the delivery date. I submitted a lost parcel job, and guess what… they just changed the expected delivery date so that is was no longer late!

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    Same happened to me. They said it was delivered but never was. They lied straight to me over email and said GPS data said it proved it. AusPost now is more concerned about hitting KPIs and making money than delivering items. Another privatisation fail.

  • 7:30am Sunday morning, bang bang… it was the postie…
    I have a lot of items sent over from all over the world, and I dread their arrival in Australia. How unprofessional are we? Fragile items enduring thousands of miles to reach our sores, only to be kicked along like a tin can.

    Items shoved hanging out of my letter box… items stolen, or not even delivered. Shall I keep going….

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