BeyerDynamic Aventho Wired Headset (Black/Brown) $299 Delivered @ BeyerDynamic Australia via Catch


Great portable headphone at a good price. Welcome to discuss.

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beyerdynamic Australia
beyerdynamic Australia


  • Good price, premium build (made in Germany), and detachable cable

    • It is a dual connector cable, would have been much better if it was a single connector cable.

  • I love my DT770 pro.. not sure how these compare

    • Have the DT770 PRO Limited Edition. Love it. The Aventho is on ear though. Not sure how it sounds.

  • Are these like the next-gen version of the DT1350? They look so similar.

    • +1

      Yes. You are right.

  • For the price id buy dt 770 pro or philips rather than an on ear headphone for better seal. these usually arent as comfortable as over ears and dont maintain good seal for everyone (depending on ear shape/size). If you really need easier to drive headphones just buy 32 ohm 770 pro or get monitors from moondrop instead.

  • This looks like my T51i with new set of clothes.
    Is that the case or it has a different sound signature?