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Free Delivery on Next 10 Orders over $15 @ Uber Eats


Multiple NEW Codes to try in description! I saw a couple of Uber Eats codes on here & decided to cycle through a few random ones. Go through and try all the below codes and hopefully you get lucky with one! I was ineligible for all except AUSEPT01.

AUSEPT01 - Free Delivery on Next 10 Orders (Min Spend $15), Valid till 13th October
AUSEPT02 - $10 Off Next 10 Orders (Max $10 Off, Min Spend $15)
AUSEPT03 - $10 Off Next 10 Orders (Max $10 Off, Min Spend $20)
AUSEPT04 - $15 Off Next 10 Orders (Max $15 Off, Min Spend $25)
AUSEPT05 - $15 Off Next 10 Orders (Max $15 Off, Min Spend $25)
AUSEPT06 - 40% Off Next 10 Orders (Max $10 Off, Min Spend $25)
AUSEPT07 - 40% Off Next 10 Orders (Max $10 Off, Min Spend $25)
AUSEPT08 - 50% Off Next 10 Orders (Max $15 Off, Min Spend $20)
AUSEPT09 - 50% Off Next 10 Orders (Max $15 Off, Min Spend $25)

Good luck!

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$10-$15 credit for both referrer and referee. Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +47

    None of eligible

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    Can confirm AUSEPT04 worked for me and was $15 off (min $25) for 10 orders. 1 month expiry

    • Same

  • Sigh…
    Can at least fill up your table from the comments.

    • To be fair, this is the most useful of the 3 posts. Here is a +1 !

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    Thank you! Didn’t receive an email for the offer but AUSEPT07 worked for me - 40% off next 10 orders (up to $10) $20 minimum order.

  • +1

    None works for me :(

  • +10

    None cries in corner

  • +1

    Awesome, got AUSEPT07
    Thanks OP

  • +2

    Yay AUSEPT08 worked for me, cheers!

    • What's the offer on 08?

  • +13

    none for me, stopped using uber and menuflog because of their service fees anyway

  • Received email with click to the free 10 deliveries offer. Had no code. Lucky as was intelligible for above codes.
    Worth checking emails.

  • +8

    imagine thinking you could be competitive as uber eats while charging a "service fee" when deliveroo isn't

  • +3

    AUSEPT02 worked for me - first code to work in a LONG time.
    It was $10 off min $15 spend. (x 10)

  • +1

    AUSEPT08 - 50% off (up to $15) $20 minimum offer x10

  • +2

    Nice work - 07 worked for me

    • With $20 minimum order :)

  • TooManyRequests broke it

  • Any deals on Uber Eats gift cards that I can stack with this deal?

  • AUSEPT06 was the only one that worked for me when i applied it last night, but it gave me 40% off 10 orders minimum $15 which is much better than $25 imo

  • +2

    I tried 9 codes and got 9 not eligible as predicted.

  • +4

    Personally I find the difference in item pricing ridiculous. A souvlaki that I can buy in store for $12 is priced at $15.80 on Uber Eats. It gets mighty expensive at times, but understandably the merchants have to account for high UberEats fees.

    • +3

      $12 -> $15.80 isn't that bad. $15.80 x (1-30%) = $11.06 so they are probably actually losing money.

      What I find ridiculous is grocery stores charging $1.50 a potato or $5.50 for B&G garlic bread ($1.90 in store). Everything is bumped up at least 250% yet UE 'only' takes about 30%..

      Edit: just found out before May 2020 it was a 35% cut. That's insane. By comparison quite sure Menulog is only 15%, and they both have 10% service fees.

      • I think that 15% fee is only if the business employs their own driver as opposed to using Menulog. If they don't hire their own driver, the cut is 30% to Menulog.

      • That was one example, but you pretty much simplified it - thanks!
        Once I add everything up including service fees and then tip, it blows up. I only ever use UberEats or Menulog when I have coupons or codes. I can't really justify the excess costs

  • ausept02 - $10 Off Next 10 Orders (Max $10 Off, Min Spend $15)

  • Got a notification from UberEats. (AUSEPT08 - 50% Off Next 10 Orders (Max $15 Off, Min Spend $20)

  • Careful when placing orders though. I ordered 4 items from a restaurant and made sure the voucher applied before paying. Once paid they deducted the full amount. Tracking the order, certain items just automatically got removed from the order. So i have paid full amount for the 4 items but only received 2 and voucher never applied.

    EDIT: Even better. Order got completely cancel due to lack of stock and no drivers available.

    • Apparently UE has been experiencing a driver shortage lately. lots of places have thrown out meals because they have not been picked up

    • Charging you more than the total at check out seems super sus/illegal…

  • Got $15 off next 10 orders (min spend $20) - AUSEPT04

    • Same here, gotta be happy with that hey.

  • +1

    I got a push notification for $15 off min $20 spend to my main, usually non-targeted account. Happy days! 🤑

  • Tried all, none worked

  • Not for me…

  • Got the $15 off $25 spend. Thanks OP. Worked for deliver tonight. Nothing suss with the final bill, no food missing.

  • None worked…..

    Same sh*t they be pulling like ebay…..

  • can you stack with the the free uber pass trial? I've got the codes, but unsure if I should also signup for the free pass trial which as I understands waives the service fee, etc.

    • I think it only waives the delivery fee, not the service fee.

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