[WA] Seagate 5TB Expansion Portable HDD $159 C&C Only @ The Good Guys


Yes… drives are shuckable. They are actually the easiest ones that Seagate sell because they are all plastic and the seams are easier to get to

Price is pretty good, seen better, but not for a while

Officeworks will price-beat but they no longer list these ones on their site so no idea if they still have stock

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


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  • Previous advice has always been to never buy odd numbered hard drives due to something to do with the platter arrangement. Anyone know if this was every substantiated and/or same advice remains?

    • I have 20 of these, no issues from me

      Honestly haven't heard of this before

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        I think Backblaze stated it with their ~50,000 hard drive tests and identified that 3TB drives have significantly higher failure rates than 4TBs and recommended to avoid them to the point they don't use them anymore.

        Not sure if that's an inherent issue with 3TB drives specifically or odds in general. Will do some further research tonight.

        • I read or heard somewhere back in the day that 3tb drives also used failed 4tb drives

          • @brocky2006: Ohhh maybe that's what it was, 3TB drives being crippled 4TB ones and thus causing issues.

        • I've had 6 out of 6, 3TB Seagate hard drives fail within 3 years of purchase…. Might just be that they were a bad batch

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      Can't shuck either of these
      USB is soldered onto the board which I will never buy, because if you somehow break the port… the data is gone

  • Ah shucks, already used my $15 Good Guys voucher…😩

  • Seems to be out of stock for me in Victoria.

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    Dump question. What is shuckable drive?

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    Um, Officeworks don’t price match clearance items as posted above.

    Also, Officeworks don’t even sell the 5tb Seagate expansion hdd.

  • Available on Amazon.com.au with free shipping for the same price in red only if you select standard shipping during checkout (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B08JDS71CW/ref=ppx_yo_d...).

    • This is not the same model

      The ones you linked are not as easy to shuck

  • Had one of these fail on me today (1 of 1; not an amazing sample size), purchased April 2017. (The drive failed, not the USB port, so shucking was no help)
    edit: sorry, was a slightly different model - the 5TB Portable Backup Plus, not this particular model.