Australia Post Monopoly Game $14.95 + Delivery ($0 with $30 Spend/ C&C) @ Australia Post


Free delivery online if you spend $30+, but also saw this today at my local Australia Post Centre on clearance (they had 4 left).

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    Do you get extra for not knocking and passing go?

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      Yes, you get a Cartier watch.

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        Should be one of the playing tokens.

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    Maybe you'll get it delivered next month.

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    It won't matter what your throw, on weekends your piece can't move.

  • Chance: throw a customers package as many squares as you would move up

    The chance element is if what's inside is breakable or not. Or it could be the likelihood of it arriving at all.

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    Some of the Community Chest Cards:
    - Make millions because of COVID and don't improve sercvice. Collect $5Mil
    - Collect 1 Rolex watch from each player. Collect $100K from each player
    - Remove Express Guarantee and deliver express parcels weeks later. Collect $3Mil
    - Increase price every 6 months! Collect each round $5Mil from now on.
    - Fire your CEO! Pay $1Mil
    - Overcharge for domestic postage to kill local online businesses. Collect $10Mil
    - Stop collecting parcels from businesses for a few days! Collect $1Mil

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    Aust Post is monopoly

    • lol so true!

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    Aust Post provides express posts "guaranteed next day delivery" services as premium service… and you get charged extra for it, then parcel arrives same time as normal parcel. - … only response is - sorry 'due to covid challenges' guarantee next day services suspended. - it's still the fastest way Have great day.

    -Amazon deliveries are much faster.

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      Your parcel is delivered next day is under the "Chance card" section

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    Must be an extremely slow game

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    Came here just for the comments, enough to brighten up anyones day!

  • Since when Aust Post charge for delivery?

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    When you get to a square called Chullora processing centre, get held up, lose the next 2 turns.
    P.s. I have parcel sent across the suburbs 12 km apart, arrived 2 weeks later.

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      Your package was sent to Perth instead of Sydney, lose a turn!

      PS. I had parcel needing to go from Inner West to North West Sydney (~20kms) end up going via Perth

    • lol good ole Chullora

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    They missed a golden opportunity to change "Go To Jail" into "Go to Senate Enquiry"!