Huggies Newborn Size 1 Nappies 216pk $50 ($45 S&S, $0.21/pc) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Great to send to people who are expecting during covid.

Size 2 96 pk is also the same ppn: 23c (19.7c S&S)

Thanks to 3camels for the notification.

The 108pk is the same per nappy price (23c) at coles if you are already doing a coles order.

But if you want Aus made and are happy with the fit, Aldi size 1 are 14c each.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    I would strongly recommend against Huggies. Our little one is now three months, but we used Huggies for the first two months and had too many leaks. Didn't realise it was because of the quality of the nappies until I read the reviews. As he has grown , we have started using Aldi nappies and there is no looking back. Much lower in price and much better in quality. Period !

    • Ooo good to know, I had heard they were the gold standard for baby gifts.

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      We've actually found the opposite. We've had leaks on most number 2s with Aldi nappies and switched to Huggies Ultra Dry and Huggies Ultimate and had no more. Got 3/4 a pack of Aldi nappies there we try now and again to see if it was a fit issue that might resolve as he grows but encountered the same thing each time.

    • havent had an issue since.

      i suppose be a little firmer on the tightening?

    • I tried using aldi after so many positive reviews on ozbargain and it wasn’t what I expected. Felt very cheap and doesn’t soak up anything.
      I feel like huggies does well but use rascal&friends and very happy with them.

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      As you will see with every nappy post, the different brands suit different kids I think. Aldi didn't work for us, Huggies does.

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        Same experience, Huggies Ultimate were the best for us.

    • Just realised aldi nappies are aus made too. If the fit works, then probs better than these huggies.

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    Surprisingly for the Size 2's the 192 pack isn't on sale at the same discount, but the 96 pack is -

    • Thx put in the description.

  • We used Huggies Ultimate pretty much exclusively with our first born, now 4yo. We're expecting again and I was going to stock up on these but I've heard they're not the same quality that they were a few years ago. No longer made in Australia.

    Has anyone noticed a change in quality with these?

    • Wow yeah you're right.

      Looks like aldi mamia nappies are made in AUS still, and at 14c/nappy… I'll put that in the description hahaha.

      Yeah any quality changes anyone?

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    We used only huggies for both our children, I can honestly say never any issues buying them from amazon. (Still using them for one child).

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    going through the thick of it now with a 6 month old infant…. have used huggies and tried aldi before.. huggies only ever leaked ONCE and that was because we missed a nappy change and one part of the nappy was drenched.. Otherwise, definitely no complaints.

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    It's $42.50 S&S

    • Thank you turd hehe

  • I think your kids may out grow size one before it run out. 8 a day = 27 days. My two kids 3.2kgs when born, out grow them in 2 weeks

    • Gain of 2kg in 2 wks!!

  • Up to doesn't mean anything, up to 90% discount but only 1 item is 90%