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7-Eleven 500ml Ice Cream Tubs $2 (In Store) @ 7-Eleven


All flavours it seems. No app needed, went to the next closest store to test and $2 again. Shelf price $2, if it sais $9 then you can only try your luck to see if it scan lower.

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    7-11 500ml Ice Cream Tubs

    7 - 11 = -4

    So should they pay us then $4 for taking it then?

  • Which is the best flavour? I might try picking one up on my walk home from donating some blood

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      cant recommend the raspberry lamington flavour. taste is decent but the excessive shredded coconut kills it

      • Fair call thanks, coconut isn't my favourite ice cream addition (don't hate it but it's pretty meh)

        • Salted caramel easily the best

          • @Gracey: I agree. Lamington and cheesecake were $2 for a few weekends. They dropped caramel to $4 recently. Didn't know they had coconut too (or is it the lamington?)

        • they were pushing that flavour as it would seem to be a slow seller

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      Do you like donating your blood?

      • +4

        There was a good post in the forums recently discussing blood donation. Worth a read.
        I’m a regular plasma donor.
        It’s a worthwhile thing to do if you can.


      • +1

        Yeah I'm as young and fit as I'll ever be so I may as well help out - and I get a sausage roll and a strawberry milk

        • +1

          You deserve more "+" for walking to and from donor centre too :)

          Hope you make sure you're well rested and fueled up before you make the return journey home.

          • @Craze: Thanks haha I definitely always fill up :) I live and work nearby so thankfully it's super easy for me to make the commute

      • Wait what?

    • yum…your blood will be sweet next time :)

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    Cheesecake is good

  • Thanks OP, they were marked as $4 but scanned as $2. Great deal

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    I work for 7-11. I can confirm all these tubs are $2. Some of the stores probably haven’t changed the price tags yet.

    • what are the flavors ?

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        They are on clearance. What ever left.

        • That’s nice! It used to only be the strawberry cheesecake and leamington flavours which is $2.

          Now can try new flavours!

    • When does it finish? Until they are all gone?

  • I want some but I don't want to get fat.

    • Eat a spoon per serving? How’s your willpower?

    • +9

      If you reside in a locked down community, you and many others are probably already covid fat.

    • Get a spoon and run 1 KM afterwards

  • Oh the woes of only having Coles Express nearby..

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    thanks OP bought 2. I am now ready for the Apple Keynote :D

    • +1

      Goodnight, and see you in roughly six and a half hours time.

    • +1

      Bargain buyer buying Apple? Interesting.

      • -2

        Ofcourse, they get you the best bang for your buck because the products just work unlike the ones from other manufacturers :)

        • Good for you.
          It was the opposite for me unfortunately.

  • +1

    Pleased to report there are a few left at Mitcham (Melbourne).
    Grabbed 3 tubs, one spoon each of Lamington, Caramel and Choc Chip for dessert. Very nice, but pretty sure I would not have paid full tote odds at $9 each

  • crap load of lamington variety left in Eureka 7/11 Melbs

    nothing in 2 other ones I visited

  • Thanks was able to grab a few. Was labelled at $4 but scanned for $2.

  • Brunswick st. shop in The Valley (not Valley Metro) has plenty of caramel, lamingtons and few cheesecake, I'd say about 20 or so tubs as of 15 minutes ago, $9 on the shelf, scanned at $2.

  • +1

    Good deal for the ice cream, but $1.79/L for fuel is a robbery without that price lock!

    • look closer!

    • Grab a burner phone and gps hack your location

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    Bought 4 from Glen Waverley 7/11… Were labelled as $9 each and scanned at $2 each. Pretty good value, thanks OP

    • What flavours available? Are they short dated too?

      • Yesterday there were lamington, salted caramel and chocolate.

        to be honest i didnt even check the date, but they did taste delicious!

  • You guys get cheap servos, meanwhile, SA only gets OTR monopoly expensive as (profanity).

  • Here's the choc mint for you picky choc minters (like me):


    Medium dark choc bits, plus choc swirl
    Decent ingredients in the list. Melts fast. 81% aus ingredients.

    Marked as $9, scanned as $2. Thanks OP

  • Nice deal, thanks for posting. Who remembers when these used to be free, bring that deal back I say.

  • .Was walking back from the free hot chocolates for the vaccinated at Mörk when I saw this offer, guy at the 7 eleven near mine said take all 8 for $10 so they must really want to get rid of them

  • Still been working?

  • Bought a couple at yagoona. Not reallt a fan of caramel in general but man was it nice icecream.

    Definitely my favourite out of all the brands

  • Deal's still going. My clonal had restocked with salted caramel, mint & a couple of lamington left. Pricetag still says $9, still scanning @ $2.

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      They have new narrow tubes at some shops, those are $9

      • Ah good to know

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    20 or so Lamington tubes still at Brunswick St 7-11 in the Valley, guess they're not that good if no one wants them.

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