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[WA] Panasonic Eneloop Rechargeable Battery Pack $39.98 In-Store @ Costco Perth (Membership Required)


8xAA, 4x AAA plus A charger. Plenty of stock available. Seems like a deal to me, finally got on the eneloop bandwagon.

Obviously membership required

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    Unless something has changed a bit of warning, the charge is slow and sucks…

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    Read the fine print on the front, it says "Charging time approx 10 hours (AA4cells)". That means the charger in this pack is a "dumb" charger.

    If you want the batteries to last more than 10-20 charge cycles, don't ever use this charger, get a smart charger and use that. Even one charge with this charger is likely to irreparably damage the batteries you charge.

    Think of this as a batteries-only deal. Even without the charger, it's a pretty good price for 12 eneloop batteries (8xAA, 4xAAA).

    • Any smart charger recommendations?

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        Got this one recently. its pretty good:


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        if you're after something easy-to-use and inexpensive, the Liitokala Lii-202 is good. It is pretty cheap (about US$10.50 shipped) at Fasttech, but it only charges two batteries at a time, and it doesn't come with a mains adaptor, you have to power it from a phone charger or a PC (standard full-size USB-A plug).

        Note that the Lii-202 only charges 1 or 2 batteries at a time. If you want to charge 3 or 4 at a time there is the Lii-402 model, but I don't recommend that one, as it halves the charge current, which makes charging too slow for reliable end-of-charge detection. Instead, buy a second Lii-202, assuming that you have a second phone charger, or your phone charger has two or more USB-A sockets.

        For a full-featured charger, which comes with a mains adaptor and will tell you how much current went into each battery during the charge, and also has test modes, I recommend the Liitokala Lii-500, Lii-500S or Lii-600. Test modes and the readout of how much power went into each battery will let you know when a battery is starting to fail, so you can weed out the bad battery and continue to use the other batteries. These chargers cost a fair bit more than the Lii-202, but are on special every now and then: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/search/node/lii

        You can also buy any of these chargers from AliExpress, from the Liitokala official store.

        Note that the Lii-500, Lii-500S and Lii-600 are not available with Australian mains plugs AFAIK, you'll need a mains plug adaptor to use these, or you can use an Australian figure-8 power cord with the Lii-600.